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rest year after year, in the hope rich will be excited to munificence that à majority of the town will be the generosity of the poor, ani agree to settle a faithful Minister the ministry will at length be honFor many Churches have practi-ourably supported. By the neglec cally answered this question in the of efforts, a parsimonious spirit wil affirmative. But what ought to be prevail, even in the Church ; and done? In the first place the men it will be finally difficult to obtain and women in the Church must only a few weeks stated board for a come forward resolutely and liber- missionary. Parsimony in the ally, to procure religious ordinan- Church will produce a double parces. They must act as if they simony in the world; and you may thought this was most properly their as soon expect to get the heart's business. It is not exclusively the blood of the rich, as to get their monbusiness of a lown or a parish to ey for this purpose. Any thing will set up the ministry of the gospel ; do for the worship of God. The it is the business of the Church- missionary must preach in the ruinThere can be no doubt that if the ous cold meeting-house, or in the Church do their duty, their neigh- inconvenient school-house. A nig. bours out of the Church will help gardly spirit will characterise every them; the influence of religious in- thing that relates to divine worshipstitutions will diffuse itself, and as- But let not too unworthy thoughts sistance will be given with increas- be entertained of the destitute ing liberality. This is the process Churches. They are desirous of that is most reasonable on scriptur- enjoying gospel ordinances, and al grounds. But what can be hop- they are willing to do their part, to ed for, when believers wait for the support them. But they have not world to move first? What can be proper views of doing what they hoped for, when they place all can, as an example of duty and libtheir dependance on funds, which erality, and as a suitable accompanare under the control of persons un-iment of prayer.

Let them then friendly to evangelical truth? Many arise, and put forth their strength; Churches, however, are exceeding and if they can support but two ly weak, and they may think they weeks' preaching a year, let them must be excepted from these re- do this, and God will bless them in marks ; but such exceptions are it. The earth will help the woerroneous; every Church must man;" the silver and the gold bemerit Christ's commendation, “ She long to God, and wealthy men deshath done what she could.”

If titute of religion will assist in the preaching is obtained for only two support of publick worship, from reor three Sabbaths each year, God gard to good order ; though they will accept and bless the service. have not precisely the minister they The habit and the ability of sup- would choose.

C. C. porting the gospel will grow; the

Christ. Mir.

3¢¢Cigtous Intelligence.

We learn from the September | It was commenced July 28, 1824, number of the Missionary Herald, with only seven pupils; but by the that Messrs. Goodell and Bird, middle of September, the regular American Missionaries to Palestine, number was between fifty and sixty. have established a school at Bey. One of the Missionaries preaches rout, for the instruction of children. in English every Sabbath, at "

house of the English Consul. By that from June 23d, 1824, to June

. the latest intelligence from Mr. 30th, i825, its receipts, includ

, King, it appears that he was about ing a balance of perhaps 400 dolleaving Syria, with the intention of lars in the treasury at the former visiting Constantinople and Greece. date, amounted to 2506 86% In this latter country the opportu- several hundred dollars more than nities of doing good are great. Mr. in the preceding year. At the Wilson has just returned to Malta, time of the annual ineeting, there from a tour in the Morea, where remained in the treasury upwards he sold and distributed more than of 1200; a large portion of which, 400 Greek Testaments, about 100 however, had been previously apcopies of Pilgrim's Progress, and propriated, but the orders not yet several thousand Tracts; and might presented for payment. During have disposed of twice that number the year twenty-two individuals had they been in his possession. have been constituted Life Mem

Mr. Bingham, Missionary at the bers of the Society, by a donation Sandwich Islands, cominenced a

of twenty dollars each, either by translation of the Gospel of St. themselves or others, making the Matthew into the language of the whole number of life members 83. natives, about the beginning of last

Rec. and Tel. autumn, and expected to finish it in the course of a year. He is oblig

MAOKINAW MISSION. ed to introduce a number of foreign

The following extract of a letter from words, to supply the deficiencies

Mr. Hudson of the Mackinaw Mission, of that into which he translates. which recently came to hand, con. Rec. and Tel. tains cheering evidence of its in

creasing prosperity. We understand that the revival

Western Recorder. in Salern, which commenced more

On my arrival last week, I found than a year and a half ago, and al

that all the assistance I could ready numbers as its fruits more render was very much needed; and than 300 hopeful converts, has re I am anxious to do all I can to recently assuined a more encouraging lieve Brother Ferry, who is alappearance than for many months most worn down with excessive past.

