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<. What! is thy servant a dog, that apostle, “Not by works of rightHe should do this thing?" for, in eousness which we have done, but three day's time, he did it all. according to his mercy he saved And sinners are always ignorant us, by the washing of regeneration of the plague of their hearts, when and renewing of the Holy Ghost, ever they think themselves too which he shed on us abundantly, good to conduct like others, or im- through Jesus Christ our Saviour;

, agine there is any thing too bad that, being justified by his grace, for them to do.

we should be inade heirs, accord2. If sinful practices are the ing to the hope of eternal life.” natural fruits and expressions of a 4. Do sinful practices terminate sinful heart; then moral sinners in death? Then the doctrine of have no ground to boast over vi. universal salvation is groundless. cious sinners. It is not because In order to support this delusive their hearts are better, by nature, doctrine, it must be made to apthat moral sinners do not addict pear, that all the wicked truly rethemselves to vices and crimes: pent and reform, before they leave for if they were equally free from the world. But, is this the fact ? restraint and equally exposed to Do not multitudes, on the contratemptation, their practices would ry, persist in sinful practices, as be like those of the immoral and long as they live? But, the end of profane. In similar circumstances, those things is death. To mainin all respects, unrenewed men tain, that those who persevere in conduct alike. The wicked are vicious courses, will be saved, is always inclined to do wicked- to give the lie to the whole gos!y.' All things considered, every pel; which teaches us, that denyimpenitent sinner conducts as bad ing ungodliness and worldly lusts, as he can. Thus God said to his we should live soberly, righteousancient, impenitent people, “Thou ly and gedly. It is the father of hast spoken and done evil things lies, and his servants, who would as thou couldest.” Jerem. iii. 5. persuade us, that the unrighteous

. Jews, by nature, are as bad as shall inherit the kingdom of God. Gentiles: for all are included un- 5. In view of this subject, it apder sin. “ Are we better than pears, that to be stopped in one's they? No, in no wise.- Where is sinful course by death, must be boasting then? It is excluded." dreadful! It is a great change, to It hence follows,

leave the body and enter the in3. That saints have reason for visible and eternal world. Death, humility. They were, by nature, in itself, is, naturally, the king of dead in trespasses and sins, and terrors to all mankind. But, "the children of wrath, even as others. sting of death is sin.” This arms “And such were some of you," the grim monarch with power to fornicators, idolators, thieves,cov- terrify and destroy. Saints, howetous, drunkards, &c. but ye are ever, who have peace with God washed, but ye are sanctified, but through our Lord Jesus Christ, and ye are justified, in the name of the good hope through grace, are enaLord Jesus, and by the Spirit of bled, with the armour of righteousour God.-By grace are ye saved, ness, the shield of faith, the sword through faith; and that, not of of the Spirit and the helmet of yourselves it is the gift of God," salvation, to triumph over their last Well may all saints, with the

enemy. deepest humility and self-abase- But none of this peace, and ment, adopt the words of the hope, and triumph, is experienced by the unhappy man, whose career Let all, then, as they value theia of sinful indulgence is checked lives and their souls, beware of only by death. It would be no this prolific and deadly rice, less than Deisin, to suppose that which is more prevalent, at this! such an one, when absent from the day, than any other, and which is body, is present with the Lord. the parent of most of the crimes Ah no! His end is destruction. If and sins which defile the land. there be truth in the word of Him, Temptations to this vice, are ou

1 who cannot lie, in hell he lifts up merous and powerful. There is his eyes, being in torment.' And nothing so easily obtained as the 0, how dreadful, to go, in a mo- intoxicating draught. The desire ment, an unexpected moment, of gain in individuals, and a defrom á scene of sensual indul. sire of revenue in the public, have gence, heedless dissipation, and opened a mart for the mortal powanton excess, into the lake which tation, at every corner. “ Aroid burneth with fire and brimstone, it, pass not by it, turn from it, and to dwell, forever, with devils and pass away." Let none imagine, damned souls!

that they are secure from the at6. We may infer from what has tacks of a fiend, who has made been said, that the situation of all many a strong man weak, and such, as habituate themselves to many a wise man mad. Beware sinful practices, is awfully danger of the most distant approach to ous. They are pursuing a course the jaws of the monster, which whose end is death. They are in Fawn

to devour, and which inthe broad way to destruction.gulph thousands, yes, ten thousand ! Their sins have already gone be- wrelched victims, every year, in fore them to judgment. They are this good land!

