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PUBLICATIONS OF SEPTEMBER, 1894. Kirk and Sabin's Oral Arithmetic by Grades. of Sociology in the University of Chicago,

In two books. 12 mo, cloth, 128 pages. and GEORGE E. VINCENT, Vice Chancellor Price, each,

25 cents. of the Chautauqua System of Edncatian. Milne's Elements of Algebra.

12mo, cloth, 384 pages, with Maps and A Course for Grammar Schools. By

Diagrams. Price.
President of State Normal College,

THE FOLLOWING PAMPHLETS Albany, N. Y. 12 mo, cloth, 200 pages. FREE ON APPLICATION. Price,

60 cents.

Small and Vincent's latroduction to th Sabin and Lowry's Elementary Lessons in Study of Society. Algebra.

An Interesting pamphlet contaiutas A Text-Book for Grammar Schools. specimen pages, showing the scope ane By STEWART B, SABIN and CHARLES

method of this remarkable book, will

sent free to any address on arplication. D. LOWRI, 12mo, cloth, 128 pages. Price,

60 cents.

Willis's Practical Flora.

Specimen pages of this interesting wor Davies's Trigonometry, Mensuration and showing its character and plan, and inrlod Tables.

ing the valuable lotroductory chapter la tail In separate volumes, 12mo, sheep. will be sent free to any address on umilica

tion Price, .

$1.00 Storer and Lindsay's Elementary Manual of Arrowsmith and Whicher's First Latin


Specimen pages of this work, Just isece By F. H. STORER, Professor of Agri

will be sent free on application Alor cultural Chemistry in Harvard Univer- Peck and Arrowsuithe Roman Life LA L sity. and W. B. LINDSAY, Professor of

Prose and Verte. General and Analytical Chemistry In The First Year's Latin Stady. Dickinson College, 12mo, cloth, 453 An address delivered before the Mascarels pages, Illustrated. Price,


getts Teachers' Associatiou. Hy lei

BURGESÅ, associate author of Harper and Kellogg's Second Book in Physiology and Burgess's Inductive Latiu Methode will Hygiene.

sent free on application. For Grammar and Secondary Schools. Harper and Castle's laductive Greek By J. H, KELLOGG, M. D., Member of the Primer. American and British Associations for Pamphlet of specimen pases, 182 men. the Advancement of Science, etc. 12mo, sent free to any teacher of Grock, o DDU:

cation. cloth, 291 pages. Finely Illustrated. Price,

80 cents. The Educational Value of Geography in

the Common Schools, and the InArrowsmith and Whicher's Latin Readings.

ternational Date Linc. By R. ARROWEMITI, Ph. D., Professor

By Tros. F. HARRISON, anthor of lan of Latin and Greek, Teachers' College, per'& School Geography. Then twa taas New York City, and G. M. WHICHER, M.

estlag papers will be sent to any testler A., Instructor in Classics, Packer Colle

free on application. glate Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 12mo, Some Notes on the Report of the Cam. cloth, 330 pages. Price,

mittee of Ten, Touching the

ductive Method. Small and Vincent's Introduction to the

This able exposition of the Indukty Study of Society.

Method will be sent to any address, un By ALBION W. SMALL, Ph.D., Professor application.

Single copies of any of the above books sent by
mail, postpaid, on receipt of the price. Descriptive
circulars and specimen pages sent free on request.







Nature Study in Graded Schools.
By SUPT. FRANK O. PAYNE........... 577
Course of Study for Local Insti-
tutes of Mahoning County. By
E. F. MILLER et al....

Beverly Farms and Dr. Holmes."
White's School Management. By

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