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a year? “ One sinner destroyeth, ciety of kind friends, for the much good.” Men can do evil, means of acquiring knowledge, in this evil world, much faster, for peace and security and liber. than they can do good. It is ty, men are constantly indebted much easier to pull down, than to that wise and beneficent Proto build up. The labour of ages vidence, that overrules all mormay be demolished in a few days. tal things, and is the bountiful

' Fifty years of peace and prosper

source of

every good and every ity, will scarcely suffice to repair perfect gift.' the loss and damage of one or two How many spiritual favours men years

of and devastation. In may receive at the hand of God, in a year, states may be revolution

the compass of a year ? With how ized, kingdoms overthrown, the many opportunities of reading the best civil, literary and religious word of truth, of hearing the gosinstitutions abolished, and the pel preached, of approaching the floodgates of anarchy, ignorance throne of grace in secret, private and vice thrown open upon a peo- and publick, of speaking concerople, by a few evil and crafty men, ing the things of the kingdom, and in seats of power and trust. How of using the appointed means of much an individual, who is . wise enlightening, sanctifying, and to do evil,' may accomplish, in saving the souls of men, are those the space of a year, to poison the who sit under the light of the gossentiments, corrupt the morals, pel, favoured, in the course of a and destroy the souls of men? year ? How many strivings of the Read the history of Jeroboam the Holy Spirit are experienced by son of Nebat, in ancient times, sinners, and how much of his who drave Israel from following sanctifying and comforting influthe Lord. Read, also, the history ence is experienced by saints, in a of Voltaire, a still more subtile year ? and successful demoralizer of na- How many afflictions men may tions, in modern times, who scat- receive from the divine hand, in tered the seeds of infidelity and the same period of time ? How the firebrands of sedition through many losses and disappointments, Europe, and nearly accomplished how much sickness and pain, how the subversion of all government much bereavement and sorrow, and religion,

every year, in its progress, brings Sixthly. A year appears an im- to the frail, dying children of portant period of human lise,when men ? The death of twenty-six we consider how many mercies millions of our mortal race, makes and afflictions men may receive every year one great and perpetual at the hand of God, in that space funeral. “ Man goeth to his long of time. How many temporal home, and the mourners go about favours men may receive from the streets." None of this afGod, in a year. He is the pre- fliction cometh forth of the dust; server of their lives. He gives none of this trouble springeth out them health, the greatest of tem- of the ground. " There is not poral blessings, whenever they evil in a city, and the Lord bath

He causes the sun to not done it." shine, the showers to descend, Seventhly. A year appears to be and the earth to yield her in- an important period of human crease, to feed and clothe and life, when we consider, how much shelter her children. For the so- the conduct of each person, dur.

enjoy it.

ing that time, will affect his fu- God upon us, we are brought near ture and everlasting state. This to thc close of another year. The world is a place of trial; this life declining sun hastens down the is a season of probation, in which wintery sky: and in a few hours mankind are forming their charac- this year will be with the years ters and preparing themselves for before the flood-gone, never to the judgivent of the great day:- return. It is a season for medi! For ail the deeds done here in the tation, which should not pass unbody, every human being must improved. It becomes us to look give account of himself to God. backwards and forwards—to reMankind are always in action, and flect upon the events of the year all their actions are either good or past, and to prepare our minds evil, holy or sinful, pleasing or of- for the events of the year to fensive to God.

How many

come. thoughts enter the mind, how In the first place, my bearers, many afflictions pain the heart, take a retrospect of the year that how many deeds are done by the is past, no inconsiderable portion

hands of every man, in every of your life upon earth, and a & year ? All these are perfectly large portion of the active and

known to Him, with whom we useful part of it. Consider, have to do, who searches the 1. Your obligation to the God hearts and tries the reins of the of all grace for the many favours children of men, in order to give and mercies, which you have reunto every one of them, according ceived the past year. Your lives to his works. The saint will here have been preserved, while many alter receive, for every good deed, have fallen on your right hand an infinite, because an endless re- and on your left. It is owing to ward ; and the singer, who dies the care and protection of an ev

impenitent, will receive, for eve- er watchful Providence, that you i ry action of his life, an infinite, have been shielded from the pes

because an endless punishment. tilence that walketh in darkness, How much good, then, the saint and from the destruction that may gain or lose, and how much wasteth at noon day. God has wrath the sinner may treasure up, been mindful of you, when you by the actions of a whole year! have been forgetful of Him. From Here the power of numbers, fails. how many dangers, seen and unThe worth of worlds would be no seen, has He covered you in the equivalent for the future good, or hollow of his hand? Asleep and compensation for the future evil, awake, at home and abroad, He which may result from the moral has been with you, and kept your conduct of a single individual, in feet from falling, and your souls a single year.

