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dangerous to the immortal soul. the river Jordan, to which the Conscience, it appears, does not person, who had committed the always sleep ; but sometimes cre- crime of murder, might fee and be ates great anxiety in the mind of secure from the

avenger of blood, the Universalist, with respect to until he could have a trial of his the reality of a future punishment. country on the charge of his crime. Hence, often do we behold him Previous to the provision of the seeking some one to converse with cities of refuge, the next akin to him upon the doctrines of religion. the one slain, pursued, with unaThis he does, that he may ease a bated diligence, the slayer, and doubting or uncertain mind.

Per- put him to death. Hence, he was haps it may safely be said, that no

termed the avenger of blood. Now, one believes the doctrine of univer- suppose, that within a short dissal salvation, strongly enough, to tance of the city of refuge, a manrest unshaken his eternal interests has accidently slain his neighbour there; while scripture speaketh in in some partial contest, and that he language like this: "And who should sit down with his bloody soever was not found written in the hands, until a friend passing by, book of life, was cast into the lake should warn him that the avenger of fire. In hell he lifted up his eyes, of blood was approaching, and he being in torment. The hour is should say, the city of refuge, coming, in the which all that are in which lies yonder, was provided the graves shall hear his voice, and for all; and if it were provided for shall come forth; they that have all, all must necessarily obtain the done good, unto the resurrection of benefit of it. Should he still neglife ; and they that have done evil, lect to flee for refuge, under so unto the resurrection of damnation. . glaring a delusion, until the avenWhosoever speaketh against the ger of blood struck his dagger to Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven his heart. I ask, what would it him, neither in this world, neither avail him, that a city of refuge was in the world to come. These shall provided ? would it protect him go away into everlasting punish- from the stroke of death ? no--nor ment, but the righteous into life will the refuge of Christ protect eternal. Depart from me ye curs- any from hell, who do not repent ed into everlasting fire. He will and forsake their sins, and believe by no means clear the guilty. Fear in him. him which, after he hath killed, “ Moses was a type of Christ ; hath power to cast into hell; yea I and Moses did not make a divissay unto you fear him, The smoke ion of the hosts of Israel, as he was of their torinent ascendeth up for about to lead them through the ever and ever. All liars shall have Red Sea. So Christ will not make their part in the lake that burn- a division of the human family ;eth with fire and brimstone, which but will lead them all safely to glois the second death. Except a ry," says the Universalist.' Moses man be born again, he cannot see indeed did not make a division of the the kingdom of heaven." To any

” To any Israelites, who were a type of the candid mind, one would think the Christian church-the true followabove cited texts of scripture strong ers of Jesus ; but led them all safeenough to establish forever the ly through the waves of the sea. doctrine of a future punishment. So Christ shall lead the church But let us see what reason, unaided through the trials of time to the by the light of revelation, says on mansions prepared for them in this subject.

heayen. But as he drowned the Cities of refuge were provided on Egyptians, so will he overwhelm

the rejecters and despisers of his Universalists now do, saying, "God gospel in the world of despair. is not such a being as to create

"God is not such a being as to | man to drown hinn; it would decreate a man to damn him ; it | stroy his character. Behold, he did would make him worse than a sav- drown them all. Will he not also age," says the Universalist. While condemn him, who shall delay his Noah preached for a hundred and salvation—who shall delay to retwenty years, that a flood was com- pent and be converted, under such ing to drown the old world, and vain pretensions as these? 0! that while he was engaged in building , men frere wise, that they would the ark, the inhabitants would not consider these things. Search the give heed to his words ; but prob- 1 scriptures, for in them ye think ye ably made the same excuse that have eternal life.





TOR TAL QOPKINSIAN MAGAZINE. complain, because others are unit

ed to Christ, and made heirs of salvation, while they continue in their rebellion? They have the

same opportunity, and the same The subject, to which we have motives, to turn and live, which attended, suggests sume important millions of others bad, who have reflections.

| gone to Heaven; and the multi1. If one sinner has no more tudes, who are now ripening for reason for rejecting the gospel the kingdom of glory. It becomes than another, then one sinner has them to cease their complaints, no reason to complain of Goil, i and shut their mouths; and to when others are converted by ! take all the blame to themselves, his Spirit, and caused to embrace where it justly belongs; and not the gospel. It is true, that God to murmur against the infinite and converts sinners by the special in- ever blessed Jehovah. Let them fluences of his Spirit, and makes listen to the words of Christ : them willing to embrace the gos- "Hear, now, O house of Israel, pel in the day of his power:- is not my way equal; are not your Hence, impenitent sinners are in- ways unequal?" "God is just; but elined to complain, and murmur the singer is unjust; God is true against God, when they see others and faithful, but the sinner is false, come to the knowledge of the unfaithful and rebellious. truth, and embrace the gospel.-1 2. Since one sioner has no more They think that God has no right reason for rejecting the gospel to pass them by, and take others, than another; no one can stand erwho, in their own estimation, are cused for not embracing the gosRo better, and perhaps worse than pel. God would not have excused themselves. But impenitent sin- | those who have embraced the gosrers have not the least reason for pel, if they had rejected it ; why these complaints. It is their own then shall he excuse those who fault, that they do not embrace the do not embrace it? Every sinner, gospel, and enjoy the comforts, who rejects the gospel, must final of religion. They have no more I ly stand condemned for his conreason for rejecting the gospel, duct, at the bar of the Lord Je. than those who have embraced it. sus Christ. It would not be What reason, then, have they to right for God to excuse those who

