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MESSRS. D. C. HEATH & CO., now one of the largest book publishing houses in New England, have just issued "Practical Lessons in German Conversation," by Dr. A. L. Meissner, Queen's College, Belfast. The book is beautifully printed, and has every appearance of being just the thing for class work.

A pamphlet, issued by H. S. CROCKER & Co., San Francisco, discusses the "Relations between the Central Pacific R. R. Company and the United States Government." It gives a Summary of Facts, and shows a wise and honorable management of this great road.

THE UNITED STATES BUREAU OF EDUCATION has issued as a Circular of Information the Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence of the National Educational Association at its meeting in Washington, in March, 1889.

MACMILLAN & Co. have issued from their prolific press of excellent books, a new "First Greek Syntax," by Dr. W. G. Rutherford, of Westminster. It explains the facts and principles of Greek Syntax with wonderful clearness and perspicacity. Price, 50 cents. Sold by Willard Small, Boston.

The same publishers have also issued an admirable edition of "The Alcestis of Euripides," with notes, etc., by Prof. M. A. Bayfield, M. A., Malvern College. This also is sold by Mr. Small, Franklin street, Boston. Price, 40


PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. January, 1890. Vol. IV. Part I. This volume of ninety-two pages contains the report of the secretary for the meeting in Washington in December last, a list of the members, report of the treasurer, and two valuable papers, one by President Adams of Cornell, on "Recent Historical Work in the Colleges and Universities of Europe and America," and the other by ex-President White, on "A Catechism of the Revolutionary Reaction." This last is a paper of such startling doctrines of extreme ultra-montane monarchism as to be very interesting reading to Americans. Price of the volume, $1.00. Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York.

Teachers should be careful not to get "taken in" by buying what is flashily advertised as "The Original Webster's Unabridged Dictionary," and which is offered for three or four dollars. This book is a reprint - cheaply done — of an old book, originally published nearly or quite half a century ago, and sold then for about four or five dollars. Of course the book is worthless now. Any High School Dictionary which can be bought for one dollar, is worth more than this antiquated cheap reprint.

The new series of Readers by Eben H. Davis, A. M., Superintendent of the Schools of Chelsea, published by the J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, is especially attractive, even in the modern art of book-making. These books exhibit an originality of thought and design which distinguishes them above the ordinary reading-books.

THE FIRST READER has a teacher's edition which explains, in a manner so plain that anyone can understand, the process of teaching primary reading which has made the schools of Chelsea so favorably known, and yet the book is adapted to any good method of teaching this subject.

It was evidently prominent in the author's thought to raise the literary standard of elementary reading-books. Too often have the authors of readingbooks lowered the standard in order to adapt the matter to childish minds, forgetting or losing sight of the capabilities of children in this respect. The introduction of Mother Goose's Melodies in this first reader is a step in the right direction.

THE SECOND READER is composed largely of stories having a classic origin and general popularity, while they are admirably adapted to the child's mind. THE THIRD READER in its table of contents shows an array of authors' recognized as foremost in juvenile literature. Fairy Tales have their share of space, but are chosen from among the best, not one of them being harsh or cruel, or containing anything that would disturb or frighten the tenderest sensibility. Childhood is the proper age for such stories, if used with discretion. For some excellent ideas upon this subject the reader is referred to "Literary Landmarks," recently published by Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

These books contain a large amount of religious and moral training presented in a manner objectionable to no one.

THE FOURTH READER contains solid literature, pure, sweet, and elevating. Here, as in the preceding books the author has studied to make the subject interesting, then to arouse thought, and finally to lead to right action. He has given natural food to children, and it is so prepared and arranged as to be presented in the most palatable and attractive manner. It is a positive pleasure to see this kind of matter finding its way into our school readers. The selections in general in this series are from the best known and purest writers of juvenile classics.

The author well says in his preface to the Fourth Reader, that the place for supplementary reading books is in the First, Second, and Third grades, and that beyond the Fourth Book the English classics themselves, in their entirety will exert a higher and more important, as well as more enduring influence.

The Fourth Reader is full of useful suggestions and information, which cannot fail to be helpful to teachers and pupils. The exercises for training the voice, the recommendation of best books for home reading, and the selections of patriotic pieces, will prove of untold value. The illustrations and the typography are of the highest order. For nearly a year Mr. Davis has presented his views on how to teach reading to the readers of COMMON SCHOOL EDUCAThese articles have attracted wide attention, and have been everywhere


highly approved.

THE REGISTER AND SECOND OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF CLARK UNIVERSITY, at Worcester, Mass., issued in May, 1890, is full of useful and interesting




Volume XIV of their International Education Series,



Authorized translation from the second French edition, by J. RUSSELL, B. A., Assistant Master in University College, London. With an Introduction by REV. R. H. QUICK, M. A. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50.


