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happiness, because I never enjoyed the company of any person from whom I received more real satisfaction; and however diversified with af. fiction, the future part of my life may prove, I shall never remember those hours I have spent with him, but with peculiar pleasure. He was an happy compound of the Gentleman and the Christian; the virtues and amiable qualities of each character, being admirably blended in him, Graceful in his deportment, easy and affable in manner, he commanded both respect and love; he possessed natural abilities far superior to the generality of mankind, and improved them to the utmost of his power. Well read both in books and men, his studies did not terminate in barren speculation ; but the great truths of religion were deeply implanted in his heart, and beamed forth illustriously in a benevolent and truly Christian conduct.

“ As a member of civil society he was exceedingly useful, filling up the social and relative duties of life with great propriety. Blameless in his manners, kind, charitable, and ready on all occasions to devote his time and talents to promote the best of all causes, the good of mankind. He lived beloved, and his loss is deeply deplored by all who had the happiness of knowing his worth..

He was a person

“ As a preacher he was far superior to most who fill up that station. Sound in the important doctrines of the Christian faith, he endeavoured to promote them universally, with the greatest energy of language, and the most per.. suasive eloquence. In this capacity he was truly great; and his greatness received additional lustre from his humility. Although followed by numbers, and courted by persons of superior rank and station, and admired by those of all persuasions, the applause which his eminence justly acquired, did not exalt, but evidently tended to make him humble. of an enlarged mind, zealous without bigotry, and a steady promoter of universal charity. In his sermons, it was evident to all his intelligent hearers that he deeply felt the force of those solemn truths he delivered; and his manner of displaying them was so justly emphatical, that none but the insensible or obdurate could withstand their force, or remain unaffected by them. He travelled much from the most disinterested motives, among his friends in Great-Britain, Ireland, and the American Colonies, for the promotion of piety and Christian virtue, and for the advancement of that faith and religion in which he most surely believed, and was so eminent an example.".

The following are some of the last expressions of this faithful servant, uttered by him a little before his happy entrance into the joy of his Lord ; on the fifteenth of the fixth month, 1772, the fifty-seventh year of his age, and the thirty-sixth of his ministry.

« Our health is no more at our command, than length of days :-Mine seems drawing fast towards a conclusion; but I am content with every allotment of Providence, for they are all in wisdom,-unerring wisdom.

“ There is one thing which as an arm underneath, bears up and supports, and though the rolling tempeftuous billows surround, yet my head is kept above them, and my feet are firmly established.-0! seek it, press after it, lay fast hold of it.

s« Though painful my nights, and wearisome my days, yet I am preserved in patience and resignation. Death has no terrors, nor will the grave

victory. My soul triumphs over death, hell and the grave. .

have any

“ Husbands and wives, parents and children, health and riches, muft all go-disappointment is another name for them.

“ I should have been thankful had I been able to have got to the ensuing yearly meeting in London, which

you are now going to attend, where I have been fo often refreshed with my brethren ; but it is other.

wife allotted ; I shall remember them, and some of them will remember me. The Lord knows best what is best for us ; I am content and resigned to his will.

" I feel a foretaste of that joy that is to come ;and who would wish to change such a state of mind ?

“ I would be glad if an easy channel could be found to inform the yearly meeting that I have lived, as I shall clofe, with the most unfhaken assurance, that we have not followed cunningly devised fables, but the pure living eternal substance.

“Let the aged be strong, let the middle aged be animated, and the youth encouraged; for the Lord is still with Zion; the Lord will bless Zioni.

“ If I be now removed out of his church militant, where I have endeavoured in some measure to fill up my duty, I have an evidence that I shall gain an ad. mittance into his glorious church triumphant, far above the heavens.

My dear love is to all them that love the Lord Jesus."

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