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EDUCATIONAL INTELLIGENCE. -Bearer Creek township. Greene Co., is to have a new township high school building, at a cost of $5,087.

– The Lake County institute was held at Painesville, with C. W. Carroll, J. P. Barden, and W. E. Lumley as instructors. There was a good attendance throughout, the enrollment reaching 140.

F. B. B. - It is expected that the next meeting of the North Eastern Ohio Teachers' Association will be held at Akron, on the fourth Saturday of October. The official announcement has not yet been made.

- The County Commissioners have broken the deadlock which existed in the Alliance Board of Education for some months, by the appointment of C. C. Davidson to the superintendency of the public schools.

-The Ashland County institute was held at Hayesville the week beginning Aug. 20, with J. C. Hartzler, S. Thomas, J. W. Bowlus, and Miss C. A. Stewart as instructors. Nearly two hundred teachers were present.

-The usual four-weeks session of the Summit County institute began July 9th. J. C. Hartzler and Fred Schnee were the instructors for the first three weeks, and E. F. Moulton and E. A. Jones did the work of the last week.

— The Salem Academy, at South Salem, Ross Co., O., under the principalship of W. W. Findley, is now the oldest and one of the most successful academies in Southern Ohio. It prepares students for college or for teaching, as well as for active life.

The Glendale Monitor, published monthly by the teachers and pupils of the Glendale public schools, is a very sprightly paper, devoted to the interests of the Glendale schools. Chas. F. Dean is the superintendent and has immediate charge of the high school department.

-A two-weeks session of the Wayne County institute was held at Wooster, beginning August 13th, with Drs. Kirkwood and Eversole as instructors, assisted by J S. Nichols and D. F. Mock. The report of the proceedings published in the Institute Record indicates a very profitable session.

-F le County Teachers will their first meeting for this school year, on the Second Saturday of October, with President F. S Alley on the program for an inaugural address ; Supt. J. P. Sharkey, with Model work for Language Lessons, as his theme ; and A. B. Johnson, of Avondale,-topic not announced.

—“Our County held the best institute this year, Aug. 20—25, ever known here," is the report we get from Clarke County. Instructors : Eli F. Brown, Indianapolis; Prof. Tufts, Antioch; Prof. Prince, Wittenberg; William Richardson, Cleveland; Prin. Keesecker, Springfield. Enrollment, 213. Evening Lectures, by Prof's. Richardson and Brown, were very fine and well attended,

- Morrow County held a one-week institute at Cardington, beginning Aug. 13th. Dr. Williams and several school superintendents of the county conducted the work of instruction. The institute was well attended and successful. Officers for the ensuing year : Pres., T. D. Riddle; Sec., Maggie Mateer; Treas., A. L. Banker. The next meeting will be held at Mount Gilead.

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-We met an earnest and responsive body of teachers in the Hancock County institute, which inet in the college building at Findlay, August 6, and continued in session two weeks. We remained only the first week, and were associated in the work with President J. R. Latchaw and Professor E. M. Mills. No report for the second week has reached the Monthly.

— The teachers of Lorain County held their institute at Elyria for two weeks, beginning August 20. Dr. W. H. Payne, of Nashville, Tenn. and Dr. W. G. Williams, of Delaware, Ohio, did the work the first week, and Dr. S. J. Kirkwood, of Wooster, Ohio, and the writer kept things going the second week. A large majority of those in attendance were young ladies.

- There was a large attendance at the Union County institute, held at Marysville. The instructors were Dr. B. A. Hinsdale, Supt. C W. Butler, and Prof. E. M. Mills. Among the resolutions adopted was one requesting the Probate Judge to appoint none but practical teachers on the county board of examiners, and recommending that the tenure of office of examiners be limited to two terms.

- Miami County closed a four-weeks institute at Piqua, August 17th. 171 teachers enrolled. Citizens took a deep interest in the proceedings. There was great enthusiasm among the teachers. Instructors: J. T. Bartmess, A. T. Moore, Laura T. Benson (Indianopolis), J. W. McKinnon, and H. L. Frank. Officers elected : Pres, W. 0. Howell; Sec., J. R Clark; Ex. Con., A. T. Moore, R. W. Haines, and C. W. Bennett.

- The Hamilton County institute, held at Madisonville, Aug. 20—26, was one continual boom. Over 300 teachers were enrolled, and fully as many citizens and friends of education were in continual attendance, crowding the halls and lecture rooms. E E. White, E. S. Cox, A. B. Johnson, J. P. Cummins and Virgil A. Pinkley did good service as instructors. Our next insti. tute will be held at Westwood.

