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know, by experience, what it is good manners to introduce pious to be born of God. I recollect, discourse into our visiting comthat she told me, after recovery panies ? Could we all have our from a fit of sickness, several hearts under the same influence years ago, that she was affected, of love to our Creator, as our when she was so sick that she deceased friend, I am persuaded, could not eat, and when she saw that all the refinement of a how the family seemed to rel. French court would not banish ish their victuals, to think, they God from a place in the converhad no appetite for spiritual sation of our social circles. things. She then made use of her 9. Virs. Pixley has been an want of appetite for natural example of industry and careful food, to illustrate to her family a!tention to her doinestic business, the impossibility of being hap- She looked well to the affairs py in heaven without a new of her household. She might heart. She has often expressed commonly be found at home the most earnest desires, that and employed in her own busithere might be a work of divine ness. These things may be grace among this people. My found where piety is wanting, dear friends, the Lord only but, with piety, they are an ex• knows how often her bowels cellent ornament. She, nodoubt, have yearned over you ; or how loved the world and the things often she has, with strong cries, of the world too much ; (for besought him to have mercy on who is there that does not ;) but your immortal souls. I am we have reason to bope, that she sure, you have lost one praying did not so love the world as to friend, and if you had a proper exclude the love of the Father. sense of the worth of the pray. In the domestic relations, which ers of the righteous, your loss she sustained, she appeared afwould appear greaterto you than fectionate-If she erred at all, it probably now appears. This it was, perhaps, in too great inpart of her religion is worthy of | dulgence. being imitated. The blessed You, who have for many years God has manifested infinite com- been her neighbors, know better passion for souls, in giving his than I do her character as a son to die for their redemption. neighbor. I have ever obtained And if the love of God is shed the idea, that she has been esabroad in our hearts, we shall teemed as an excellent neighbor, surely not be destitute of such and that the heart of the poor compassion.

hath blessed her. There is one 8.Mrs.Pixley was a worthy ere excellency, of which I think I ample for us to follow, in the fond am a witness, in her character ness which she manifested for re- as a neighbor, which ought to Higious and savoury discourse. be considered an excellency inThis appeared to be the conver- deed, it is this, that she was resation which was most pleasing to markably careful about speaking her. And is it not proof, my evil of others. The law of kindfriends, of our dreadful aliena- ness was in her tongue. She tion of heart from God, that it was so tender of the character should be thought a breach of of others, that she did not com

monly speak the evil she knew , worth thousands of worlds ; and of them. This is an excellency, wanted others should know how which, whenever it is found, much such a hope was worth at is worthy of our most careful such a time. She told her friend, imitation : For there is scarcely that she must go before her ; any thing, which is so needless but that it was no matter which and so pernicious, as freely went a little the first. speaking on all occasions of the You will observe, my friends, faults and failings of our neigh- what made her sick of this world, bors. It spoils all the peace and and what made her long after comfort of society.

heaven, was not outward troubI shall add one more trait in les, so much as the body of her character. She appeured 10 death within her. She longed be, in a good measure, weaned to be perfectly holy, and this from earth, and 10 be panting for she knew could not be in this the upper world. Several years world: therefore she desired 10 ago, she told me there were be absent from the body, that times when death appeared de- she might be present with the sirable. After recovery from Lord. sickness, she represented her May her family, may her concase by a traveller, who had to nections, inay we all profit by turn about after he had gotten her life and profit by her death! some way on his journey. She Wherein she followed Chris!, said, It seemed almost a pity to let us follow her. If we would go back again. She said, she have a peaceful death we must seemed to want to live, more have a pious life. Death appears because her family and friends to have lost his sting, when we wanted to have her, than to view the countenance of this gratify herself. Just after she amiable, this pious woman, no:v was attacked with the disease brought under the dominion of which has ended her days, she this king of terrors. How difsaid, It seemed to her, that she ferently do we all feel from did not want to live without she what we should, if we were could live better than she had called to the funeral of one, who done. She told her daughter, had left us no evidlence of bavthat it appeared to her, she did ing fallen asleep in Jesus. My not wish to live, if she must friends, it is rare that we are continue to sin ; and she knew called to attend such a funeral she should sin, if she lived in as the present. As the most apthis world ; for none were per- pear to be living without Goch fect. In her last sickness, in the world, so the most appeal while she could converse, she to die without leaving us evispoke with serenity about dying. dence that they are prepared for She asked me to come and at a holy heaven. If you would tend her funeral, if she should know the value of religion, die, with as much composure as come around the death bed. she would, at another time, have Here nothing else appears to solicited a friendly visit. In have any value. We are all conversing with a Christian coming lo this solemn place. friend, she spoke of her hope as The time is not very far distani, when our turn will come to die. I little book, the contemporary effects And let us ask, are we now of the two first woe-trumpets in living, as we shall wish we had the West, commanded him to * seal lived when we come to die? them up and write them not"

