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visits Jonathan Wild in the dress of
Gay, the poet, remarks respecting him, Quilt Arnold, 110; discovers his re-

lationship to Sir Rowland Trenchard,
Geraldine, daughter of the Earl of Kil. 117 ; warns Thames Darrell of his

dare, remarks respecting the Earl of danger, 128; visits his mother in Bed.
Surrey's supposed attachment to her, lam, 134; captured by Jonathan Wild,

and conveyed to Newgate, 139 ; ac-
Gleig, Rev. G. R., Chelsea Veterans by, count of his escape from the Condemn.
51. 450.

ed Hold, 226; visits his mother at
Godshill, legend of the church of, 255. Dollis Hill, 241 ; overtaken by Jona-
Golden Legend, No. III. a lay of St. than Wild, 242 ; account of his trick.
Dunstan, 88.

ing Shotbolt the gaoler, 325; his cap-
Gore, Mrs., National songs by, 295.

ture by Jonathan Wild, 429; imprison.
Grave, the, a poem, from the German of ed in Newgate, 436 ; his portrait taken
Rosegarten, 366.

by Sir James Thornhill, 442; sketched

by Hogarth, 447 ; again escapes from

Newgate, 543; rescues Thames Dar.
Hampton Court, account of the erection rell from Jonathan Wild's power, 556;

of the palace at, 297 ; royal occupants his last interview with his mother,
of, 300.

Harem Unveiled, the, 389.

Jenkinson, Olinthus, Adventures of a
Harryson, Katherine, accused of witch. Maintop-crosstree-man by, 73; the
craft, 32 n.

Harem Unveiled, 389.
Hatchment, the, a poem, 286.

Jerdan, William, Baron von Dullbrainz
Herbert, Edward, sonnet on the Anniver.

by, 316.
sary of the Battle of Trafalgar by, 542. Johns, Richard, the Inquest by, 603.
Hogarth, George, character and conduct Joyce Jocund, How to feed a Lion
of Louis XVI. by, 305.

by, 23.
Hooton, Charles, Colin Clink by, 96. Julia, lines to, 462.

206. 414. 528. 623.
How to Feed a Lion, a poem, 23.

Hudson River Steam-boat Dialogues, Katerina, the dwarf of Jungfernstieg,
see Uncle Sam's Peculiarities.

story of, 561.
Humbug, Prospectus of an intended Kean, the actor, anecdote respecting

Course of Lectures on the Philosophy him, 87.
of, 599.

Kemble, John, anecdote of him and his
Hume, the Historian, his defence of sui Cat, 350.
cide, 518.

Kingston, list of English Kings crowned

there, 157.
Indigence and Benevolence, see Moral

Economy of Large Towns.
Ingoldsby, Thomas, a Lay of St. Dun. Legends—the Golden Legend, No. III.

Lady Singing, Lines to a, 50.
stan by, 88 ; Cælebs in search of a
Cenotaph, 353; some account of a

a Lay of St. Dunstan, 88; Legends of

Lochs and Glens, No. II. 195; Legend
New Play, 639.

of St. Brandan-Enchanted Island,
Inman, G. E. Old Morgan at Panama

or the A dalantado of the Seven Cities,
by, 45; the Conqueror's Grandsire,

275; a Legend of Puckaster, 368; the
Inquest, the, by Lieut. Johns, 603.

Abbot's Oak, or Legend of Money-
Insanity, Hereditary, remarks on, 527 n.

Hutch Lane, 508.
Irving, Washington, the Crayon Papers

Legends of the Isle of Wight, 66. 69 ;
by, 24, 159.

the Queen's Bower at Borthwood,
Isle of Wight, Tales and Legends of the ; Lewis, Mr. John, his action against the

253 ; Godshill, 265,
Tale of St. Nicholas, 66 ; Wulf here,
the kind-hearted, 69; the Queen's

Princess Amelia, for excluding the
Bower at Borthwood, 253; account of Lines—to a Lady Singing, 50; to a

public from Richmond Park, 86.
Godshill, 255; a Legend of Puckaster,

Young Girl, 108; on the Power of
Beauty, 388 ; to Julia, 460; to Alura,

475; on a spot where it is intended to

build a Church, 598.
Jack, Captain, story of, 322.

