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Numbers Universalized.

AN ADVANCED ALGEBRA. By DAVID M. SENSENIG, M. S., Professor of Mathematics, State Norial School, West Chester, Pa. Vol. IV. Appletons' Mathematical Series. In two parts, both parts now ready.

Numbers Universalized is a complete algebra for advanced classes, embracing all the algebraic subjects usually taught in preparatory and scientific schools and colleges. Part I includes integral quantities, algebraic fractions, simple equations, theory of exponents and radicals, equations of the second degree, intermediate equations and inequalities, ratio theory of limits, proportion, variation, logarithms, progressions, interest, annuities, and permutations and combinations. Part II includes serial functions, complex numbers, theory of functions, theory of equations, and determinants and probabilities, with a supplementary discussion of continued fractions and the theory of numbers. Introduction price. Numbers Universalized. Part I. $1.20. Numbers Universalized. Part II. $i 08.

A History of Egypt.

By F. C. II. WENDEL, A. M., Ph. D. Series of History Primers. 18mo. flexible cloth, 159 pages. Five Maps.

Introduction price, 35 Cents.

A brief history of ancient Egypt from the earliest times to the conquest of Alexander, based on the latest researches. The study of Egyptology is of great importance to the theologist, the historian, the student of civilization, and the art student; and the basis of a rational study of Egyptology is a thorough knowledge of Egyptian history. This brief work gives as complete a history as the limited space will allow.

Practical Hints for Teachers of Public Schools.

By GEORGE HOWLAND, Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools.
12mo, 198 pages. Vol. XIII, International Education Series, edited by
WILLIAM T. HARRIS, LL. D., United States Commissioner of Education.
Price, $1.00.

"It is a great work, grandly performed, by the one man who could do just this thing satisfactorily."- Journal of Education,

"A book that ought to be in the hands of every teacher in the land.". Philadelphia Times.

Exercises in Wood-Working.

A Text-Book for Manual Training Classes in Schools and Colleges. By

Introduction price, $1.00

"Dr. Sickels has produced a dignified work. Its very simplicity and directness give evidence of his thorough mastery of the subject."-GENERAL ALEXANDER WEBB, LL. D., President of the College of the City of New York.

Specimen pages mailed to teachers at prices quoted. Special terms made on class supplies.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,






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