J. L. T. - The Van Wert County institute was held at Van Wert the week beginning August 20th. The enrollment was 160, and much interest was manifested. The instructors were C. W. Bennett, L. M. Spiff, and D. E. Cowgill. Officers for next year; Pres., J. R. Bowland; V. Pres., G. M. Hoaglin; Sec., Elsworth Brown; Ex. Com., A. A. Manship, Sophie Vance, and Adam Hirn.

MAGGIE Rose. Sec. -The head mistress of a girls' school in England has recently been awarded $1 000 damages with costs, in a libel suit against a member of ber sehool board, for exaggerated and false statements published in a newspaper, concerning the punishment of a pupil, whereby said headmistress had been “subjected to the tortures of much mental anxiety.” The London Schoolmaster hopes this penalty may prove "a warning to members of school boards who are ready to lend their ears to the lies which are detrimental to the teachers whom they ought to protect."

- The Warren County institute was held at Lebanon, for two weeks beginning August 13. Papers and discussions by teachers of the county, constituted an interesting feature, with talks by the writer as filling for the first week. The commencement at the Normal University divided the interest somewhat, though there was fair attendance and fair interest, but we under


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stand that, under the instruction of Dr. Burns and Miss Jacque, there was good attendance and good interest the second week. There is nothing soporificin the educational atmosphere of Lebanon.

-The Miege County institute was held at Pomeroy, Aug 13, instead of Middleport as formerly. The instructors were Dr. J. P. Gordy, of Athens, Prof. E. T. Nelson, of Delaware, and Supt. F. S. Coultrap, of Nelsonville. The session was short, only one week, but the attendance was large and the interest great. A very popular feature was a series of evening lectures, free to the teachers and citizens of the town. On the whole, it was pronounced one of the very best institutes ever held in the county.

MANNING S. WEBSTER. -The Marion County Teachers' institute held a two weeks' session at Marion, commencing July 30th. It was a very interesting' and profitable institute, there being in attendance about 185 teachers. For the first week, Supt. Butler, of Defiance, and Prof. Darst, of Ada, and for the second, Supts. Crouse, of Marion, and Rauck, of Caledonia, were the instructors. Evening lectures were delivered the first week by Profs. Darst and Butler. The election resulted as follows: Pres., W. O. Bailey; V, Pres., Miss Emma Smith

i Sec, Miss Elma Seitz, Executive Com., G. E. Haley, May Gooding, and w. 0, Bailey.

W. - Mahoning County institute held a two weeks session beginning Aug. 6th and it was one of the largest and best institutes ever held in this county. Under the ab'e instruction of Profs. J. A. Leonard and F. B. Sawvel, of Youngstown, and Superintendent Roller, of Niles, the interest was kept up. from the beginning to the end. Each of the instructors gave an evening lecture, and several socials were held. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : Pres., J. Calvin Ewing; V. Pres., W. P. Moody; Sec., Josephine Miller; Ex. Com., Geo. W. Alloway, L. U. Huling, J. G. Gault, Lillie Haynes, Victoria Cryer. Geo. W. ALLOWAY, Pres.

GRACE Brown, Sec. - The Harrison County institute was held the week beginning August 20th, at Hopedale, the seat of the McNeely Normal College. The instructors were R. M. McNeal, county superintendent for Dauphin Co., Pa., and the writer. Supt. McNeal's work was very practical and profitable. Uncle Cyrus McNeely attended several of the sessions and took an active interest in the work of the institute, speaking several times with much earnestness and deep feeling. Rev. J. M. Jamieson, president of the college, attended regularly, as did a good many of the citizens. A marked leature was the large preponderance of the male element in the institute. It was voted to return to Hopedale next year.

—There was a four-weeks session of the Ashtabula County Institute. About. 240 teachers were enrolled. There were two sections, one for review and the other for the study of methods. Steps were taken to secure a fund for the purpose of establishing a summer school of methods, in concection with the institute. The instructors were I. M. Clemens, J. S. Lowe, R. S. Thomas, Mrs. J. S. Lowe, C. S. Johnson, and J. D. McCalmont. Commissioner Tappan was present and delivered an address. The session was one of the most profitable ever beld in the county. Officers chosen for the ensuing year : Pres., R. S. Thomas; V. Pres., Mrs. J. S. Lowe; Sec., Miss Flora Jerome; Ex. Com. C. C. Babcock, C. S. Johnson, J. D. McCalmont.



-The Auglaize County institute began Aug. 6, and continued two weeks There were but seventy-five teachers enrolled, but a good spirit prevailed throughout and all entered heartily into the work. L. M. Sniff, J. W. Zeller, K. vander Maaten, and C. W. Williamson were the instructors, and all did ex. cellent work. Thursday afternoon of second week was set apart as “Directors' Day." Prof. Williamson discussed various points in the school laws, a rum: ber of local directors and citizens being present. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pres., B. J. Beech; V. Pres , E. F. Dawson, Anna Culliton and W. E. Kersboer; Sec., Turah Shaw; Treas., Maggie Du: vall; Ex. Com., F. C. Brewer, F. W. Freyman and E. S. Lusk. E. J. B.

