A Collection of the Reports of Cases, the Statutes, and Ecclesiastical Laws, Relating to Tithes: With a Copious Analytical Index, Volume 1

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Page 462 - And do you both act so strictly and carefully i against those things which offend God, and provoke his wrath, that for the amendment of others, the punishment may fall upon the guilty, and the innocent may not suffer an ill name.
Page 477 - ... costs and charges by the court of our said lord the king now here adjudged of increase to the said John Doe, and with his assent, which said damages, costs, and charges, in the whole, amount to £ : And let the said (defendant) be taken, &c.
Page 269 - ... shall pay, for his or their tithes of the same after the rate aforesaid, according to the quality of such rent or rents, as the same house or houses, shops, warehouses, cellars or stables, or any of them were last letten for, without fraud or covin, before the making of such lease.
Page 476 - Term, in the year of the reign of our said lord the now king, in the said court of our said lord the king, before the king himself, at Westminster aforesaid, by the consideration and judgment of the same court, recovered against the said EF in the plea aforesaid...
Page 177 - manner and form as hath been of right yielded and paid within " forty years next before the making of this act, or of right or cus" tom ought to have been paid...
Page 269 - Item, that where any lease is or shall be made of any dwelling-house or houses, shops, warehouses, cellars, or stables, or any of them, by fraud or covin, reserving less rent than hath been accustomed or is, or that any such lease shall be made without any rent reserved upon the same, by reason of any fine or income paid beforehand, or by any other fraud or covin, that then, in every such case, the tenant or farmer, tenants...
Page 269 - February 1545, according to the statute in such case lately provided, that the citizens and inhabitants of the said city of London, and liberties of the same, for the time being, shall yearly, without fraud or covin, for ever, pay their tithes to the parsons, vicars, and curates of the said city, and their successors, for the time being, after the rate hereafter following, that is, to wit, of every 10s.
Page 461 - Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, that no person shall be sued, or otherwise compelled to yield, give, or pay any manner of tithes, for any manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments, which by the laws and statutes of this realm, or by any privilege or prescription, are not chargeable with the payment of any such tithes., or that be discharged by any composition real.
Page 231 - And so he proceeds to demand accordingly, whereupon a prohibition was desired, and the opinion of the court was, that a prohibition was to be granted ; for de cornmuni jure, no tithes are to be paid for the yearly rent, or value of houses ; for tithes are paid for the revenue and increase of things ; and therefore no tithes are paid in any such case in any cities or towns in England, saving in London, and this parish is out of London and the liberties thereof. Now, where there is no tithe at all...
Page 476 - GW being called likewise, come, who, together with the said other jurors before impannelled and sworn, being chosen, tried, and sworn to speak the truth of the matters within contained, say, upon their oath...

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