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from the goats.” And eternity re- oquent, if it were at all to the purcognises it, in alternate accents of pose, yet it loses all its persuasios acceptance and thunders of de- for one obvious reason, and that is, nouncement, in joy and tears, in he has been preaching to nobody! songs of deliverance and wailings The righteous do not feel that he of despair, in triumphs of redemp- is addressing them. There is not tion, and curses of damnation, an individual in his auditory, who

And now, if these are stubborn feels that he is speaking to him.facts, if they are uncontrovertible He altogether misconceives the realities, ought not ministers so to facts interwoven with his message, preach as to disclose them ? It is and therefore nothing that he says, most abundantly obvious, that a comes“ home to the business and minister must take leave either of bosom.” But where he recognises his senses, or of the Bible, to ques- and impresses this difference, he tion their verity. And are they not becomes the expositor of facts sufficiently interesting to be made which it is impossible to gainsay, the theme of many an hour's re- because every man has the evidence flection, many a solemn argument of them within himself. All the and expostulation, many an affect springs of action, and all the aving interview ? And can any rea, enues to the soul, are open to his son be suggested why they should influence, because he is able to inbe dissembled or concealed ? dividualize his hearers, and make

But more than this, are not such them sensible that there are real. the facts on which the obligations of ities within them, that correspond the gospel ministry are predicated with the diversified and appropriate If a physician, in prescribing for representations of the preacher his patient, misapprehends the na- without them. ture of the disease, and overlooks Of little inoment is it, then, how its remote and proximate causes,

or what a minister preaches, so long though his prescriptions may be very as he overlooks or misapprehends wise in their application to another the momentous facts involved in state of facts, they are defective in this distinction. I would rather their relevancy tě the case before go into the pulpit with a jejupe and him. If a counsellor, in his argu- disjointed discourse, and leave no ment, is unhappy enough to mis- other impression on my audience, conceive all the facts in the case than that every man who heard me before him, though his argument is either for God or against him;-may be very learned and eloquent, than pronounce the most profound though his exposition of legal prin- discussion of Clark, the most polciples may be very luminous, and ished discourse of Blair, or the his illustration of them very forci- most erudite of Horsely, and like ble, yet he utters nothing to his pur- them, leave an auditory bound to pose, because he utterly fails to the judgment seat of Christ, un: state and unfold the points of his penetrated and unimpressed by the causé. So if a minister of the gos- fact, that there is a difference bepel should compose a sermon with tween them, whose ultimate dicorrect taste and sound judgment, vergency is limited only by the joys and should preach with distinguish of heaven, and the sorrows of fielt. ed ability, and yet lose sight of the Further, without exhibiting this difference between the righteous difference, preaching has a fearful and the wicked, he would not tendency to destroy men rather than preach the gospel. Though his save them. There is a strong and sermon might be powerful and el- | almost irresistable propensity in the

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buman mind, to moral insensibility. fatal could a minister adopt, whose The sinfulness of men, though their avowed purpose was to justify, and

own, and though never involun- increase their indifference and apa= tary, operates as a kind of disease, thy? Where are the assemblies

moral malady and derangement, who make a mock at all the solemthe effect of which is strong de- nities of experimental piety-to lusion that they should believe a whom every faithful admonition is lie. They imagine themselves as sounding brass and tinkling

whole, while they have the plague cymbal-and who, while they can E: of the heart, and there is no sound- be agitated with keen emotions, ness in their fesh.

If they have when some trivial concern of time wants, they are not felt: if they are is set before them, are yet languid in perils, they are not feared: if and listless, cold and unfeeling as from the crown of their head to the a stone, when you speak to them of soles of their feet, they are pol- the realities of eternity; if not luted with sin; they think them- where ministers who know their selves white as snow. They even Master's will, perform it deceitful. exult in this fancied security, while

1vor where they represent the the arrows of the destroyer are fly

difference between the righteous ing thick around them, and the sting and the wicked as the glowing imof death is piercing them through. agery of eastern hyperboleor

