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State of the People of China.-Philosophical Systems. The

first Protestant Missionary.-Early Labours of Rev. R. Morrison.— Visit to the ņemple of the Great Northern Deity.-Supposed Superiority

of the People. Publication of the Acts of the Apostles.-Edict ayainst Christianity. Its probable Effect.- Rev. R. Milne.-His deep Humility and entire Devotedness. Difficulties encountered. A Temple dedicated to Fuh-too.-Contrast between the Natives of Britain and of China.- Translation of the Morning and Evening Prayers. Apprehension of Danger.

Translation of the Scriptures completed. The people of China have an extensive territory, many parts of which are fertile, salubrious, and delightful; and they possess a knowledge of the useful arts to a degree which supplies all the necessaries, and most of the luxuries of life. They have also ancient and modern literature of various kinds, an unlicensed press, and cheap books suited to their taste. Nor are they wanting in music, poetry, theories of nature, descriptions of her


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