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chori ou aong hastone Lilizand


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proposed under the usurpation of Cromwell. Dr. Gell.

Anonymous “ Essay for a New Translation.” Pilkington's

Remarks. Bishop Lowth. Archbishop Secker. Dr. Durell.

Lowth's Isaiah. Dr. White, Dr. Blayney. Archbishop

Newcome. Mr. Wintle. Dr. Kennicott. Dr. Geddes.

Archbishop Newcome's “ Historical View.” Bishop Hors-

ley. Mr. S. Greenaway


II. Mr. Bellamy's New Translation. Object of it. His incompe-

tency. Proved from Gen. xix. His novel translation of ver.

5, 25, 32. Singular disquisition on the word Dip. Ignorance

in supposing the existence of a preterpluperfect tense in He-



III. Expediency only of a New Translation asserted on the other

side. No inaccuracies in the present translation affecting faith

or morals. Probable reasons which might have prevented

compliance with the proposal for a New T'ranslation under

authority. No good case made out in support of that propos-

al. The received Hebrew text stated to be corrupt. Mode

of amending it inefficient. Collations of MSS. and versions.

No classification of MSS. ever attempted. Under different

editions impracticable. All MSS. and versions, the Septua-

gint alone excepted, of one and the same edition. Sep.uagint

too corrupted for use. Eichorn. Critical Principles adopted

by the advocates for a New Translation unsatisfactory and fal-

lacious. Baver, Eichorn


IV. Lowth's Translation of Isaiah. Animadversions upon it. Cen-

sured by Kocher. Specimens of erroneous criticisms in it.

Isaiah chap. i. 3. Chap. i. 29. Chap. ii. 20. Chap. viii. 9.

Chap. xxiv. 11. Kocher as superior in philological acquire-

ments, as inferior in classical taste. Lowth and his followers

men of indisputable learning and ability


V. Received Hebrew or Masoretical text. More ancient than the

Masora. Eichorn carries it up to the first century of the

Christian era. Complete restoration of it desirable, could it

be effected. Septuagint may have been translated from an-

other edition. This by no means certain. Cappellus. Shar-

fenberg. Masoretical the only text to be depended upon.

Question of vowels and accents as connected with that of the

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