labour and care. The mission is Thirteen individuals were last in a very prosperous state. Little Sabbath admitted into the Union did I think of finding children here Church in this city;—6 by letter, from a distance of 2700 miles; and 7 by profession. The sacra

but there are four who have come ment of the Lord's Supper was then that distance, even froin Red Rivadministered to the whole Church. er, in the vicinity of Hudson's It was a season of much solemnity. Bay. Several others have been

Ibid. brought more than a thousand The Executive of Buenos Ayres

miles. There are now in our famhas recommended to the Legisla- ily, supported by their friends or ture to pass a law tolerating all the Christian publick, 61 natives. Religions and modes of worship. These, with our hired help, &c. This liberty is one cause of the pros- make our family to consist of 80 perity of England and the United

persons; the children of the vilStates.

Pall. lage who attend our school, make

| the number 115. These last yield From the report of the Massa- us in cash, more than 400 dollars chusetts Domestick Missionary per annum, besides, perhaps, nearSociety, just published, it appears ly 100 dollars in such articles ab


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we need, that are not exactly cash. Two Indian women (neighbours) We are building largely of neces- I give comforting evidence of a deep sity, as you will readily perceive, and gracious work, and one of our when I tell you we can increase dear children, a girl of 14, we the school to almost any number, I trust, has lately drank deep as soon as we can provide accom- | into the same spirit. We are, as modations for them. Never did a family, in perils, and labours,

see a more promising field for and watchings, and persecutions, missionary labours. We have one and various nameless perplexities; half-breed, whose wife is a white but they are all all thrown into woman, with five children, all the back ground, when we look members of our family, and the at the tokens of divine approbaparents very eminently pious and tion which we see multiplied very valuable helpers. A devout around us; not in the converts soldier also who waits upon the merely, but in the very happy Lord and us continually-these i unanimity that exists in the mem three are self-devoted and for life.bers of the family.

ORDINATIONS AND INSTALLATION 1825. August 31. Ordained, Rev. Gilmanton, N. H. Sermon by Rev. Phin WILLIAM EDT, as Pastor of the Church, eas Cooke, of Heckworth, from I. Kings, in Nortb Mansfield, Conn.

xix. 9. 1825. September 14. Ordained, Rev. 1825. September 28. Ordained. Rev. SAMUEL H. PECKHAM, as Pastor of the CHARLES NICROLS, as Pastor of a Church Congrega ional Church in Grey, Me. 10 Hebron, Con. Sermon by Rev. Professor Smith, fiom 825 September 29. Ordained, Rer. Philip. i. 27.

EDWARD Boll, as Pastor of the Church Installed. Rev. JONATHAN CUR. in the South Parish at Lebanon, Con. TIS, as Pastor of the Calvinistick Church 1825. October 12. Ordained at Wil. in Sharon, Mass. Sermon by Rev. Mr. liamstown, Vermont, Reverend Messrs. Bridgham, of Randolph.

FREDERICK E. Cannon and Dar Blodg. 1825. September 21. Ordained. Rev. Evangelists. Sermon by Reverend erend Daniel Lancaster as Pastor of Mr. Chandler, of Waitsfields from Jer. the First Congregational Church in emiah iii. 15.

From the Christian Mirror. Be changed to bitterest distress,

Like that of him we scorn to bless
Why should the sons of Afric wear

But love to bind. The galling chain ? Why doomed in servitude to bear From home and all that's dear he's torn For lordly man a double sbare

And far away Of toil and pain ?

Beyond the waves by white men borne,

In chains, degraded and forlorn, Are not the inoffensive race

He spends each day. Born free as we? Who on their heads heap shame, dis. To hear the captive's groans and sighs, grace,

Angels would weep, Yet proudly boast we've found a place But men, hard-hearted men despise of liberty !

His tears, and even fate denies

Him food and sleep.
Like Cowper, I would rather be
Myself the slave,

Hap'ly should death a visit make
Than chain a fellow-being free,

To ease his wo.
And make bim tug and sweat for me i Smiling his friendly hand he'd take,
Op land or wave,