To / deneth."

reject the gospel. He would do them out of heav en ; or, that if they an injury to himself, to his law are to be saved, they shall be, do and to the universe.

Let none,

what they may. The position is who reject the gospel, then, ex- false, dangerous, criminal !

« Не pect to escapea

while they neglect that believeth shall be saved ; but so great salvation. Every page he that believeth not shall be damof the sacred scriptures, the God ned." of truth and justice, the multitude 4. We learn, from our subject, of holy beings who stand before that the decree of reprobation does his throne, and the conscience of not hinder one sinner from embraevery impenitent sinner, must cing the gospel, more than another. unite in one voice against those, It is true, that those who perish are who trample under foot the Son .

" appointed to wrath.” For God of God, and count the blood of “ hath mercy on whom he will have the covenant wherewith he was mercy, and whom he will, he harsanctified, an unholy thing. To

But thousands and mil. whom, God will swear in his lions of sinners have embraced the wrath, that they shall never enter gospel, potwithstanding the decree into his rest.

of reprobation. The decree of rep3. We learn from our subject, robation does not hinder sinners that the decree of election does not from embracing the gospel any more hinder one sinner from embracing than the decree of election. For the gospel, wore than another. It if thousands and millions have emis true, that " whom God did fore- braced the gospel, notwithstanding know, them he also did predestinate the decree of reprobation; why may to be conformed to the image of his

not thonsands and millions more, or Son, that he might be the first born every sinner under the light of the among many brethren.” And gospel, embrace it, notwithstanding sinners are very apt to quarrel this decree ? And we learn from with the decree of election, and our subject, that one sinner has no plead that as an excuse, for not em

more reason for rejecting the gosbracing the gospel. But the de- pel than another. Consequently. cree of election never hinders sin the decree of reprobation cannot ners from embracing the gospel. - hinder one sinner' from embracing Thousands of sinners have embrac- the gospel, any more than the thoused the gospel, notwithstanding the ands, who have already made their decree of election. If the decree peace with God, through the Lord of election did not hinder the thous Jesus Christ. ands and millions, who have here- 5. We learn from what has been tofore received Christ, from embra- said that the reason why sinners recing the gospel ; why should it hin- ject the gospel, is, because they der any, from embracing the gospel choose to reject it. If they did not The fact is, that if one sinner may choose to reject it, there is nothing embrace the gospel, as thousands in the universe to prevent it. But have done, notwithstanding the de-our subject shows us, that sinners cree of election ; every sinner un- hate the very terms on which sal. der the light of the gospel may em- vation is offered. They choose to brace it, notwithstanding, the de- go down to eternal burnings, rather cree of election. The decree of then embrace the gospel." Hence, election never did, and never can, it is their own fault, if they perish hinder an individual from embrac- They must not blame God, nor his ing the gospel. It is vain for sin- purposes, nor any being in the uniners to quarrel with the decree of verse, but themselves. election, then, and say, that it shuts 6. Since one singer has po more

reason for rejecting the gospel than is a controversy between you and another, those, who do reject the the Almighty God! And who will gospel, must be highly criminal. - settle this controversy ? And when The invitations of the gospel are shall this controversy be settled ? perfectly free; the conditions are Will you settle it now, while you plain and easy; and sinners are have opportunity ? Or will you able to embrace it. But still they contend till God shall settle it in reject it. How great must be their the great day of final retribution: criminality! How aggravated their Perhaps it may be with you, as guilt! They are a thousand fold what is said of the Jews; some more criminal,than if the provisions may believe the things which are of the gospel had never been made. spoken, and some believe not.'When they come to meet the Judge Bnt notwithstanding, be this known of all the earth, at the last great unto you, that your excuses must day, how must their souls shrink all vanish like the vapour, when with horrour, to remember their Christ shall come to raise the dead abuse of his offered mercy! They and judge the world. Be ye sure must, surely, call upon the rocks of this also, “ that the kingdom of and mountains to fall on them and God has come nigh unto you." hide them from the face of Him that 7. We learn from our subject, sitteth on the throne, and from the that it is highly proper and impor. wrath of the Lamb. For them the tant to persuade sinners to embrace great day of his wrath will come; the gospel. Since one sinner has