. constantly exposed to death, and

I warn the young, in particular. much exposed to perdition. There is yet some hope of them. Their feet stand on slippery 0, go not in the paths of the desplaces.

troyer. Shun, as you would the Such, in a peculiar manner, is plague, as you would the gates of the dangerous and fearful condi- hell, shun every company, and evtion of those, who are addicted to ery place, which would seduce you the vice of intemperance. Of all to handle, touch, er taste the liq- . vices, this most rapidly under- uid poison, which induces a permines the constitution, and expos-petual sleep—the sleep of death. es its wretched victim to sudden * If sinners entice thee, consent death. Those who practice this thou not. Be sober; be vigilant vice are chargcable with deliberate Abstain from fleshly lusts, which suicide. They are self-murderers; war against the soul. Follow al

afand “no murderer hath eternal ter righteousness—lay hold on life abiding in him.” Intemper-eternal life.”

" ance not only exposes the misera- " Woe unto him that giveth his ble man to sudden death; but to- neighbour drink, that puttest thy tally disqualifies him to make the bottle to him, and makest him

, least preparation for his great and drunken also.” Hab. ii. 15. last change. It fits the soul for I charge those, whose duty it is, hell, as fast as it fits the body for as they fear the oath of God which the grave. The end of this course is upon thein, to execute the good is inevitable destruction. Drunk- and wholesome laws of the land. enness is the high road to dain- I call upon all the friends of nation.

their country and of man, to unite


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heir efforts to check the deadly | fore, cleanse your hands, ye sinvil, which hurries thousands to ners, and purify your hearts, ye in untimely grave and to a miser- double-minded.* Flatter not yourible eternity:

selves, that you are less sinners, Finally, this subject and this than those, who have already come sccasion call loudly upon all sorts to an untimely and fearful end; of sinners, to repent and turn un- for, except ye repent, ye shall to the Lord. Nothing short of all likewise perish.” Whoso this, can secure you against those confesseth and forsaketh his sins, sinful practices, which terminate shall have mercy; but he that bein death. Purity of heart alone, ing often reproved, hardeneth his can suppress those "foolish and neck, shall suddenly be destroyed,

“ hurtful lusts, which drown men in and that without remedy.'-AMEN. destruction and perdition. Where

From the Utica Christian Repository. pect to interest and affection for

you and the people of your charge, A CHARGE, ADDRESSED TO A PAS

no one could with greater proprieTOR ELECT, AT HIS ORDINATION.

ty, attempt this service, and be Dear Sir-In the presence of appointed to urge upon you the God the Father and tlie Lord Je- faithful and patient performance sus Christ, and before angels and of your solemn duties. men, you are this day invested The first and supreme object of and charged with the office of a attention and affection, to all raChristian minister. To you, in tional beings, must forever be the this oflice, are now committed the eternal and self-existent Jehovah. rich treasures of divine truth, If you would serve and please grace and glory, in the gospel of God, in the ofice he this day asChrist Jesus. By the choice of signs you in his holy kingdom, you this church, and your own consent, must constantly give him the first with the sanction of this council, place in your sentiments, affecand the religious solcmnities of tions, interests, exertions and enthe present occasion, you are joyments. It is of the highest imbound to be, especially, the ser- portance, that you should, as a vant of this church and people, in preacher and teacher of divine the duties and labours of your of- truth, set God always before you fice. Your spirit ought to be and before your hearers. The stirred within you, and your heart true knowledge of God, of his exto be deeply moved, in view of istence, the attributes of his nathe bonds by which you are boundture, the perfections of his charto serve God and his church, and acter, the purposes of his will, his the people of your charge. We sovereign offices, his universal believe that you are so affected; agency, and most glorious blessedand that you are, therefore, pre- ness, will give light and strength, pared and desirous to receive the beauty and glory to your ministry;' exhortation, which I am appoint. Your views of every doctrine and ed by this council to give you in duty of religion and of every creatheir name. The service assign- ture, object and event, will be ed me would, indeed, far better essentially affected by your sentibecome “ such an one as Paul the ments respecting God, who is the aged,” than your brother who creator, preserver, governor and now addresses you. But in res proprietor of all things. His mor


