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that, at the day of judgment, P. I will do better, I will strive they would be reckoned godly against sin, I will pray. that lived orderly and upright, M. But all these dutics, you among whom I reckoned myself, say, have been heretofore mixed and all that were better than I : with sin ; how then do you hope and that the profane and ungod they will make you accepted ly, and all that were secretly now? Or could you do these wicked and ill-designing would things ever so well, all is your be condemned. Indeed I had necessary bounden duty : the always some fear that I was not good deeds you may do, cannot good enough; I did not know make amends for past offences. how great a number would be On all these accounts, “by the acknowledged righteous, but I deeds of the law shall no man thought I stood a better chance living be justified.” than many, or most that I knew. P. I see no way. If ever

M. You did not learn this there was a lost soul, I am he from the word of God. But -What shall I do? what think you now?

M.“ Believe on the Lord JeP. I see that all depends upon sus Christ, and thou shalt be my obtaining, while on earth, saved. (Acts xvi. 31.) Thisis mercy and forgiveness of all the work of God, that ye bethat is past ; and that, not on ac- lieve in him whom he hath sent; count of any thing done by me, (John vi 29.) And by him all but through faith in Jesus Christ. that believe are justified from all But what that fuilh is, I know things.” (Acts xiii. 39.) Come not : this I know, that I have naked, simful, and helpless as been all along out of the way. you are, to God through Christ M. Indeed I think you have, for mercy.

“ He is able to save and it is high time for you to to the uttermost all those that awake, and to seek the Lord income unto God by him, seeing carnest; lest he cut you off in the he ever liveth to make intercesmidst of your sins, and appoint, sion for them.” (Heb. vii. 25.) your portion where is weeping He can wash you from the guilt and wailing and gnashing of of all your sins, destroy the powteeth.

er and dominion of sin in you, P. Pray, Sir, tell me what I " sanctify you thoroughly in must do to be saved ?

body, soul, and spirit," and, 11. What think you of your present you to the Father

without spot or blemish." P. I see that I have been P. I have no manner of doubt daily offending God, by break- of Christ's power to save, for he ing lvis commandments, and is the Son of God ; but I fear pleasing myself, not him; and I am not a fit person to be saved. that now I stand under the guilt M. In order to determine that, of thousands of sins, the least look into your bible. There is of which were enough to con- this declaration made : “ Christ demn me, if I had done nothing Jesus came into the world to else.

save sinners.” (I Tim. i. 15.) M. And what do you intend Now what think you ? Are you to do?

past life?

of the number he came to save, fail, let this be the language of or are you not?

your heart and life, as well as of P. But he will not, he does the tongue. Not that, after all, not save all sinners.

any diligence or strength of M. That is, because they will yours is the thing which will not come to him to be saved. gain acceptance ; but when faith Of this he complains, (John v. is true, lively, and saving, it will 40.) “ Ye will not come to me be attended by these and the like that ye may have life.”

works. P. But I find certain condi P. This is what I fear, that tions mentioned, necessary to my faith is not true faith. qualify men, which I fear I have M1. If your faith be true faith, not. It is said, “ Repent, and you will have confidence in noth. believe the Gospel ;" and,“ he ing in yourself, no works or that believeth, and is baptized, strength of your own ; but you shall be saved."

will rest solely in God's promise M. If you are weary with the of mercy made in Christ. A burden of sin, lothe it, and ear- true faith will also in some denestly desired to be saved from gree, be lively, shewing itself the guilt and pollution of it-a in a zeal for God and godliness, true repentance is begun in you. and a steady warfare against sin. And if for this purpose, you ap- And this will be also saving ; you ply unto Christ as held forth in will be thereby saved not only the gospel, this is the faith that from the guilt, but from the saveth. Come unto Christ, out power of sin, and the dominion of his fulness to receive the in- of your lusts; and this will give wärd and spiritual grace, a death you a good hope and expecta. unto sin, and a new birth unto tion, and by degrees a firm per: righteousness ; for be alone suasion, of being saved from can give it.