I cannot close without ac- swearing solemnly by the Almighty, knowledging the grace of God, that their time was not yet, but in forming the amiable charac- in the days of the voice of the seventh ter, which we have been ad-angel.” Those days are now come. miring. Could she speak her- We have seen that the great turifiself, she would say, Not unto quake, at the close of the second we, me, not unto me, but unto God is the French Revoluion, in the give all the glory! If she was year 1789; and that the third que what we hope and believe, it was

came quickly in the year 1792, the God of all mercy, who cal- when the reign of Gallic liberty and led her by his grace.


equality commenced. ConsequentWrought all her work in herly we may then expect that ihe

He kept her jy his power-seven thunders would begin to roar, Jle guided her by bis counsel and the seven vials begin to be through all the journey of lile,

poured out. It may be observed and lias, as we trust, now re

that the contents of one vial, are no ceived her to glory. To Him where represented, as being fully be all the praise, world without

poured out, before another begins end. Amen.

to be emptied ; and also that they comprehend the two grand perioda

of the harvest and the vintage, Austract of Faber on the Pro- which, agrecably to the analogy of phecies.

the natural harvest and vintage

may be considered as separated by NO. VIII.

an intervening period. The Au

thor supposes the first to represent (Concluded from p. 337.)

the miseries inflicted on mankind Concerning the effects of the last by the tyranny of Antichrist, under

woe-trumpet, the pouring out of the three first vials, and the list to the seven vials, and the restora

denote the final overthrow of Gori's sion of the Jezus.

enemies under the last vial.

The effects of the first vial de "HE seven vials are evidently noted by a noisome and grievous comprchended under the last

sore upon the men which had the we-trumpet, because they are mark of the beast, and upon styled the seven last plagues. They them which worshipped the image, are the saine as the given thunders, the Author supposes to denote the which St. John heard, when he had spirit of Atheism, which as the figure finished his account of the second represents, had long been working toe-trumpet, as afflicting the East. in the body poliric, till it pervaded Conceiving riglıtly that in point of Europe, or the whole Roman carti, time, they were next in order to and prepared the way for its erupa the events which he had last detail-tion in the establishnient of its aned, he was about to write their his- arcinial principles. Dating the pour tory ; but the angel having yet toing out of the vial, not from the se reveal to him, in the chapters of the cret cogitations of the heart, knows


only to the Almighty, but from some ers and fountains of the papal Roprorninent display of those cogita- man empire. “They have shed the tions, reduced to practice and mani-blood of saints and prophets, and fested to the eyes of the world, to thou hast given them blood to drink; what era shall we look, save the for they are worthy.” Such have memorable 26th of August 1792, been the vials of the harvest. when the denial of a God was for- The fourth angel poured out his mally established by law, and the viul upon the sun, and power was bold project of converting all the given unto him to scorch men with kingiloms of the carth into Atheistic-fire. The sun of a kingdom is the al republics, was triumphantly a-Government of that kingdom ; and vowed by Infidel demagogues, and the sun of an empire, if it be a diloudly applauded by the populace vided empire, is the government of throughout the whole great Roman | the most powerful state belonging to city? The second vial was poured that empire. The prediction deout upon the sea, and it became as notes that the most powerful state in the blood of a dead man; and every | the Roman empire, should exercise tiving soul died in the sra.