al perfection, which consists in The gospel will be understood his eternal decrees; which are the and regarded by every person in foundation of all his conduct and exact agreement with his sentihappiness, and of whatever ex- ments and affections in respect to ists in the created universe. The God. If you, dear Sir, do not is perfection of his character, de- volve yourself in ignorance and crees and conduct, is the founda- error respecting God and the funtion of the affection and confi- damental principles of natural redence, the submission and obedi-ligion, you will easily understand ence, which God demands and the fundamental principles of redeserves from his rational crea- vealed religion. And with these tures. And their perfection is al- fundamental principles perfectly so the foundation of the decisions agrees every article of natural and of the final judgment and the re- revealed religion, and the existence tributions of eternity, which are of every creature and event in the designed to manifest, as fully and universe. Neither the doctrine clearly as possible, the greatness of the Trinity, which is in its and goodness of God forever. greatest extent, the foundation, Since God is, from the very perfec- essence and glory of revealed retions of his character, influenced ligion, nor the doctrine of the unby the greatest, wisest and best ion of divinity and humanity in the inotives in his decrees and con- person of Jesus Christ; nor of the duct, he must have a supreme re- divinity, personality and iniuence gard to his own holiness and happi. of the Holy Spirit, nor any other ness in his affections, designs and doctrine, which the orthodox beworks. And he will be known lieve and declare to be contained and blessed, exalted and glorified in the Bible, is more mysterious in respect to every creature and or incomprehensible than the eterevery event, that ever exists. No- nal self-existence of God, or his thing, therefore, but the true creation of all things from nothing. knowledge of God can afford his The doctrines of total depravity, creatures any real light in respect election, atonement, justification, to any object in the universe. If, sanctification, reprobation, and then, you would be “ a burning endless punishment, which are and shining light," it must be your fundamental doctrines of revealed constant object to acquire and ex- religion, are no more obscure nor hibit the true knowledge of God, doubtful, offensive nor objectionaas he manifests himself in the ac. ble, than the inflexible holiness complishment of his great decrees, and absolute sovereignty of God. by the wonders of creation, provi- | And his holiness and sovereignty dence and redemption.

are as evident as his existence: Correct and thorough views of and as glorious and beautiful as God will assist and enable you to his greatness and goodness. And understand the volume of divine they are the safety, glory and haptruth, and the whole system of re- / pigess of the universe. Let God vealed religion. The gospel of be truly known and loved in his Jesus Christ is “ the glorious gos- holy sovereignty, and every artipel of the blessed God," and is cle of natural religion, and every intended to manifest his “mani- article of revealed orthodoxy will fold wisdom," " the exceeding also be understood, believed and greatness of his power,” - the loved. The whole system of natriches of his glory;” and “the ural and revealed religion agrees exceeding riches of his grace.” | and will forever agree with the


truth in respect to God. The stu- him declare I unto you.” The dent and teacher of theology must, angel who flies in the midst of in his progress, learn and teach heaven, having the everlasting the whole length and breadth, gospel to preach unto them that

“ height and depth" of orthodoxy; dwell on the earth, and to every or he must adopt the creed of the nation and kindred and people and fool's heart, and say, “there is no tongue, says with a loud voice, God.” So long as God lives and “ Fear God, and give glory to him, reigns in heaven, and the whole for the hour of his judgment is earth is full of his glory,” it is come; and worship him, that made utterly inpossible for earth and heaven and earth and the sea and hell, by fraud or force, by open the fountains of waters." The war, or secret plots, to destroy or gospel, that shall yet prevail and obstruct the high-toned orthodoxy triumph among all nations, agrees of Moses and the prophets, of Je- with the fundamental principles of sus Christ and the apostles. From natural religion; the gospel, which disaffection and enmity, ignorance shall cause earth to repent, and and error in respect to God, arise hell to despair, begins and ends all the delusions, heresies, and er- with God. Let the true knowrors, which ever exist on the face ledge of God, then, lead, guide of the earth.

and guard you in your sentiments, Thorough and correct views of as a preacher and teacher of divine God give light and weight to the truth. precept and penalty of the divine

If you would possess the true law; and to every institution and knowledge of God in its purity requirement, every doctrine and and power, and increase in this duty, every promise and threaten- knowledge, be like God in your ing, every blessing and curse of spirit; be holy as God is holy. In

. the gospel. And they spread the exercise of holy affections, you light, beauty and glory over all will, in your heart, enter into the the works of creation, providence views and feelings, the designs, and redemption. But you cannot exertions and enjoyments of God place a single doctrine or duty of himself. “ He that is spiritual,


“ religion, nor a single creature, judgeth all things.” In the spirit object, or event in its true and of holy love, which forms the morproper light, unless it be seen in al perfection and beauty of the view of God. Let God be unseen divine character, and sanctifies and unknown, and darkness, con- and glorifies all the perfections, fusion and vanity are enstamped designs and works of God, you upon whatever exists. If, then, will walk with God, and then God you would be an instructive, con- will walk with you: you will dwell sistent, powerful teacher of divine in God and God will dwell in you. truth, follow the example of Mo- Then in his light you will see ses, who said, "I will publish the light; you will be strong in his name of the Lord;” of the pro- strength; you will be wise in his phets, by whom God so often says, wisdom, and happy in his blessed• And they shall know, that I am ness. The spirit of holy love the Lord:-of Jesus Christ, who agrees with the whole system of said unto the Father, “I have de- divine truth, and with the whole clared thy name and will declare counsel and conduct of God, in all it;"—and of the apostle, who said his works and ways. This spirit to his hearers respecting God, will give you clearness and decis " whom ye ignorantly worship, ion, confidence and firmness

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