wrath in the great day of the P. It is said, “ Many shall Lord Jesus. seek to enter in, and shall not be P. I cannot find I have this able ;” and “ not every one that faith ; therefore dare not be saith unto me, Lord ! Lord! lieve that God will forgive and shall enter into the kingdom of receive me. heaven." This makes me fear M. Then come unto Christ, and keep at a distance.

embrace and depend on God's M. To whom then do you in promises in him, that your faith tend to go?

may grow up to this. For this P. I know not, for there is no faith itself is “ of the operation other name under heaven where- of the Spirit of God," and by one may be saved.

therefore to be sought of him 11. Then apply to Christ; to by prayer, through the media: escape the wages of sin, the tion of Jesus Christ. curse of the law, and the wrath P. I dare not thus embrace of God, fly to him for pardon the promises, come to, and deand peace, grace and glory. pend on, Christ ; for I am utter, And if seeking to enter into the ly unworthy of the least mercy. kingdom be not enough, strive. M. When do you lbink you If many that say, Lord! Lord! shall make yourself worthy


P. Never.

world; for this, he labored, M. Then come to him just as wept, and bled ; for this he you are, to be made worthy. reigns and intercedes in heaven.

P. May I dare thus to come He is so far from being unwilto Christ, and depend upon him ling to save, that he is offended for salvation ?

with those who will not come to M. Do not depend upon my bim to be saved. When he was word, but hear the word of God. upon earth, he wept over JeruHe invites you to come : “ Ho! salem on this account.' every one that thirsteth, come P. I know not what to say. ye to the waters.” (Isa. lv. 1.) M. What do you intend to do? He commands you to

P. I am greatly afraid I shall 5 This is his commandment, never be saved. But I know that we should believe on the there is no other way but God's name of his Son Jesus Christ.” free mercy in Christ. Therefore (1 John iii. 23.) He promises to I will seek it as long as I live, receive those that come : "Him and if I perish, it shall be at the that cometh unto me I will in no foot of Christ's cross, calling for wise cast out.” (John iv. 37.) mercy. He threatens, if you do not come: M. Continue this resolution, • He that believeth not shall be and all the precious promises of damned." (Mark xvi. 16.) the gospel are yours. But take

P. But to whom are these heed that you do not suffer these words addressed ?

impressions to wear away, or to M. To you, to me, and to ev- setile in a false peace. Do not ery one that hears them : seek rest any where but in « Preach the gospel to every Christ. Beware lest worldly creature.”. (Mark. xvi. 15.) cares or pleasures divert your They are addressed to those in attention from the things of God, particular that see their want of and lest sin grieve the Holy salvation, because they alone Spirit. Remember it is said, will receive them. • Come “ If a man draw back, my soul unto me, all ye that labor and shall have no pleasure in him." are heavy-laden, and I will give [To be continued.] you rest." (Mat. xi. 23.)

P. These arguments from scripture stop my mouth, But Religious Intelligence. sull I cannot believe Christ will The great dificulty of Christiani, receive such a sinner as I am, M. This is what I said before.

zing uncivilized people illustra,

ted. Faith is not of man, but the gift of God, wrought by the Spirit FROM THE PERIODICAL ACCOUNT in them that hear the gospel. Therefore seek this and every From Serepta, near Astraother grace of God by prayer in

can,* Extract of brother the name of Jesus. And to en Valen. Wendling's report of courage you to pray and hope, a school begun with the chil. consider that God gave Christ dren of the German colonists for this very purpose, to save sinhers : for this he came into the

* In Asiatic Russia,


emiployed in the settlement ; perceived some traces of the and of his endeavors to in- labor of the Holy Spirit in his truct some Kalmus children heart. He has learnt several at Serepta.

verses, and told me, "that when

he lay down to sleep at night, he HAVING in 1800, been ap- was accustomed to repeat them pointed by the elders of the in prayer. But once he began Brethrens'congregation at Serep- to doubt, whether what was conta, to undertake the instruction tained in them were true, upon of the children belonging to the which he left of praying. HowGerman colonists, who were eni-, ever, it occurred to his inind, ployed as servants in our settie- that he had not faith, and yet he ment, and my situation afford knew, that he that believeth not, ing me an opportunity of doing shall be damned. He therefore it without expense to the settle- prayed the Lord to forgive him ment, I began to keep school that sin of unbelief.” with about ten children, of from Towards the end of 1802, five to eleven years old, and gave several other Kalmuc children them two hour's instruction eve- arrived here, who expressed a ry day.