Now, with men who thus close where false teachers lie in wait to their eyes, and stop their ears, and deceive aad countervail the interharden their hearts, and who, just dictions of the God of truth, by the 80 long as they can maintain their primeval assurance of the father of peace and security without em- lies, “Ye shall not surely die.” bracing the gospel, will assuredly Such ministers are the malignant make light of it, the ministry of foes of their kind. Such ministers reconciliation have mainly to do.prowl around the fold of Christ, And their business with them, is and go about seeking whom they not to lull them into a deeper se- may devour. It is impossible for curity, but to alarm, awakeii, con- ministers to do greater injury to vince, and save them—" of some their fellow-men, than thus to having compassion, and others, sav- charm and fascinate the ear, while ing with fear, pulling them out of they strike the sting of death the fire.” But who does not see, into the soul. There is nothing that the indiscriminate instruction they can do half so injurious, as to which fails to exhibit the difference suppress the truths which rob the bet": een the righteous and the wicked of all their consolation, or wicked, and which never makes it affirm the errors, which while they appear in its true importance, is quiet the enemies of God in their only a pleasantand enchanting song, rebellion, authorize the hope that which quiets their apprehensions, they may persevere in their hostiliand confirms them in their ground-ty and prosper. less security? What method more

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devote much of their time to this

species of education. This might A great deal of care is taken to not be altogether a loss of time, if teach birds to talk. Some families they would teach their birds a few of opulence and rank, are said to sound and pithy maxims for domestic use, and the benefit of their competent to the task of taking visitants.

cognizance of the violations of the In the city of London, as Gold- nioth commandment, save in a smith informs us, two men, living few instances of Hagrant enormity. directly opposite to one another, in It is said, that the trespasses of the the same street, had a quarrel, in tongue, in this way, are so innuconsequence of the information, merable, so diverse, and oftenwhich one of thein gave against the times so artful, that no legislator other, for not paying the duties on could classify thein, and much less bis liquors. The aggrieved party, enact laws, that would reach them after ieaching his parrot to repeat wholly, without destroying the libthe ninth commandment, placed erty of speech altogether. And the cage at the front of his house, besides, there is, in society, much so that, whenever the informer on less aversion to evil speaking, than the opposite side of the street, to theft. If ore have his money or stepped out of his own door, he his goods stolen, he no sooner heard from the parrot this admo- makes it known, than his neighnition, Thou shall not bear fulse bours join with him in searching witness against thy neighbour. for the thief, who, if found and

This sacred precept is to be un convicted, is sure to be punished; derstood as possessing a very wide because common zeal, as well as latitude of meaning; compre- common consent, take side against hending not only perjury and the culprit. But the pilterers from gross calumny, which are both character fare less bard; or rathpunishable by civil law, but also er, they are tolerated, provided evil speaking, in all its multifari- they manage with art and adous shapes and degrees. It is ob- dress, and mingle some wit with vious to remark, that although the their malice or their levity. prohibitory precepts in the eighth And as petty violations of this article, and the ninth, of the holy part of the decalogue, pass with decalogue,are both levelled against impunity, so they also meet with evils that are alike prejudicial and encuuragement. Few are altopernicious to society; yet the laws gether without envy, which ever of society take much more concern takes delight in a backbiting or deia the one, than in the other. Every tracting tongue. Few are without well-regulated civil society arms some conscious and visible faults; itself against theft, and metes out and the faulty are naturally prone punishment as well to petty pil. to take pleasure in the noticeable ferers, as to the highway robber; faults of others, as it tends to quiet and yet the violations of the next them about their own. From these succeeding article of Divine pro- causes, and still oftener, perhaps, hibition, pass, for the most part, from thoughtless levity, encourwithout punishment, and almost agement is given, almost every without notice. At the same time, where, to the small dealers in deit is acknowledged, that money is traction, who, all together, comtrash, in comparison with charac- pose a pretty numerous body. ter; so that he who steals the one It requires no great stretch of does far less injury, than he who charity to believe, that there are wounds the other. But, it is al- many persons, who have never Jedged, in excuse for this incon- been guilty of any openly dissistency in the distribution of pun honest action, and much less of isbments, that the civil law is in downright theft, But it is to be ap


prehended, that there are very few haps, that, if David spake in haste, indeed, who have never, in all their he was not far froin the truth, lives, borne fulse witness against when he said, “ All men are liars.their neighbour, in some degree or That human laws guard properly manner, either by unwarrantably so much more strictly than charspreading evil reports, or else by acier, and that human tribunals giving too willing an ear to slan-punish theft so much more severeder and defamation. It is the evil ly than defamation, is a curious which most easily besets us, of fact. To account for it, in addiwhich we are least apt to be aware, tion to the reasons inentioned in and which many men and women the above extract, another might practice, without compunction,and have been added; that is, the genalmost without thought, although, eral prevalence of the love of monin other respects, of apparently ey. "Though all men have moral estimable characters.

discernment, and most men will

grant, that gold is dross comparThe preceding observations of ed with character, yet it is but too the RIEF REMARKER, may be apparent, that the mass of manconsidered as a comment upon the kind are worshippers of Mammon, words of the Psalmist, Thel on whose altar they do not hesiwicked are tsirunged from the tate to sacrifice reputation, and, womb; they go astray, as soon as not unfrequently, even life itself. they be boril, speaking lies.” They

EDITOR. will also furuish evidence, per

Religious Intelligence.


