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SPRING has come. You will find some verses to that effert at the end of these notes. If you are an impatient reader, skip to them at once. In reading aloud, omit, if you please, the sixth and seventh

These are parenthetical and digressive, and, unless your audience is of superior intelligence, will confuse them. Many people can ride on horseback who find . hard to get on and to get off without assistance. One has to dismount from an idea, and get into the saddle again, at every parenthesis.]

-The old gentleman who sits opposite, find. ing that spring had fairly come, mounted a white hat one day, and walked into the street. It seems to have been a premature or otherwise exceptionable exhibition, not unlike that commemorated by the late Mr. Bayly. When the old gentleman came home, he looked very red in the face, and complained that he had been “made sport of.” By sympathizing questions, I learned from him that a boy had called him “old daddy," and asked him when he had his hat whitewashed.

This incident led me to make some observations at table the next morning, which I here repeat fo. the benefit of the readers of this record.

- The bat is the vulnerable point of the arti.

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ficial integument. I learned this in early boyhood. I was once equipped in a hat of Leghorn straw, having a brim of much wider dimensions than were usual at that time, and sent to school in that portion of my

native town which lies nearest to this metropolis. On my way I was met by a “Port-chuck," as we used to call the young gentlemen of that .ocality, and the following dialogue ensued.

The Port-chuck. Hullo, You-sir, joo know th’ wuz gön-to be a race to-morrah ?

Myself. No. Who's gon-to run, 'n' wher's't gonto be?

The Port-chuck. Squire Mico 'n' Doctor Wil. iams, round the brim o' your hat.

These two much-respected gentlemen being the oldest inhabitants at that time, and the alleged racecourse being out of the question, the Port-chuck also winking and thrusting his tongue into his cheek, I perceived that I had been trifled with, and the effect has been to make me sensitive and observant respecting this article of dress ever since. Here is an axiom or two relating to it.

A hat which has been popped, or exploded by being sat down upon, is never itself again afterwards.

It is a favorite illusion of sanguine natures to believe the "ontrary.

Shabby gentility has nothing so characteristic as its hat. There is always an unnatural calmness

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