The sea a systematic inilitary tyranny over symbolizes a nation in a state of re- a considerable part of that empire. volution. The pouring out of this France is by many degrees the most vial, relates to the dreadful mas- powerful; and consequently its goreacres of revolutionary France, erament, must inevitably be esteemwhich commenced early in the Srp- ed the sun of the system ; and his tember of the yrar 1792, and con- scorching rays are, at this moment, verted that unhappy country into felt more or less throughout France, one great slaughter-house. The third | Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, angel poured out his vial upon the and the west of Germany. This riters and fountains of cuaters, sun of military tyranny will probaand they became blood. Rivereand by glow with unabated violence to fountains symbolize kingdoms and the very time of the end ; but the their heads, existing in a state of prophet assures that the effect proregular and settled government.-duced by these plagues, will only be The regular and settled govern- blasphemy and liardness of heart. mnents of the pafal Lalin empire, Those liowever who have “ were now to receive the due reward out” of the mystic Babylon, who of their former persecutions of the have ceased to be a partakers of her saints, by the inroads of a barbaroussins," and not suffered themselves republican enemy. By a long and to be a second time deluded by the bloody war, the whole Germanic bocly has been shaken to its centre ; wise not be fariakers of her plagues.

more gross lie of Atheism, will likepapal Italy has been overcome and

All tbe vials of the last woe-trumpillageul; Spain recluced to vassalage; the United provinces have pet, are poured out upon the Papat been first duped into a revolution, and Mohammedan Roman Empire ; then plundered and harrassed by and though, under the seventh vial,

“there will be a time of trouble suck their unrelenting tyrants; and the Helvetic confederacy has been dis- as never was since there was a nasolved. Future historians will speak tion, yet it is a time of trouble ta of this unparalleledi war with aston- ryone but the teast, the false praa ishment; but they will not fail to at-phet and the congregated kings of test that these beavy judgments the carth. haye

fallen principally upon the riv- " And the fufih angel poured out


his vial upon the seat of tire beast :/ a prelude of which we already beand his kingdom was full of dark-hold. Who are the kings of the ness, and they gnawed their tongues East for whom a way is thus to be for pain, and blasphemed the God prepared, it is impossible for us now of heaven, because of their pains to determine. The most probable and their sores, and repented not of conjecture is that the Jews are al

luded to. Though some great maritheir deeds." Whenever the beast

time power is undoubtedly to take is simply mentioned, by way of eminence as it were, it will be found manifest that no maritime power

the lead in restoring them, yet it is that the ien korned or secular beast

can effect their completerestoration; is meant, and not the two horned or and that a very large proportion of ecclesiastical beast. Indeed the for- them, perhaps the greatest propormer only is said to have a seal, or tion, is scattered in the East. While throne, and this is given liiin by the a way is preparing for the kings of dragon: ani if we may argue from the East, by the downfall of the or analogy, the pouring out of a vial toman power, the diabolical infiu: upon his seat, so as to fill liis whole ence of three unclean spirits will be kingdom with darkness, naturally actually, though imperceptibly, cmvienotes some grievous calamily ployed in gatliering together the which shall materially affect his kings of the Earth, or fapal Latin power of persecution ; since the empre and the whole Roman world, giving him a seat or throne, evi- to the battle of the great day of dently means the investing him

God Almighty. From the sources

whence the impure spirits issue, it with the same power of peisecii

appears that the beast and the false tion, as he exercised in his Pagan firophet, will then be more closely state. The beast here spoken of is leagued together than ever, and will the beast under his list head, winich jointly meditate experitian head is termed by the Apostle the against the woman and the remnant beast himself, as has already been of her seed, which, as we shall see shewn ; and should the present under the next vial, will end in their usurper of the throne of France, or own confusion and utter destrucany successor of his, proclaim him- tion. self emperor of the Romans; and The seventh vial synchronizes thus transfer the crown of Char- with the vintage, because both are lemagne from Germany to France, declared to take place at the end of as it was heretofore transferred from the 1260 years. The account given France to Germany, he would then, of it runs through, the 17, 18, and like Charlemagne, be the represen- 19th chapters of the Apocalypse ; tative of the last head of the beast.# though it is proper to remark that

Under the sixth vial the waters of some things in the 17th chapthe river Euphrates, the mystic ter, mentioned by the way, have a waters of the Ottoman Eni/ire, are

firevious accomplishment. It is in to be dried up. Ils frower is to be short a kind of climax, concerning subverted by the slow coilsumfilion the scarlet whore, extending from of its political sirength, and the the cra of the reformation to her gradual wisting away of its freofile,

final destruction. She was first

made naked, and desolate, by the Since the Author wrote the alienation of the Abbey lands in proabove, the Carlovinglan sovereignty testant countries, and by the withof Italy has reverted to France. drawment of whole nations from


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