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0.7794 feet.

at a bank for 75 days, discount 772 percent. Find the face of the bank note.

$1,197-565. A note bearing ten percent interest, dated March 1, 1888, due in 3 months, brought $1,226.53 when discounted May 10, 1888, at 6 percent. Find the face of the note.

$1,200. 3. A jeweler bought gold at $175 a pound and sold it at $13.50 an ounce, both transactions by Avoirdupois weight. How many pounds Troy were in the gold, if he gained $31211% by the fraud ?

94 pounds. 4. A bin, in quarter-cone shape, has an altitude of 9 feet. If it holds 20 bushels, 2 pecks, and 4 quarts of grain, what is its slant height?

9.5877+feet. 5. The earth from an excavation 18 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 8 feet deep, was spread evenly over a lot in the shape of an equilateral triangle, the side of the triangle being 80 feet. To what depth was the lot covered ?

6. A rectangular field contains 17 acres, 10 square rods, and 2 25-48 square yards of land. If it is 45 74 rods wide, what is its length ?

6073 rods. 7. Grain was sold and the proceeds invested in groceries, commissions 472 percent for selling and 272 percent for buying. If the whole commission was $560, what sum was invested in groceries ?

$7640. 8. A banker bought a note of $3,500, due in one year, interest 3 percent semi-annually, at a certain percent of its face value. If he made 15745 percent on his investment, what did he pay for the note ?

$3,225. 9. A speculator bought a number of doubtful bank notes at a discount of 25 percent, brokerage 1 percent. Notes amounting to $225 proved worthless, but by selling the rest at 95 percent, brokerage iš percent, he gained $138.783. What amount of notes was bought?

$2,000. The surface of a rectangular block contains 12 square yards. Each end forms a square, whose diagonal is 4.24264 feet. Find the length of the diagonal of the block.

8.617 feet.





What is language? What do you believe the most effective way of teaching the correct use of language ?

What are the distinctive features of our language ?


3. What are pronominal adjectives ? Write two sentences, each containing a pronominal adjective.

What two ways of denoting possession ? Write sentences in illustration.

5. Define a complex sentence. Write two such sentences which shall be complex in the predicate.

6. Diagram the following sentences : We all desired him to be our leader. To propose differs from to purpose.

7. Write two sentences, each having an adverbial predicate. Diagram: The pupils just entering the room seem to be in good health.

8. What is false syntax ? Diagram : Let they who raise the spell beware the fiend.

9. What is an abridged sentence? Write sentences illustrating the different methods of abridging clauses.

What is the difference in meaning between "If the times are propitious, we shall succeed," and "If the times be propi

“ tious, we shall succeed?” In what mode or modes are the verbs in these two sentences ?




GEOGRAPHY, Name the rotary velocity of the earth at the equator. At the poles.

Name what lands are separated and what waters connected by the following straits : Davis, Hudson, Magellan, Behring, Bosphorus and Dardanelles.

3. On what waters would you sail in going from Chicago to St. Petersburg ?

4. Define ecliptic, zodiac, meridian. 5 Of what do the British Isles consist ? The British Empire ?

6. Of what does the German Empire consist ? Name four of the most noted kingdoms of the empire, with their capitals.

7. Name the principal rainless regions of the world. Tell why they are so.

8. Locate and describe the National Park. 9.

What differences in climate between the South temperate zone and the North temperate zone, and how accounted for ?

Account for the dense fogs seen off the coast of Newfoundland.




Give reasons why the State should require instruction in physiology in the public schools.

2. Give the chemical composition of the bones, and describe the structure of the muscles.

3. Name the different digestive Auids, and state the purposes they serve.

4. Give the composition of alcohol. What is the cffect of alco

4 hol upon digestion ? State the effect of acohol upon the heart.

5. Describe the formation and action of the heart.

6. In what way is the air changed by respiration? What constitutes good ventilation? How can it be secured in the schoolroom ?

