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ferent localities throughout France, great centres of technical, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and artistic instruction have been created." Referring to the fruits of this training, which the exposition would present to the admiring gaze of the world, the minister added in a burst of enthusiasm, "But what prodigies shall we be called upon to admire in the future when the supple genius of the French artisan shall have been farther invigorated by technical instruction and his powers multiplied by reason of the higher sources of his inspiration!"

THE REFORM OF SECONDARY PROGRAMMES. The ease with which a well organized system can be represented on paper, accounts for much of the admiration expressed by American educators for French and German secondary schools. Those familiar with the actual operations of these schools are aware that while they present many features worthy of our study and adoption, they are also encumbered with many and grievous evils. The charge of over-pressure in both countries is directed almost exclusively against the institutions of secondary grade. The over-weighted programmes call for an amount of labor which precludes any proper attention to physical development and exhausts the native vigor of the mind. In Germany, physicians, educators, and statesmen have long been protesting against the unnatural strain to which the students are subjected. In France, Jules Simon has been the eloquent advocate of a reform in these respects.

During the last session of the Academic Council of Paris, Monsieur Gréard, well known as the author of some of the most valuable pedagogical works, made a telling speech in favor of a more rational sys tem. He advocated physical training by means of gymnastics, open air sports, and manual work which develops the muscles. He recognized the need of space, equipments, time, and competent teachers for these invaluable exercises. He arraigned the present programmes for their "encyclopedism." "They include," he said, "studies and discussions which ought to be reserved for superior instruction. This is the chimera of an integral system which is condemned in theory, but followed in practice. Nothing is more fatal to the sound and fruitful cultivation. of young minds." Monsieur Gréard expressed the belief that the time has come for a reform. "If," he said, "we have the courage to break through this uniformity, and to renounce this encyclopediac character, it will be possible to organize physical education and moral education upon a serious basis, but not otherwise. This will be to the advantage of the other studies, for the attention of the student not being so widely diffused, his attainments will be more solid and effectual."


A special commission was appointed some time ago in connection

with the Ministry of Public Instruction for the purpose of determining modifications of the Russian educational system. The report of the Commission calls for a reduction in the time allotted to the classics in order that more time may be secured for the Russian language, mathematics, etc. Accordingly Greek is to be dispensed with, except in a few classes, and the time given to Latin considerably abridged.

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May 11.

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[blocks in formation]

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