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24 voto.

BOOKS printed for C. Bathurst, oppo-
Jite St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet-street.

I. THE Life of Cardinal Reginald Pole, written
originally in Italian, by Ludovico Beccatelli,
Archbishop of Ragufa; and now firft tranflated into
English, with notes critical and hiftorical. To which
is added an Appendix, fetting forth the plagiarisms,
falfe tranflations, and falfe grammar in Thomas Phil-
lips's Hiftory of the Life of Reginald Pole. By the
Rev. BENJAMIN PYE, LL. B. Octavo.

II. The Life of Pope Sixtus the Fifth, (one of the most remarkable and entertaining lives that is to be met with in ancient or modern hiftory) in which is included the ftate of England, France, Spain, Italy, the Swifs Cantons, Germany, Poland, Ruffia, Sweden, and the Low Countries, at that time: With an account of St. Peter's, the Conclave, and manner of chufing a Pope; the Vatican library, the many grand obelisks, aqueducts, bridges, hofpitals, palaces, ftreets, towns, and other noble edifices, begun or finished by him. The whole interfperfed with feveral curious incidents and anecdotes, not to be met with in any other author. Tranflated from the Italian of Gregorio Leti; with a preface, prolegomena, notes, and an appendix. By ELLIS FARNEWORTH, M. A. Folio.

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III. The Canons of Criticism, and Gloffary; being a Supplement to Mr. Warburton's edition of Shakefpear: Collected from the notes in that celebrated work. To which are added, the Trial of the Letter Y alias Y, and Sonnets. By THOMAS EDWARDS, Efq; Octavo.

IV. Hudibras, in three parts; written in the time of the Grand Rebellion: Corrected and amended; with large annotations, and a preface, by ZACHARY GREY,

LL. D.

BOOKS printed for C. BATHURST.

LL. D. adorned with a new fett of Cuts. In two Vols. Octavo.

V. The Effays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne, tranflated into English. The feventh edition, with very confiderable amendments and improvements in the tranflation from the most accurate French edition of Peter Cofte. In three volumes Octavo.

VI. The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart. complete, in four volumes Octavo. To which is prefixed, the life and character of the author.

VII. The Works of Ben Johnson, in feven volumes Octavo, collated with all the former Editions, and corrected; with notes critical and explanatory. By the Rev. PETER WHALLEY.

VIII. The Works of Alexander Pope, Efq; in ten volumes complete: With his last corrections, additions, and improvements; together with all his notes, as they were delivered to the editor a little before his death: Printed verbatim from the Octavo edition of Mr. Warburton. Price 1 l. I S.


IX. The fame in nine volumes fmall Octavo.

X. Mr. Warburton's edition of Mr. Pope's works, in nine volumes large Octavo.

XI. The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's Dublin. With fome account of the author's life, and notes historical and explanatory, by J. HAWKESWORTH, LL.D. In large Octavo, the fame as Mr. Fope's works.

XII. The fame, elegantly printed in Quarto.



HE Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift were written and published at very diftant periods of his life, and had paffed through many editions before they were collected into volumes, or diftinguished from the productions of contemporary wits, with whom he was known to affociate.

The Tale of a Tub, the Battle of the Books, and the Fragment, were first publifhed together in 1704, and the apology, and the notes from Wotton, were added in 1710; this edition the Dean revised a fhort time before his understanding was impaired, and his corrections will be found in this impreffion.

Gulliver's Travels were firft printed in the year 1726, with fome alterations which had been made by the perfon through whose hands they were conveyed to the press, but the ori

* The corrected copy is now in the hands of Mr. Deane Swift.


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ginal passages were restored to the fubfequent editions *.

Many other pieces both in profe and verse, which had been written between the years 1691 and 1727, were then collected and published by the Dean in conjunction with Mr. Pope, Dr. Arbuthnot, and Mr. Gay, under the title of Mifcellanies†: of all these pieces, though they were intended to go down to pofterity together, the Dean was not the author, as appeared by the title-pages, but they continued undistinguished till 1742; and then Mr. Pope, having new claffed them, afcribed each performance among the profe to its particular author in a table of contents, but of the verfes be diftinguished only the Dean's, by marking the rest with an asterisk.

In the year 1735, the pieces of which the Dean was the author, were selected from the Mifcellany, and with Gulliver's Travels, the

* See the letter to Symp fon and note, Vol. II.

+ Sce the preface to Vol. III. figned by the Dean and Mr. Pope.

At all adventures

yours and my name shall ftand linked friends to posterity both in verse and prose.

Pope to Swift, March 23, 1727-8.


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