from death. If you have enjoyed APPLICATION.

health, if you have been supplied The subject to which we have with the comforts of life, if your attended in the preceding dis- friends and relatives have been course, admits not of doctrinal preserved, if your houses have inferences, but is well suited to been safe from fear, and if you excite serious reflections in every I have been prospered in your secmind, and may be closely applied ular affairs; for all these favours to the conscience and heart of ev- you are indebted to the infinite ery hearer.

mercy of God, from whoin we re. Through the good hand of our ceive life and breath and all things


and of whose tender mercy it is, er, to love and holy obedience? that we sinners, are not consum- 3. A whole year is a great part ed.

of your probationary time. What You have been favoured with have you done with it, my hearanother year of grace. You have ers? You have had much secular experienced the forbearance of time-many week-days, the year Him, who might justly have cut past. How have you spent them? you down as cumberers of the Have you had respect to God's ground, but who still waits to be commandments, in the commoa gracious, not willing that any business of life? Have you acshould perish, but that all should knowledged God in all your ways, come to repentance. You have and implored his blessing on all been indulged with holy Sabbaths the labour of your hands? Has and the appointed means of in- it been your aim, whether you ate struction and salvation, while or drank, or watever you did, to millions have been sitting in dark do all to the glory of God? Or ness and the region and shadow have you ate to yourselves and of death. God has crowned this drank to yourselves, and sought year with his goodness. Will your own things only? Rememyou not then say, each one, with ber that the eyes of the Lord are live!y emotions of gratitude, in every place, beholding the evil 6. What shall I render unto the and the good, and that he considLord for all his benefits? Bless ers every action as sin, which is the Lord, O my soul. Come may not done to his glory. The world nify the Lord with me, and let is his vineyard; men are his laus exalt his name together.” bourers, whom He commands to

2. Consider what effect the af. occupy till he come. flictions which you may have ex

You have had much holy time perienced, have had upon your the year past, and how have you hearts and lives. But few pres- spent that? Have you searched ent, it is probable, have entirely the scriptures and sought for Diescaped the chastening of the Al- vine truth, as for hid treasures? mighty. Some have experienced Have you loved to draw near unsore trials: their families have to God, in the closet, and in the been visited with sickness; and family, and to go up to his temdeath has come into their win- ple to behold his beauty! Have dows, and taken near and dear you been careful to bring up your friends out of their sight. These children, and others committed to afflictions came from the hand of your care, in the nurture and adGod, as expressions of his dis- monition of the Lord? pleasure with sin. What has You have had much leisure time been the nature of your sorrow the year past.

the year past. Have you spent under them? Has it been that such time in acquiring and imGodly sorrow, which worketh re- parting knowledge and in forming pentance,or the sorrow of the world, designs and making essays to do which worketh death ? Have you good, in your day and generahumbled yourselves under the tion? mighty hand of God, and felt un- 4. Prudent men, at the close of reserved submission to his holy the year, settle and adjust their and sovereign will? Have you accounts with all such as have been been excited by the rod of cor concerned with them in business. rection, to watchfulness and pray. Now, there is a long account be


ween your souls and your Maker. | comforts, our civil and religious nto that account must come all privileges may be taken from us. he transactions of the past year Who can tell what changes will nd of your past lives. If, in any pass over the world, and over us nstances, you have done those and ours, the coming year? It is things which were coinmanded not for us to know the times and Fou; in so doing you were but un- the seasons, which our Heavenly profitable servants, doing only Father keeps in his own power.' your duty, and not bringing God Be exhorted, then, my hearers, at all in debt; while, on the other 1. To beware of the presumphand, for all the duties you have tion of boasting of to-morrow. neglected and sins you have com- Ever keep in view the uncertainty mitted, you stand indebted to Di- which rests upon the future. Form

vine justice, and have nothing to and execute all your designs, under - pay,

Have you felt the poverty a feeling sense of your dependance and wretchedness of your condition, upon God, and with unconditional and made application to the great submission to his holy will. Trust Surety of insolvent men. With a him in all your ways, and implore heart reconciled to the justice of his blessing upon all your undertakGod in your condemnation, have you ings. It is folly in man, whose desired and prayed to be justified breath is in his nostrils, to say, by his grace, through the redemp. “to-morrow shall be as this day, tion that is in Christ Jesus: This and much more abundant." is the last day of the year : sup- | Weigh well the words of James, pose it were to prove the last day “Go to now, ye that say, Toof your lives : are your spiritual day, or to-morrow, we will go into concerns so well settled: are your such a city, and continue there a houses and souls in such order, that year, and buy, and sell, and get you are prepared to meet your gain: whereas ye know not what God?

