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Sect. XIII. Spies sent to search the land of Canaan ; they

bring an evil report. The people desire to return into

Egypt. The faithful report of Caleb and Joshuaa page 58

Sect. XIV. The punishment of the Israelites, and the death

of the false spies. Moses intercedes for the people, and

the Lord pardons them. .. . • 63

Sect, XV. The Sabbath-breaker stoned to death. Korah,

Dathan, and Abiram punished. - : 68

Sect. XVI. The people murmur for want of water. Moses

and Aaron offend the Lord by striking the rock. . 73

Sect. XVII, The king of Eden refuses a passage to the Israel

ites. The death of Aaron. Eleazar succeeds him. 76

Şect. XVIII. The people speak against God, and against

Moses; are punished by fiery serpents. The brazen

serpent set up in the wilderness. . . 79

Sect. XIX. Sihon king of the Amorites, and Og the king of

Bashan defeated ; their land given to the Israelites. - 82

Sect. XX. Balak king of Moab sends for Balaam' the prophet

to curse Israel. Balaam's ass speaks. - - 84

Sect. XXI. Balaam and Balak offer sacrifices. Balaam by

God's command blesses the Israelites. - 92

Sect. XXII. Balaam continueth to bless the Israelites. He

pronounces a prophecy concerning the Israelites and

other nations. He returns home. A memorable vic..

tory over the Midianites. . ..

da 97

Sect. XXIII. Moses has a view of the promised land from

mount Abiram; is forewarned of his death ; and ap-

points Joshua as his successor. .. . 104

Sect. XXIV. Moses exhorts the Israelites to obedience. - 107

Sect. XXV. Moses continues his exhortation.

ation. - 114

Sect. XXVI, Moses continues his exhortation. -. : 118

Sect. XXVII. Moses continues his exhortation.

- 122

Sect. XXVIII. Moses continues bis exhortation. . 129

Sect. XXIX.- A further account of Moses's exhortation. - 131

Sect. XXX. Moses's exhortation continued. . . 134

Sect. XXXI. Moses encourages the people to trust in the

Lord: He delivers the written law to the priests. 141

Sect. XXXII. The death of Moses. . - - . • 146

Sect. XXXIII. Joshua appointed by the Lord to govern

Israel; he is accepted by the people.. . 149


Sect. XXXIV. Joshua sends spies to Jericho. They are

concealed from their pursuers by Rahab. - 152

Sect. XXXV. The waters of Jordan divide, and the Israelites,

pass orer on dry land. - " - - 157

Sect. XXXVI. Circuincision renewed. The people eat the

corn of the land. Manna ceases. '.'.


Sect. XXXVII. The Lord appeareth to Joshna, as prince of

the host of the Lord. The city of Jericho is taken.

Rahab and her family preserved. . . 165

Şect. XXXVIII. Achin disobeys the commandment of the

Lord, by taking part of the spoil. He and his whole

family stoned to death, . . . . 170

Sect. XXXIX. The Gibeonites deceive Joshna and the i

princes of Israel. The Gibeonites condemned to ser-

vile offices. . i - .

- 173

Sect. XL. A battle with the kings of the Amorites. The sun

stands still at the command of Joshua. The kings de- .

feated. . . - - - - 176

Sect. XLI. Joshua completes his conquests. . 182

Sect. XLII. The division of the land of Canaan. Hebron

allotted to Caleb.- -.

- - 186

Sect. XLIII The tabernacle set up at Shiloh. Lots cast for

the inheritance of the land of Canaan. : 190

Sect XLIV. Joshua exhorts the people to obedience. He

reminds them of the faithfulness of the Divine pro-

mises . . . - - 193

Sect. XLV. Joshua continues his exhortations. A covenant

i made. Joshua's death. The death of Eleazar the

priest. - - - - - - 195

Sect. XLVI. Jerusalem and other cities taken. Giants slain. 201

Sect. XLVII. An angel sent to reprove the new generation

of Israelites. They are punished, Othniel raised up

to deliver Israel. - - - - 203

Sect. XLVIII. The history of the Danites. War with the

Benjamites. The tribe of Benjamin nearly extirpated. 208

Sect. XLIX. Israel delivered from the Moabites by Ehud;

and from the Philistines by Shamgar. Deborah and

Barak raised up to deliver them from Jabin king of

Canaan. Sisera the captain of his host slain. - 211

Sect. L. The bistory of Naomi and Ruth.


. Seét. LI, The Israelites oppressed by the Midianites. Gideon


appointed to deliver them. He requests a sign, which
is granted. -.

i! - page 219 Sect. LII. Gidcon prepares for battle by the Lord's direction.

He requests another sign. He defeats the Midianites. 224. Sect. LIII. The Ephraimites murmur. Zeba and Zalmun-

na taken. Gréat spoils gained. Gideon's death. 230 Sect. LIV. Abimilech the son of Gideon slays all his brethren.

