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titles of Bibles or portions thereof, published in America from 1661 to 1850, at fifteen hundred. Such facts are evidences of the enduring hold that the Book of books has upon the heart of





OF 1661.

To the High and Mighty Prince, Charles the

Second, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender

of the Faith, fc. The Commissioners of the United Colonies

in New England, wish increase of all happi

ness, &c.

Most Dread Soveraign, - If our weak apprehensions have not misled us, this Work will be no unacceptable Present to Your Majesty, as having a greater Interest therein, than we believe is generally understood: which (upon this Occasion) we conceive it our duty to declare.

The People of these four Colonies (Confederated for Mutual Defence, in the time of the late Distractions of our dear Native Country)

Your Majesties natural born Subjects, by the Favour and Grant of Your Royal Father and Grandfather of Famous Memory, put themselves upon this great and hazardous Undertaking, of Planting themselves at their own Charge in these remote ends of the Earth, that without offence or provocation to our dear Brethren and Countrymen, we might enjoy that liberty to Worship God, which our own Consciences informed us, was not onely our Right, but Duty: As also that we might (if it so pleased God) be instrumental to spread the light of the Gospel, the knowledg of the Son of God our Saviour, to the poor barbarous Heathen, which by His late Majesty, in some of our Patents, is declared to be His principal aim.

These honest and Pious Intentions, have, through the grace and goodness of God and our Kings, been seconded with proportionable success : for, omitting the Immunities indulged us by Your Highness Royal Predecessors, we have been greatly encouraged by Your Majesties gracious expressions of Favour and Approba

tion signified, unto the Address made by the principal of our Colonies, to which the rest do most cordially Subscribe, though wanting the like seasonable opportunity, they have been (till now) deprived of the means to Congratulate your Majesties happy Restitution, after Your long suffering, which we implore may yet be graciously accepted, that we may be equal partakers of Your Royal Favour and Moderation; which hath been so Illustrious that (to admiration) the animosities and different Perswasions of men have been so soon Composed, and so much cause of hope, that (unless the signs of the nation prevent) a blessed calm will succeed the late horrid Confusions of Church and State. And shall not we (Dread Soveraign) your Subjects of these Colonies, of the same Faith and Belief in all Points of Doctrine with our Countrymen, and the other Reformed Churches, (though perhaps not all alike perswaded in some matters of Order, which in outward respects hath been unhappy for us) promise and assure ourselves of all just favour and

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