VOL. I. The Philosophy of Education. By JOHANN KARL FRIEDRICH ROSENKRANZ. Price, $1.50.

VOL. II. — A History of Education. By Prof. F. V. N. PAINTER. Price, $1.50.

VOL. III. — The Rise and Early Constitution of Universities, with a Survey of Mediæval Education. By S. S. LAURIE, L.L. D. Price, $1.50.

VOL. IV. - The Ventilation and Warming of School Buildings. By GILBERT B. MORRISON. Price, 75 cents.

Vol. V.

The Education of Man. By FRIEDRICH FROEBEL. Price, $1.50. VOL. VI. — Elementary Psychology and Education. By Dr. J. BALDWIN. Price, $1.50.


The Senses and the Will. By W. PREYER. Part I. of The Mind of the Child. Price, $1.50.



Memory By DAVID KAY, F. R. G. S. Price, $1.50.

The Development of the Intellect. By W. PREYER. Part II. of The Mind of the Child. Price, $1.50.

VOL. X.-How to Study Geography. By FRANCIS W. PARKER. Price, $1.50.

VOL. XI. - Education in the United States: A History from the Earliest Settlements. By RICHARD A. BOONE. Price, $1.50.

VOL. XII. — European Schools: or, What I Saw in the Schools of Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. By L. R. KLEMM. Price, $2.00.

VOL. XIII. - Practical Hints for the Teachers of Public Schools. By GEORGE HOWLAND. Price, $1.00.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,

1, 3, and 5 BOND STREET, NEW YORK.

Please mention “ Education " in corresponding with advertisers.



National Educational Association,




Chicago and Northwestern Ry.

Affords exceptional facilities for transportation, with solid

VESTIBULED LIMITED TRAINS of the finest and most luxurious Dining Cars, Sleeping Cars and Day Coaches, running direct from Chicago to the Twin Cities, and a thoroughly constructed road passing through the most magnificent scenery in the Northwest, it stands pre-eminent as the popular line.

Arrangements have been made permitting those who attend the Association to extend their trip to

Duluth, Ashland, The Yellowstone Park, Portland, Ore., Alaska, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Colorado Resorts


Circulars giving detailed information will be mailed on application to the General Passenger Agent at Chicago.


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Gen'l Passenger Agt.

Please mention “Education" in corresponding with i̇dvertisers.

Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute.



ELEMENTARY COURSE. 17 Subjects, 16 Teachers, 140 Lessons and Lectures.
HIGH SCHOOL COURSE. 15 Subjects, 14 Teachers, 90 Lessons and Lectures.


SIXTEEN SUBJECTS, SEVENTEEN TEACHERS, More than four hundred Lessons
and Lectures.



The Oldest School! The Greatest Advantages! The Most Thorough Course!
Combining REST and RECREATION with STUDY and

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W. A. MOWRY, President, 50 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass.

A. W. EDSON, Manager School of Methods, Worcester, Mass.

A Literary Marvel.

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We are publishing a popular reprint of the Encyclopedia Britannica at $2.50 per volume. This is less than one-third the price of the original Edition, published by A. & C. Black, of Edinburgh, which edition we are reproducing, page for page, plate for plate, map for map, and volume for volume. The same word begins and ends on any given page, as it does on any given page of the original edition. The same number of volumes (24) completes our set, as does the original, and at half the price of the Scribner or stoddart editions, both of which are printed from the same original English edition, from which we also reprint. No such book has ever been put upon the market, of such size and quality of binding for so low a price. It is a well-known fact that it contains the highest character of knowledge and literature in the world; written by the most eminent living authors and specialists. In fact, it is the greatest work of its kind that has ever been published in the English language. We are reproducing from the latest volumes issued of the last (ninth) original ENGLISH edition, of which the last and twenty-fourth volume has just been completed. In offering the Encyclopedia at this unprecedented low price, the publishers have reason to believe the opportunity will not be lost by the purchasing public. The Encyclopedia Britannica is a library in itself and stands ready on the shelves to answer every question in Physics, History, Politics, Trade, Art, Geography, and Philosophy; to furnish the latest information wanted on every subject. One of our chief desires is to obtain as subscribers all those who ever entertained an idea of owning the Encyclopedia Britannica but hesitated on account of the high price. We are now ready to deliver the set complete in twenty-four volumes, to subscribers, at the rate of two or more volumes per month. Sold by subscription. Agents Wanted.

The Henry G. Allen Company, Publishers,

739 & 741 Broadway, N. Y., and 126 Washington St., Chicago.

Please mention Education" in corresponding with advertisers.

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