And sink to sleep, hoping to wake

No more below. Why should the little happiness

Purinan desigaed,


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For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of his Father, with his angels;

and then he shall reward every mun according to his works. AS Christ is the Creator and thousand years, before the close of Governor of the world; so he is to time, yet there is po evidence in be the final Judge of it. The Scripture, that He will appear aFather hath committed all judgment gain, personally in this world, until unto the Son. The Father judgeth the last day; when He will come no man.' Christ is every way qual in like manner, as his disciple saw ified to judge the world. He search- Him go up into Heaven. Hence es the heart and tries the reins of this is called his second appearance; men: He is perfectly acquainted Heb. ix. 28.-"unto them that with the law of God; and is a look for him shall he appear the secordial friend to the Divine Gov- cond time, without sin unto salvaernment. His knowledge, wisdom tion.” This is called the day of and uprightness are such as become the Lord: II. Peter, ii. 10.“ - The the Judge of quick and dead. It day of the Lord will come, as a is fit and proper that He should thief in the night, in the which the. judge the world ; as He took upon heavens shall pass away with a great Him our nature and dwelt among noise, and the elements shall melt us; as He was made in all respects with fervent heat; the earth also, like unto his brethren ; and as, in and the things that are therein, his glorified Humanity, He will be shall be burnt up." At this last visible to the assembled millions of great day, or day of the Lord, and our race.

his second appearing, He will come In our text, we are taught, when to judge the world. Then we must Christ will perform the great work all stand before his judgment seat, assigned Him, of judging the world. and every one of us must give acIt will be, " when He shall come in count of himself to God. How imthe glory of his Father, with his portant, then, it is, that we should angels. This relates to his second know, while in a state of probation, appearing, at the end of the world. upon what principle our Judge will Paul to Timothy, writes, “He shall proceed, by what rule He will be judge the quick and the dead, at governed, in passing the final senhis appearing and his kingdom.' tence, and distributing rewards and

Though Christ will reign on earth, punishments. by the influence of his Spirit, a In this interesting particular, our

text gives us information: “ Then of misery in hell. This we are He shall reward every man accord- told by the Judge himself, in Juba ing to his works.

v. 28, 29, “ The hour is coming The truth of this declaration rests in the which, all that are in the on the veracity of Christ himself. graves shall hear bis voice, and I shall only attempt an explanation shall come forth; they that har: of it, in answer to the inquiry, done good, unto the resurrection of What is implied in Christ's re- life ; and they that have done eril, warding every man according to his

unto the resurrection of damnaworks?

tion.” That Christ will place manThe works, according to which kind on the right hand, or the left;

and that He will pass the sentence

, done in the body-works performed of life or death, according to the in this life. The apostle expressly or evil, is taught in his own repre

nature of their works, whether good i says, II. Cor. v. 20, “ We must all appear before the judgment-seat of sentation of the process of the judgChrist; that every one may re

ment, in Matt. xxv. “ When the ceive the things done in his body, Son of man shall appear in his glorr. according that he hath done, wheth. and all the holy angels with

him. er it be good or bad.” A prisoner his glory, and before him shall be

then shall he sit upon the throne of is brought to the bar, to answer, gathered all nations ; and He shall not for what he has done in prison, separate them one from another, as but for what he did, before he was committed. There is no reason to

a shepherd divideth his sheep from think, that any thing done by men,

the goats: and he shall set the in the intermediate state between

sheep on his right hand, but the death and the resurrection, will

goats on the left. Then shall the come into account, at the general king say to them on his right hand,

Come, ye blessed of my Father, judgment.

inherit the kingdom prepared for This being premised, I observe, in answer to the inquiry propos-world : For I was an hungered, and

you from the foundation of the ed,

ye gave me meat ; I was thirsty, First. Christ's rewarding every and ye gave me drink; I was a man according to his works, im- stranger and ye took me in ; naked, plies, that He will pass the final and ye clothed me; I was sick, and sentence upon mankind, and ad- ye visited me; I was in prison, and judge them to a state of happiness ye came unto me. Then shall he or misery, according to the nature say also unto them on the left hand, of their works. As there are only Depart from me, ye c:rsed, into two sorts of works done by man- everlasting fire, prepared for the kind, good and evil; so there are devil and his angels: For I was an only two states to which they will hungered, and ye gave me no meat; be sentenced, at the great day; a I was thirsty, and ye gave me no state of endless happiness, and a drink; I was a stranger, and ye state of endless misery. He that took me not in ; nakeil

, and ye shall be found to have done any clothed me not; sick and in good works in this life, will be ad- prison, and ye visited me not. judged to a state of happiness in And these shal

go away into everheaven. And, on the other hand, lasting punishment; but the rightbe that shall be found to have done eous into life eternal." no good works in this life, but evil Secondly. Christ's rewarding eronly, will be sentenced to a state ery man according to his works

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