desire to learn German. They It pleased the Lord to lay a were from ten to fourteen years special blessing upon my labors, of age; their parents live in the and I had the great satisfaction vicinity of Serepła, and obtain to perceive, that they not only a livelihood in the place, where gained improvement by learning likewise the bigger boys get to read, &c. but grew in the love work and earn something. As and knowledge of Jesus Christ, I can converse with them by as their Saviour. Two of them means of Makusli, who serves departed out of this world, re- as interpreter, I was willing 10 joicing in Him, and expressing admit them into the school. At their sense of his love and mer- Christmas, I asked them if they .cy, in the most fervent thanks- knew what festival we now celegivings.

brated? They replied, that it By means of this school, an was the same as their new year's opportunity was afforded me of festival. I informed them, this doing something in behalf of the the great God, who had created poor Kalmuc children, whose all things, had become man, and parents are generally hovering that the festival we now ccleabout our neighborhood. A brated, was that of his holy inKalmuc boy, called Makush, carnation. One of the boys anstep-son to a Kalmuc prince, had swered, that there were many been sent hither by his father to gods who had created all things, learn the German language.and that every man had his own He was first committed to the creator. I informed them, that care of brother Loos, who taught there was but one God, who had him to spell; and January 15th, created all things, and all men, 1801, sent to my school for far- and that mankind had sioned "ther instruction.

against him ; in consequence of Although at first he appeared which, they deserved to be etervery ignorant, yet by degrees, Il nally punished, and were evca

now under the power of the more frequently, and whenever devil. But that Jesus Christ, they had spelt a little, I related the Son of God, out of compas- to them something of the life sion for them, took the resolu- of our Saviour, Makush being tion to be manifest, in the flesh, interpreter. Itwas evident, froin and himself to suffer the punish- their questions and remarks, ment which they had deserved, that they paid attention. They to deliver them from the power asked, for instance, whether our of sin and death.

Saviour had also suffered for:heir Being asked by one of them, sins, and when I told them that. whether our Saviour had been he had, and that if tbey prayed born in some great prince's to him, he would give them an house, I gave them a concise assurance in their hearts, and account of his birth and life upon forgive then their sins, they reearth ; and added, that he would plied, “ that their eyes were now ance come again, to receive all so darkened by sin, that they those, who believe in him, unto could not see him.” I explained himself in heaven ; but that, on to them, that although we canthe other hand, those who had not see him with our bodily not believed in hin, but rejected eyes, yet we may pray to him, his invitation, would have to because he is present every suffer the punishment which where. Hereupon they promthey had themselves deserved. ised, that they would pray for When I asked them, if they grace to know him. could believe all this? they re Sometimes I perceived, that plied : “ It may be true, but we they did not understand what I know little of that great God; said ; as for instance, when I we therefore wish to learn Ger- once spoke to them about our man, that we may hear more Saviour's sufferings, one of thens about him.” I told them to replied : “ What sort of a God. come diligently to school, where is this, that he suffers himself to it would be a pleasure to me to be tormented, and does not deinstruct them, and to tell them liver himself ?" I replied, that more about the true God. But Jesus had submitted to these I soon perceived, that as they sufferings willingly for us. Upwere in their whole manners on being asked, whether they given to be very unsteady, they believed that they were sinners ? Were the same, as to their at the same boy said : “ If we did tendance at school. Tbey are but know what siu is, we would Wbliged to embrace every oppor- not commit sin.” I answered, . tunity to earn their bread, and that the Holy Spirit would excannot therefore attend regular- plain to them the nature of sin, ly during school hours; and for but that mean while they should that reason at last they discon- pray to him to forgive their untinued all attendance. I knew known sins. at first no other way but to de. More pleasing were the exsire Makush to call and invite pressions of Makush : Having them to come, when I saw them once at school, learnt a verse at leisure, or running about the treating of faith, and the necesplace. Upon this they camel sity of obtaining it, he said, "hat

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