7. What should be the size of a schoolroom to accommodate fifty pupils ? How much cubic space and foor space should be allowed to each pupil?

8. Describe the brain.

9. What is the function of the cerebellum ? What are the functions of the spinal cord ? Name the different parts of the eye.

What is myopia ? How can it be remedied ?




HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. What historical biography was written by Chief Justice Marshall ? Say something about the historical writings of Bancroft, Hildreth and Parkman.

Define the terms Federalist and Anti-Federalist,, as applied to the first political parties.

What parties, what candidates, and what issues in the Presidential election of 1844 ?

3. What boundary disputes delayed the adoption of the Articles of Confederation by the states? What states at this time had definite western boundaries ?

4. Name two Massachusetts and two Virginia representatives in the Congress that adopted the Declaration of Independence. What state was the first to adopt the Constitution ? Which of the seceded states was the first to pass a secession ordinance ?

5. Where and when did the Convention that framed the Constitution meet? Who was the presiding officer ? Name three important compromises agreed to by the Convention.

6. The admission of what state gave the Free States a permanent majority in the Union ? Name the then Free States. What is noteworthy in the manner in which West Virginia was admitted into the Union ?

7. Did the Louisiana purchase include Oregon Territory? plain fully.

What was the "American System," as advocated by the Whig party?

8. When and where was the first Bank of the United States chartered ? Give its history, and that of its successor. Connect the names of Jackson and Tyler with the Bank controversy.

9. Under what authority did President Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation ?

In what year was Article XIII of the Constitution adopted? Why was not the Emancipation Proclamation sufficient?

10. Why was President Johnson impeached ? Why was the Electoral Commission appointed ?


CIVIL GOVERNMENT. State the distinction between the Government and the state. What are some of the obligations of a good government ?

2. Explain what is meant by the “Magna Charta" and the “Bill of Rights."

3. Describe the different forms of government that existed among the colonies prior to the Revolution.

4. What effect did the Declaration of Independence have upon the political character of the American colonies ?

5. Give a brief history of the adoption of our present Constitution.

6. State the object and the more important provisions of the Ordinance of 1787.

7. Name the different departments of our government, and state the function of each.

8. Describe the process of naturalization.

9. Give the required qualifications of President, and U. S. Senator. Describe the manner of electing a President of the United States.

How may the Constitution be amended ? What amendments have been made since 1860.



What is meant by the phonic method of teaching reading ?
Name the essential qualities of good reading.


3. Give, in brief, your method of conducting a class in the Fifth Reader.

4. Indicate the correct pronunciation of the following words: Inquiry, extant, recess, alternate, sacrifice, and patriot.

5. What supplementary reading would you suggest for a class in the Third Reader ? In the Fifth Reader ?



PSYCHOLOGY. What is Psychology? How does it rank among studies ? What works have you read on this subject ?

What is the difference between memory and imagination ? Suggest some methods of cultivating the latter.

3. What is a faculty ? How may the power of a faculty be increased ?

4. Of what special advantage to the teacher is a knowledge of psychology ?

5. When may a course of study be said to be founded on philosophical principles ?

6. What is the difference between the practical and pedagogic value of a study ?

What works have you read on this subject ?

Which of these works do you think best, and for what reason ?

3. State what you deem some of the most important elements of good teaching.

4. What are some of the most striking of Pestalozzi's views on education ?

5. What do you believe to be the best and most efficient means of governing a school ?

(Continued next month.)




A word of explanation is due to some of the contributors to this department. Owing to expected absence of the editor, the matter for the July number was prepared for the printer a few days earlier than usual. Hence the failure of a good many contributions subsequently received to gain recognition. We hope that benceforth all these matters will run in their accustomed channel. School has begun again. Send in your contributions.

SOME ADDITIONAL ANSWERS. Q. 12, p. 225.—The first two lines mean this : The thunder clouds close o'er it, when which (are) rent, the earth is covered with

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