From the Missionary Herald for October. I great, amounting to almost the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY.NINTH whole annual incoine. This opin

ion is both unfounded and injurious, The Ninth Annual Meeting of and should be fully examined and this Society was noticed in the well considered by every friend Herald for June, p. 184. Of of the Bible Society. It is unthe Report, which was then read, founded, because the Society reand has since been published, we turns in value almost all that it re. shall now insert an abstract, as ceives in money. This may be full and esplicit as the nature of fully understood by a reference to our limits will permit.

the accounts of receipts into the In the early part of the Report, treasury, compared with the acthere is a paragraph, which should count of sales and donations from not be forgotten. It is this: the Society. It is injurious, as it

The Board of Managers are ful. makes a false impression on the ly aware, that there is an opinion minds both of the friends and envery currently circulated, and gen-emies of the Bible, in relation to erally received, that the receipts our annual income, and counteinto the treasury, of free dona- nances the belief that the Society tions and subscriptions, unbalanc-has no necessity for increased reed by any returns of value to the

This impression relaxes donors and subscribers, are very | the efforts of the benevolent, turns the benefactions of many into oth-, ments were issued from the De. er channels, misleads some auxil-pository, the past year, in the iaries, so far as to invest their sur-French, German, Spanish, Portuplus funds, rather than transmit guese, Gaelic, and Welsh lanthem to a treasury, supposed to be guages. Also 651 copies of the already overflowing; it induces Gospels in the Mohawk language, others to neglect the collection of for the use of Indians at Greenbay, their annual dues, and some to in the Michigan Territory, at cease from all operations! Grand River, in Upper Canada,


Of the $ 50,000 in the treasury and at Caghnawaga and St. Regis, of the Society, during the last in Lower Canada. year, only about 8 6500 were al Demands for the Scriptures.the disposal of the Managers, to How important a use is like to be be applied, at their discretion, to found for the stereotype plates of the translating and printing of the the Spanish Bible, will be perceiy. Scriptures, in foreign languages, ed by the following extracts. and to the circulation of them in The important communications foreign parts, or in our own coun- received from the different pro. try where there are no Auxiliary vinces of South America are well Societies formed, and where the calculated to animate the hearts people are greatly in want of the and hopes of all the friends of BiSacred Volume.

ble holiness. The ardour with wbich Prirting of the Scriptures, &c.- the Bible is sought for and the During the last year, there have gratitude with which it is receiv: been printed at the Depository, ed—the free introduction of the Bibles in English, 22,750 New Testament, or parts of it, inBibles in Spanish,

2,000 to some of the most important Testaments in English, 23,000 schools--the strong desire mani

fested by many to have the Total, 47,750 whole Bible in the vernacular lan. German Tes'ts purchased, 800 guages of some of the most popu

lous and powerful provinces the Total the past year,

48,550 gradual decline of prejudice and Which, added to the

opposition and the cordial and amount already printed

affectionate co-operation of many or purchased, 403,552 of the most influential clergymen

Makes a total of 451,902 and laymen, are encouraging in the This is the result of the Socie- highest degree. In addition to all ty's proceedings during its first this, the translation of the whole nine years.--Nearly 373,000 co

of the New Testament into the pies have been issued from the De Quichua, or Peruvian language, pository.

spoken by more than a million of The Spanish Bible is the ver intelligent people the certain sion of Padre Scio, for which stere prospect of the speedy completion otype plates have been procured. of the translation of the whole BiStereotype plates have also beenob- ble into that ancient and sacred tained for a Pica New Testament, language of the Incas, and also in. in octavo, of large full type, for to the Aimara and Moxa languathe use of the aged; and plates for ges, spoken by more than two huna Pocket Bible are now in a course

dred thousand people and the of preparation.

formation of a Bible Society in A number of Bibles and Testa- Caraccas, by the united exertions


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