Abimelech slain. Tola succeeds him. Jair succeeds

Tola. The people worship idols. ' . '.- 235 Sect. LV. The people oppressed by the Philistines and the · Ammonites. They repent. Jephtha raised up to deliver them. - .

- - - - 239 Sect. LVI. Jephtha makes a rash vow. He gains a victory .

over the Ammonites. - - - - 243 Sect. LVII. Jephtha's resentment against the Ephraimites.

His death. - - - . . 248 Sect. LVIII. The angel of the Lord appears to Manoah and

his wife. The birth of Samson foretold. Samson

born. - . . . - - 0 251 Sect. LIX. Samson's marriage. His riddle. He kills some

of the Philistines. . ' -. - 255 Sect. LX. Samson burns the corn belonging to the Philis

tines. He slays a thousand of them with the jaw

bone of an ass. Suffers extreme thirst. in 259 Sect. LXI. Samson carries away the gates of Gaza. Deli

lah betrays him. The Philistines put out his eyes. - 265 Sect. LXII. Saison pulls down the temple of Dagon, and

dies. . . . . . . 269 Sect. LXIII: Hannah's prayer. The birth of Samuel. His

mother devotes him to the Lord. Her thanksgiving. 273 Sect. LXIV. The wickedness of Eli's sons. Samuel's' minis

try. A prophet sent to reprove Eli. •. 279 Sect. LXV. The word of the Lord revealed to Samuel concerning Eli. Eli's resignation.

. 284 Seet. LXVI. The Israelites overcome by the Philistines.

The ark of God is taken. El's sons slain. The death
of Eli. - - -

. - 288 Sect. LXVII. The Philistines carry the ark of God into the

temple of Dagon. They are afflicted with plagues. They send back the ark. . . . . 293


Sect. LXVIII. Samuel exhorts the Israelites. They repent and turn unto the Lord.

- 300 Sect. LXIX. The Israelites desire a king. God commandetb

Samuel to yield to their iinportunity. - 305 Sect. LXX. Samuel by the Lord's command anoints Saul to

be king of Israel. - . : 310 Sect. LXXI. Samuel assembles the people. He casts lots for

a king, and Saul is chosen. The Israelites approve him..

- - 317 Sect. LXXII. The Ammonites encamp against Jabesh Gi.

lead. Saul delivers the people out of their hands, and

is confirmed in the kingdom. . - 319 Sect. LXXIII. Samuel testifies his integrity, and exhorts the

king and people. Thunder and rain in the time of

harvest. Samuel prays for the people. - 322 Sect. LXXIV. Saul takes upon himself to offer a sacrifice.

Samuel reproves him, and forewarns him that the

kingdom will be takeri from him. - 327 Sect. LXXV. Jonathan the son of Saul, with his armour

bearer, obtain a victory over a host of Philistines. Saul
pursues the victory. His interdiction. His severity to
-. -

- - 331 Suct. LXXVI. Samuel sends Saul to destroy the Amalekites.

He spares the king and the best of the spoil. He is

rejected of God for his disobedience. Agag slain. 334 Sect. LXXVII. Samuel sent to Jesse. David anointed king

by Samuel. Saul tormented by an evil spirit, sends for

David to play to him. : - - 341 Sect. LXXVIII. Goliath the champion of the Philistines de

fies the armies of Israel. David slayeth him with a

sling and a stone. - - - 348 Sect. LXXIX. Saul envying David, seeks to kill him. Is alarmed at his good success.

. 356 Sect. LXXX. David by Jonathan's advice leaves Saul. He

goes to Abimilech the high priest at Nob ; from
thence he flies to the cave of Adullam. His relations
and others resort to him. Doeg informs against Ab:-
Inelech, and by Saul's command puts all the priests
to death. David obtains a victory over the Philistines,
Saul pursues him. The Lord preserves him. - 361



Sect. LXXXI. David in a cave at Engedi, spares Saul's life.

Saul relents. David swears, not to cut off Saul's fa-

- 371 Sect. LXXXII. David sends to Nabal for provisions. Is re

fused. His anger. Abigail's interposition. . 376 Sect. LXXXIII. David finding Saul asleep, iakes his spear

and cruse, but spares his life. Saul agaio relents and
blesses David.

- -

383 Sect. LXXXIV. David fearing Saul, takes refuge with the , Philistines.

387 Sect. LXXXV. Saul consults a witch at Endor. Samuel appears to him.


391 Sect. LXXXVI. The battle of Gilboa. Saul and his three sons slain.

- 397 Sect. LXXXVII. An Amalekite carries the news of the death

of Saul and Jonathan to David. David's lamentation. 400 Sect. LXXXVIII, David goes to Hebron. Is made king of

Judah. Ish-bosheth made king of Israel. Asahel slain. by Abner.

- 405

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