Lochs and Glens, legends of, see Le.
Jack Sheppard, continuation of his ad gends.

ventures, 1 ; his burglary at Dollis Hill, London by Moonlight, a poem, 303.
15; quarrels with Jonathan Wild, 19; -Suicide Company, prospectus
escapes from Clerkenwell Prison, 21; for, 540.

Longfellow, H. W., The Reaper and the Play, some account of a New, by 'Tho-
Flowers by, 482.

mas Ingoldsby, 639.
Louis XVI., King of France, character Plunkett, A. H., The Samphire Gather-

and conduct of, 305 ; his Diary, 306. er's Story by, 33.
Lovat, Matthew, account of his suicide, Poems. How to feed a Lion, 23; Old

Morgan at Panama, 43; Retiring from

Business, 65 ; Blind Girl to her Mo-

ther, 78 ; the Old Elm, 140; the Con.
Mackay, Charles, Rambles among the

queror's Grandsire, 271; the Hatch.
Rivers by, 79. 151. 296 : Ancient and

ment, 286 ; London by moonlight,
Modern Mohocks, 357.

303; the First Farewell, 352; the
MÖJilton, J. N. the Old Elm by, 140.

Grave, 366; the Withered Rose, 380;
M'Teague, P. The Spalpeen by, 288.

Reaper and the flowers, 482 ; those
316 ; those Sweet, those Happy Days,

Sweet, those Happy Days, 574; the
574; the Moonbeams, 614.

Moonbeam, 614.
Maintop.crosstree-man, adventures of, Pope, remarks on his monument in

Twickenham Church, 152 ; account
Mallet, the friend of Thomson, his of his grotto, 153; of his losing his in-

song in praise of the Thames, 84 tellect previous to his dissolution, 155.
Malta, account of the Plague there in Power of Beauty, lines on the, 388.
1813,59 ; its capricious ravages, 62 ;

Priolland Zelie, account of her suicide,
vigorous means employed by the au.

thorities, 63, 64.

Prospectus of an intended Course of
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, re.

Lectures on the Philosophy of Hum.
marks on Louis's treatment of, 315. bug, 599.
Mathews, Kemble, and Mustapha the Puckaster, a legend of, 368.
Cat, 350.

Pyrenean Hunter, or Wild Sports in the
Millengen, Dr., Remarkable Suicides by,

South of France : Wolf-Hunting in

the Landes, 496.
Mohocks, account of Ancient and Mo. Pythagoras, his opinion of suicide, 517.
dern, 357.

Money.Hutch Lane, Legend of, see Le-

Quip, Vincent Eden by, 172. 341. 646.
Moonbeam, the, a poem, 614.
Moral Economy of Large Towns: Crime

and its Punishment, 476; Indigence Rambles among the Rivers, No. IV.:
and Benevolence, 575.

The Thames and his Tributaries, 79;
M. T.H., lines to a Young Girl by, 108.

No. V. 151. 296.
Murray, Hon. J. E. The Pyrenean Hun. Rapier, the Toledo, 463, 584.
ter by, 496.

Reaper and the Flowers, a poem, 482.
Mustapha, Mr. John Kemble's Cat, ac Recollections of the Alhambra, 185.
count of, 351.

Remarkable Suicides, 516.

Retiring from Business, a poem, 65.

Richmond Church, account of the monu.
National Songs, No. 1, 295.

ments in, 80.
Newgate, account of, 221,

- Palace, account of, 83.
No Silver Spoon, story of, by Haynes Robert of Normandy, his work in fa.
Bayly, 46.

vour of suicide, 518.