- The Montgomery County teacher's institute commenced on the 13th of August, and closed on the 23rd. The instructors for the first week were Dr. W. H. Venable and Dr. J. J. Burns. The work of the second week was carried on by home talent. Miss M. Jennie Brown, of Dayton, gave primary instruction, with a class of fourteen little ones. W. J. Patterson also gave instruction in arithmetic. A new feature in our institute was “Directors' Day." The directors were sent neatly printed invitations to be present, and quite & number responded. A good program had been arranged and several took part in the lively discussion of the “Albaugh Bill." The county reading circle was re-organized, and the first meeting will be beld the first Saturday in Oct. Take it all in all, our institute was a very successful one. The following officers were elected : Pres, G. W. Brumbaugh; V. Pres., R. P. Mercer and Mrs. Helen M. Reiszer; Sec., Bertha Brunner; Treas., P. A. Winder. The enrollment was 279. The average daily attendance of teachers and visitors was 250.

Orilla H. Bryant. Secretary. -Resolutions adopted by the Washington County teachers' institute relative to the death of Prof. Joo. D. Phillips :

Whereas, Providence has removed from our midst our fellow teacher, Prof. Jno. D. Phillips ;

Whereas, The long service of Prof. Phillips in the cause of education in Washington County, stretching over a period of more than thirty years, has made his name familiar to every teacher in the county;

Whereas, It is doubtle true that his devotion to his chosen profession has sbortened bis span of life, and

Whereas, In his capacity of County School Examiner for more than a quarter of a century, his uniform kindness toward young and untried appli. cants has endeared his name to a host of teachers; therefore,

Be it Resolved, That in the death of Prof. J. D. Phillips, the profession has lost a devoted member, and we as individual teachers have lost a true friend and invaluable counsellor,

Resolved, That the memory of his patient, persevering devotion to his work, the recollection of his modest unassuining manners, and his kind helpful disposition toward the young and inexperienced members of the profession, shall be cherished by the members of this institute, with the hope and belief that this memory will furnish to us renewed inspiration to be better and more faithful members of a noble profession.

Lydia M. Hart, Committee.
J. L. Jordan.


—“There is nothing that you require of your agents but what is just and reasonable and strictly in accordance with business principles." That's the sort of testimony any house can be proud of, and it is the testimony of hundreds of men who are profitably employed by B F. Johnson & Co, Richmond, Va. Write for full particulars.


-B. R. Gass is principal of the Ebert school, Denver, Col.
-E. E. Rayman succeeds J. R. Rogers at Lorain ; salary, $1,000.
-D. N. Cross has been elected principal of the schools at West Union, 0.

-E. M. Van Cleve has taken charge of the schools of South Charleston ; salary, $1,000.

- Charles F. Seese, of Hudson, is now a member of the Summit County Board of School Examiners.

-Supt. E. E. Adair, of Doylestown, is now a member of the Board of School Examiners for Wayne County.

-W. H. McFarland has been assigned to the principalship of the Pearl St. School, Springfield, O.

-Supt. J. P. Sharkey, the new Preble County Examiner, did institute work in Muskingum County, the third week of August.

- Principal Shuey, the new man at Eldorado, Preble County, has begun work in a manner highly pleasing to his patrons.

-A. B. Stutzman, of Kent, and J. J. Jackson, of Garrettsville, have recently been appointed on the Portage County Board of Examiners.

-A. E. Taylor, superintendent of schools at Springfield, Ohio, has an increase of salary, over last year, of $200. He was re-elected for two years.

-Albert Haupert, brother of Superintendent Chas. Haupert, of Dennison, has sailed for Germany, with the view of spending a year in the Uniyersity of Berlin.

-F. J. Beck has been elected to the principalship of the Napoleon High School, vice E. A. Brobst, recently elected but resigned to engage in other business,

-W. D. Gibson, formerly an Ohio teacher, but for some time engaged in teaching at Whitewater, Wis., has accepted a position in the high school at Appleton, Wis.

- David Simons Kellicott, of Buffalo, has been chosen to succeed Prof. A. H. Tuttle in the chair of zoology and comparative anatomy, Ohio State University

-A lady teacher of fifteen years experience in higher grammar grades wishes a position in graded sehools. Relers, by permission, to the editor, who may be addressed for further information.

-W. A. Beates, for six years principal of the Lancaster High School, has resigned to accept the presidency of Thiel College, at Greenville, Pa. I. N Keyser, of Leetonia, succeeds him at Lancaster.

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