and who will be able to stand ? It no more reason for rejecting the gosis vain for any to plead, that they pel than another, and multitudes are willing, but Gopis unwilling"; in times past, and at the presthat they want religion, but cannot day, have embraced the gospel, have it. These are all false and there is good reason, and it is highwicked pleas. The fault lies wholly proper, that every sinner under ly within themselves. They are the light of the gospel should be just as able to embrace the gospel, persuaded to embrace it. Unless and secure eternal blessedness, as sinners do embrace the gospel, they they are to remain in impenitence. must die in their sins. They are If they continue to reject the gospel, already hastening down to the chamand finally go down to hell, their bers of eternal death. Unless they blood will be upon their own heads. repent and embrace the gospel, the They may say, “ These are hard wrath of God will

pursue them sayings, who can hear them ” I to the lowest hell. Hence, we find, know they'are hard sayings to the in Scripture, such moving and paselfish, rebellious heart. But they thetick' language to persuade sin

. are no more hard, than just and ners to flee from the wrath to come. true. They take the blame from God says to sinners, “Ho every the holy and glorious Jehovah, and one that thirsteth, come ye to the place it where it ought to be placed; waters, and he that hath no money, at the sinner's own door. And now come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, let me ask, will any rise up and buy wine and milk, without money charge the eternal God with injus- and without price. Wherefore do tice and cruelty ? Will any say, ye spend your money for that which He is arbitrary and tyrannical. — is not bread, and your labour for Who will dare to open his mouth, that which satisfieth not? Hearken and say, that the infinite omnipo- diligently unto me, and eat ye that tent wise and holY GOD requires which is good, and let your soul more of his creatures then they are delight itself in fatness. Incline able to perform? Ah ! sinner, there 'your ear and come unto me; heaty.


and your soul shall live ; and I will to eternal perdition. They have

make an everlasting covenant with no more reason for rejecting the with you, even the sure mercies of Da- gospel, than those who have embra

vid. Seek ye the Lord while he ced it. They have as fair an òp. may be found, call ye upon him portuuity to secure their salvation, while he is near : Let the wicked as those had, who have already forsake his way, and the unrighteous gone to heaven ; and as those, who man his thoughts, and let him re- are only waiting to drop their taberturn unto the Lord, and he will nacles of clay in order to be receive have mercy upon him, and to our ed into the joy of their Lord. What God, and he will abundantly par- reason then, will impenitent sinners don." Again he says, “ How shall have to coniplain of God for sendI give thee up, Ephraim ? How shalling them to hell ? They have abusI deliver thee, Israel ? How shall I ed his forbearance, slighted his of make thee as Admah ? How shall I fers of mercy, and destroyed their set thee as Zeboim ? Mine heart is own souls. God may


say unturned within me, my repentings to them, “Because I have called, are kindled together. And Paul | and ye refused; I have stretched says, “Knowing the terrors of the out my hand, and no mar regardLord, we persuade men. Let ed it; but ye have set at nought sinners, then, be affectionately per


my counsel, and would suaded, and entreated to embrace none of my reproof: I also will the gospel. Let them escape the i laugh at your calamity; I will impending and dreadful storm of mock when your fear cometh God's wrath which awaits them. O when


fear cometh as desolasinner, "escape for thy life; look tion, and your destruction cometh not behind thee ; neither stay thou as a whirlwind.” They have purin all the plain ; escape to the moun- sued the way of their own wretched tains, lest thou be consumed.” choice, and can surely have no

Finally. We may learn from our ground of complaint, when they are subject, that sinners who reject filled with their own devices. the gospel, will have no reason to

MATHETES. complain of God for sending them

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But in a general sense, every The substance of the following Christian is spiritually minded. pemarks was read last autumn be- “ To be carnally minded is death ; fore an association of Congregation- but to be spiritually minded is life al ministers, in reply to the follow- and .peace.” The real Christian ing question, previously assigned, has the carnal mind conquered—

“ By what means can the brought under restraints—but not meetings of this body be the occa- slain. The old man is crucified, sion of promoting spirituality among but not put to death. The Christthe members ?”

ian has a principle of spiritual life What is the import of the term implanted in him, and a degree of Spirituality, as it is here used, and spirituality is essential to the Chrisof the question in generali

tian character. But the question Spirituality is, I apprehend, that now before us respects a growth or frame of mind, in which spirit increase of spirituality. It supposual and divine things have a pre- es that we have experienced that dominating influence

change of heart which might denomthoughts and affections.

inate us spiritual, in comparison



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