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BRISTOL, July 27, 1825. Q. I. What Preachers are this year admitted into full CONNEXION with the Conference ?

A. John S. Stamp, Daniel S. Tatham, Peter Wilkinson, Aquila Barber, George Robinson, James Wilson, Thomas Steel, Daniel Robin, John Brandreth, John B. Whittingham, John Smithson, William B. Stephenson, Francis Neal, William Robson, Thomas Williams, William Woolsey, John Wesley Button, John Jenkins, Thomas Harrison, jun., Matthew Richey, Henry Davies, John Gick, Nathaniel Turner, William White, jun., William Oke; and, in Ireland, William Guard, John Feeley, Matthew Lanktree, jun., James Lamb.

Q. II. What Preachers REMAIN ON TRIAL ?

A. William Wilkinson, James Rathbone, Joseph Forsyth, Francis West, Jonathan J. Bates, John Brown, jun., John Wesley Thomas, James Stott, Thomas W. Smith, William Davies, 3d, John Waudby, Joseph Lowthian, Benjamin Clayton, Joseph Womersley, William Flint, David Morgan, Amos Learoyd, William Huddlestone, John Farrar, jun., John Langston, William Bridgnell, Thomas Turner, Jonathan Edmondson, jun., John F. England, Albert Desbrisay, Adam Nightingale, John Boyd, John Stephenson, George Ellidge, William Piggott, Samuel Young, Robert Snowdall, Thomas Wilkinson, Thomas Murray, Francis Tremayne, John Hodge; also, John Kats, John Hunter, Assistant Missionaries ; and, in Ireland, John Wilson, Nathaniel Hobart:

These have travelled THREE YEARS.

N.B. Joseph Parkin, who has travelled FIVE YEARS, and (in Ireland) Henry Benson, who has travelled FOUR YEARS, also remain on trial, solely on account of the doubtful state of their health.

James Cooke, Henry Jackson, Thomas Powell, Joshua Wade, William Hales, John Roberts, William Lavers, William Stephenson, Charles Cheetham, Robert Jackson, Alfred Bourne, Edward Norwood, John Bond, Henry Fish, Richard Jackson, Jonathan Crowther, Joseph Earnshaw, John Edmonds, Thomas Pearson, Richard Felvus, Joseph Entwisle, jun., William Allen, John Ward, jun., James Catton, Thomas Dunn, Samuel Thompson, Robert Totherick, William Levell, William W. Stamp, Thomas H. Bewley, John Watson, jun., Edward Usher, Isaac Denison, William Clough, Matthew Lang, Joseph Stinson, Thomas J. Williamson, James Cox, Daniel J. Gogerly, Richard Stoup, Robert Hawkins, Isaac Whitehouse; also, John T. Thompson, Assistant Missionary; and, in Ireland, John S. Wilson, Fossey Tackaberry, Henry Price, James Gillman :

These have travelled TWO YEARS.

John Burgess, William Bytheway, Richard Treffry, jun.,
William Judd, John Saunders, James Meadmore, Andrew H.
Doncaster, Thomas Kempshall, William Peet, Joseph Floyd,
Jeremiah Pontefract, John H. Faull, John George, Joseph Wat-
son, John Smith, 4th, William M. Bunting, John Henley,
Humphrey B. Trethewey, Richard Boot, John Symmons, Henry
Turner, Ralph R. Keeling, Abel Dernaley, Thomas Armson,
Thomas Stephenson, Joshua Hockin, George Turner, Walter
Hussey, William W. Rouch, John Bolam, Thomas Walker, 2d,
Robert Manwaring, Joseph Hollis, Thomas Dickin, Israel Hol-
gate, Thomas Walker, 3d, George Chambers, William 0. Booth,
William Wears, James C. Hindson, John Corlett, Simeon Noall,
John Hutchinson, John Hobbs, William Barber, Richard Haddy,
Thomas Jones, John Manley, William Fidler, John Bridden,
Charles Bate, Thomas H. Davies, John Barry, David Kerr, John
Thomas, James Stack; and, in Ireland, Claudius Byrne, James
Sullivan, Robert Beauchamp, James Patterson, Joseph Crofts,
John Nash :

These have travelled ONE YEAR.
Q. III. What Preachers are now RECEIVED ON TRIAL?

A. William Edwards, Thomas Brothwood, George North, William Orson, Thomas Short, Edward Abraham, John Richards, Joseph Jones, Thomas Brown, James Kendall, George Warren, Charles Haydon, William Hunt, George B. Macdonald, William Vipond, Zechariah Artis, John Cullingford, Thomas Morgan, jun., John Evans, Henry Britten, Daniel Hateley, Henry Hickman, Joseph Crump, John Nicklin, Thomas Townend, Joseph Jennings, Adam Fletcher, Henry Wilkinson, Jonathan Barrowclough, Wilson Brailsford, Isaac Woodcock, William Wilson, 3d, Joseph Milner, Samuel Tindale, Robert Thompson, Joseph Rayner Stephens, John Kirk, William Parker,

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John M'Lean, William Harvie, Richard Ray, Edward Ford, Robert Spence Hardy, William Murray; also, Don William, John Adrian Pollier, Assistant Missionaries; and, in Ireland, Frederick Philip Le Maistre, William Rickett.

Q. IV. What Preachers have died since the last Conference ? A. 1. In Great Britain the seven following :

(1.) FRANCIS WRIGLEY; the oldest Minister in our Connexion. Having obtained the salvation of God, he entered upon the office of an Itinerant Methodist Preacher in 1769, and continued in the faithful discharge of its duties for the long space of fifty-five years, submitting with exemplary cheerfulness and fortitude, in the early part of his labours, to great privations and hardships. He was eminently characterized by his attachment to Mr. Wesley, whom he regarded as his father in the Gospel, and whose plans of usefulness he was always ready to execute and defend. He had a thorough knowledge of the Methodist discipline, of which he conscientiously approved; and he strenuously enforced it, in all its branches, without respect of persons, in the various Circuits to which he was appointed. In his natural temper there was a degree of harshness; and he retained through life an abruptness of manner, which not unfrequently produced, especially in the minds of strangers, an opinion unfavourable to his courtesy : but those who knew him best, discovered in him great tenderness of affection, associated with the most inflexible integrity and uprightness. Trained up as a Methodist Preacher under the eye of Mr. Wesley, he was distinguished by his habits of punctuality and order, by his zealous loyalty and patriotism, and by his cordial abhorrence of insubordination, both in civil and religious society. In the concerns of the Methodist body he took a lively interest, from the commencement of his itinerant labours to the latest period of his life. A few hours before his death, he appears to have been favoured with a special manifestation of the divine mercy; so that when nature was exhausted, and the power of speech was lost, he expressed by signs, and in every possible way, the joyous feelings of his mind.' He departed this life in great peace, and apparently without pain, November 23d, 1824, aged seventy-eight years; and his remains were interred in the burial-ground connected with the City-Road chapel, London. He was a native of Manchester; and for more than half a century the intimate and confidential friend of the late Mr. Bardsley.

(2.) Daniel Jackson, sen.; a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. He was converted to God in the year 1773, and in the following year attained to the enjoyment of perfect love. In 1778 he

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