Old Elm, the, a poem, 140.

St. Brandan, Legend of, see Enchanted
Old Morgan at Panama, a poem, 43. Island.
Oxonian, The, see Vincent Eden. St. Dunstan, a lay of, 88.

St. Nicholas, story respecting, 66.

Samphire Gatherer's Story, 33.
Paris, society of The Friends of Sui- Schlegel, Dr. his account of the society

cide” in, 526 ; Dog-Hospital of, 141. of " The Friends of Suicide" in Paris,
Patron King, story of, 483.

Peake, R. B., The Toledo Rapier by, Seneca, his opinion of suicide, 517.
463. 584.

Sheppard, Jack, see Jack Sheppard.
Phantom Funeral, N. II. of Legends of “ Sketch-Book,” Papers by the author
the Lochs and Glens, 195.

of the--Recollections of the Alham.
Plague in Malta, account of, see Malta. bra, 195 ; the Enchanted Island, 274.
Plato the philosopher, his opinion of sui. Sleepy Hollow, one of the Crayon Papers,
cide, 517.

see Crayon.

Socrates, his opinion of suicide, 517. Trafalgar, sonnet on the anniversary of
Songs National songs, No. I. 295. the battle of, 542.

Those Dustmen's Bells, 428; Songs of Trollope, Mrs., the Patron King by, 483.

Mallet in praise of the Thames, 84.
Sonnets on the Anniversary of the Battle

of Trafalgar, 542; Farewell Sonnet, Uncle Sam's Peculiarities, American

Niggers — Hudson River Steam-boat
Spalpeen, the, story of, 288; Chapter ii,

Dialogues, 262.
Subaltern, The, papers by the author of

-The Veterans of Chelsea Hospital,
51.450 ; Legends of Lochs and Glens, Vendôme, Chronicles of the Place, 381.

Veterans of Chelsea Hospital, 51.
Suicide, remarks on, 516 ; opinions of Vincent Eden, the Oxonian, account of

ancient philosophers respecting, 577; his meeting with Mr. Walrus, 172; ac.
instances of modern cases of suicide,
318; a table of suicidal cases, 527;

cepts the invitation to dine with the

Brothers' Club, 176; obtains a Trinity
suicide from hereditary insanity, 527 n. Scholarship, 341 ; the Brothers' Club
Surrey, Earl of, remarks on his supposed
attachment to the fair Geraldine,

at Henley, 646.
daughter of the Earl of Kildare, 299.

Strawberry Hill, the residence of Horace Wade, J. A. Lines to a Lady Singing

Walpole, account of its previous pos-
sessors, 155.

by, 50 ; Retiring from business, 65;

the First Farewell, 352 ; the Wither-

ed Rose, 380 ; the Dead Bird, 395 ;
Taylor, Dr. W., Moral Economy of Whitehead, Paul, remarks on his heart

lines to Julia, 462 ; to Alura, 475.
Large Towns by, 476. 575.
Teddington, remarks on the origin of the

being deposited in the mausoleum of
name of, 156 ; celebrated residents at, Wild Sports in the South of France, see

Lord Despencer, 156.
Teutha, the Hatchment by, 286.

Pyrenean Hunter.

Withered Rose, a poem, 380.
Thames and its Tributaries, see Rambles.
Thomson, James, the poet, remarks on

Wolfert's Roost, see Crayon Papers.
the tablet to his memory in Richmond Wolf-hunting in the Landes, see Pyre.
Church, 80 ; veneration for his resi. Wolsey, Cardinal, his palace at Hamp:

nean Hunter.
dence, 82.
Those Dustmen's Bells, song of, 428.

ton Court, 296 ; presents it to Henry
Those sweet, those happy days, a poem, Wulfhere the kindhearted, Legend of,

VIII, 297; his reverse of fortune, 298.

Toledo Rapier, a tale, 463. 584.

Toulmin, Camilla, London by Moon.
light by, 303.

Young Girl, lines to



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