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indulgence from a Prince so happily and graciously endowed ?

The other part of our Errand hither, hath been attended with Endevours and Blessing ; many of the wilde Indians being taught, and understanding the Doctrine of the Christian Religion, and with much affection attending such Preachers as are sent to teach them, many of their Children are instructed to Write and Reade, and some of them have proceeded further, to attain the knowledge of the Latine and Greek Tongues, and are brought up with our English youth in University-learning: There are divers of them that can and do reade some parts of the Scripture, and some Catechisms, which formerly have been Translated into their own Language, which hath occasioned the undertaking of a greater Work, viz: The Printing of the whole Bible, which (being Translated by a painful Labourer amongst them, who was desirous to see the Work accomplished in his dayes) hath already proceeded to the finishing of the New Testament, which we here

humbly present to Your Majesty, as the first fruits and accomplishment of the Pious Design of your Royal Ancestors. The Old Testament is now under the Press, wanting and craving your Royal Favour and Assistance for the perfecting thereof.

We may not conceal, that though this Work hath been begun and prosecuted by such Instruments as God hath raised up here, yet the chief Charge and Cost, which hath supported and carried it thus far, hath been from the Charity and Piety of divers of our well-affected Countrymen in England ; who being sensible of our inability in that respect, and studious to promote so good a Work, contributed large Sums of Money, which were to be improved according to the Direction and Order of the then prevailing Powers, which hath been faithfully and religiously attended both there and here, according to the pious intentions of the Benefactors. And we do most humbly beseech your Majesty, that a matter of so much Devotion and Piety, tending so much to the Honour of God, may suffer

no disappointment through any Legal defect (without the fault of the Donors, or the poor Indians, who onely receive the benefit) but that your Majesty be graciously pleased to Establish and Confirm the same, being contrived and done (as we conceive) in the first year of your Majesties Reign, as this Book was begun and now finished in the first year of your Establishment; which doth not onely presage the happy success of your Highness Government, but will be a perpetual monument, that by your Majesties Favour the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was first made known to the Indians : An Honour whereof (we are assured) your Majesty will not a little esteem.

Sir, The shines of Your Royal Favour upon these Vndertakings, will make these tender Plants to flourish, notwithstanding any malevolent Aspect from those that bear evil will to this Sion, and render Your Majesty more Illustrious and Glorious to after Generations. The God of Heaven long preserve and bless

Your Majesty with many happy Dayes, to his Glory, the good and comfort of his Church and People. Amen.



To the High and Mighty Prince, Charles the

Second, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender

of the Faith, foc. The Commissioners of the United Colonies in

New-England, wish all happiness, &c.

Most DREAD SOVERAIGN, — As our former Presentation of the New Testament was Graciously Accepted by Your Majesty ; so with all Humble Thankfulness for that Royal Favour, and with the like hope, We are bold now to Present the WHOLE BIBLE, Translated into the Language of the Natives of this country, by A Painful Labourer in that Work, and now Printed and finished, by means of the Pious Beneficence of Your Majesties Subjects in England: which also by Your Special Favour have been Continued and Confirmed to the intended Use and Advancement of so Great and Good a Work, as is the Propagation of the Gospel to these poor Barbarians in this (Erewhile) Unknown World.

Translations of Holy Scripture, The Word of the King of Kings, have ever been deemed not unworthy of the most Princely Dedications : Examples whereof are extant in divers Languages. But Your Majesty is the First that hath Received one in this Language, or from this American World, or from any Parts so Remote from Europe as these are, for ought that ever we heard of.

Publications of these Sacred Writings to the Sons of Men (who here, and here onely, have the Mysteries of their Eternal Salvation revealed to them by the God of Heaven) is a Work that the Greatest Princes have Honoured themselves by. But to Publish and Communicate the same to a Lost People, as remote from Knowledge and Civility, much more from Christianity, as they were from all Knowing, Civil and Christian Nations; a People without Law, without Letters, without Riches, or Means to procure any such thing; a people that

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