shall be on the morrow: For what We can look back upon the is your life? It is even a vapour, year that is past, and review its that appeareth for a little time, and cares and labours, its joys and sor- then vanisheth away. For that rows, its mercies and afflictions: ye ought to say, If the Lord will,

, but what eye can penetrate the we shall live, and do this or that.” dark veil that shrouds the future: 2. Sit down, this evening, and None but that of the Omniscient. seriously enquire, what duties will He sees the end from the begin- devolve on you, what the Lord rening. He knows as well what quires you to do, to advance his will take place the year to come, kingdom, to promote the welfare as what has taken place the year of your fellow-creatures, and to past. But we know not what secure the salvation of your own even a day may bring forth, any souls. To remain in voluntary further than He sees fit to inform ignorance of your duty, will not ex

If we are permitted to hail cuse you from the performance of it. the commencement of the new 3. Let saints resolve that they year, we may not see the close of will, and

will, and pray that they may be init: If our lives should be spared, clined, the coming year, to do we may be visited with sickness : their duty more faithfully, than If our health should be spared, our they have the closing year. They friends may sicken and dic: If | know their Master's will, and have our friends should be continued to promised to do it. Let them reUs, our earthly possessions and pent of past neglect, and redeem



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the time, because the days are evil. sinned against light and love, and It is high time for them to awake neglected the one thing needful

. out of sleep, and be about their How much precious, probationary master's business; for the day of time, you have already lost! And grace is far spent, and the night of will you still presume upon the death is at hand, in which no man patience of God? o let his good. can work.

ness, which you experience every 4. Let sinners be exhorted to moment, lead you to repentance: repent and believe the gospel, and then there will be joy on earth and thus to begin the new year with joy in heaven; and whether you newness of life. Let the past time live or die, you will have a happy of your lives suffice you, to have

new year.


From the Utica Christian Repository. gospel are dependant on the docDUTIES THE RESULT OF DOC- trines of the gospel ; so that if any TRINES.

doctrine can be proved untrue, the It is admitted that practical re- corresponding duty ceases to be a ligion is the only religion that is duty and becomes a sin. valuable, and that doctrines are It is an excellence of the duties of no further use than they lead of the gospel that they are all of to practical results. It is admit the same nature, being only vated, also, that if the doctrines of rious modifications of love; so that the gospel, were matters of mere the doctrines which go to teach speculation, it would be of no im- and enforce one, do also teach and portance whether men embraced enforce all. And it is also an exthem or not. And it must be ad- cellence of the doctrines of the mitted, on the other hand, that if gospel, that they imply each other, the doctrines of the gospel are so as parts of one system, and opeconnected with practical religion rate as a whole to teach and enthat they cannot be destroyed force every duty. But still, nearwithout destroying all true prac- ly every particular duty can be tical religion, then they are mat- traced to some one or more parters of essential importance.-ticular doctrine or doctrines, of True practical religion is the per- which it is the practical result, formance of the duties which the and by which it is particularly engospel enjoins. The practice of forced. any thing different, under the The first grand duty enjoined name of religion, is the practice in the gospel, is that we love the of a false religion. We must per- Lord our God with all our heart. form the duties which the gospel The performance of this duty inenjoins, or we cannot meet the cludes the love of benevolence toapprobation of God, and be made wards God, a supreme regard for heirs of his heavenly kingdom.- his happiness, and also the love of But we shall not perform the du- esteem, or entire pleasedness with ties which the gospel enjoins, any

his whole character. This duty, further than we embrace the doc- in both branches of it, is the practrines which the gospel teaches ; tical result of the doctrine of God's for the duties of the gospel are only being and perfections, as taught the practical results of the doctrines in the scriptures. The duty of of the gospel. The duties of the supreme regard for his happiness

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