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he had prayed the day before to Saviour, to lead my mother and our Saviour, that he would give relations hither, that they also him this faith, and the blessings might have an opportunity to connected therewith ; upon hear how they may be saved ; which, one petition after another or that He would send somebody occured to his mind, and he had to them, to bring them this scarcely been able to give over news.” praying.”

I had often wished, that some Towards the end of February, l of the Kalmuc boys, might be 1803, when the Kalmucs cele- constantly employed in this brate their spring-festival, this place, to give them an opportuboy went on a visit to his mother. nity of coming regularly to When he returned, and was ask- school, and during their leisure ed, how he had fared, he inform- time, to be under proper inspeced us, “ that he lost his road; tion. I began also to think I upon which he cried and pray- had obtained my wish, as sever ed to our Saviour, that he would ral brethren were found willing bring him upon the right road. to employ them in this place, Having soon found it again, he to give them an opportunity of greatly rejoiced, and thanked coming regularly to school, and God for his assistance."

during their leisure time, to be Soon after we read, at school, under proper inspection. But the history of our Saviour's the dullness of these boys in temptations, which gave Makush learning was the reason, why occasion to make the following this regulation was not effectuat useful observation. He related, as they frequently, under one that on the following day, he pretence or another, stayed athought he had no need to attend way ; in consequence of which, the preaching, as brother Loos we were obliged to be contented, was not at home, and nobody if some of them only occawould desire him to attend ; sionally attended. One of these and should his schoolmaster boys, named Thurmarshe, being make inquiry, he would say, noticed for his attention, and that brother Loos had given him asked, why after long absence, some work to do. But he im- he had returned, answered, that mediately recollected, that this he had indeed thought, as many thought was from the devil, and others did, that what he heard prayed to our Saviour to take it here were lies; but that these away from him. “Now," said thoughts disturbed him in his he, “ I felt pleasure in going to sleep, and he had often perceivthe preaching ; and as similar ed something in his heart, which temptations were mentioned in constrained him to come back. it, I was so much the more Several children once asked pleased, that I had not followed me,“ whether the Germans and my evil thoughts."

Kalmucs would live together in I once asked him, whether he heaven ?” I asked them in rethought, that our Saviour ap- turn, whether they believed that proved of it, if we prayed for I loved them ? as they answered our fellow-men ? he replied: me in the affirmative, I contin. “ I have often prayed to our ued: “When our Saviour bas.

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forgiven us our sins, and taken Lord's time comes, (o that it us all into heaven, will you not may be now come) a great door love me there, and all the breth- and effectual will be opened for ren who live here?" To which introducing into this immense they replied : “ Yes, surely ; empire the glorious gospel. and then we shall say, this is our My expenditure is in this teacher, who told us how we country very eonsiderable, which might be saved.” Thus, attimes, has been a source of some unthere appears a ray of hope, as easiness to me. if the gospel would, in time to I endeavour to speak to my come, find entrance among this domestics of the true God and nation. I had also an opportunity of Jesus Christ. There are to speak a few words concerning three or four to whom I comour Saviour and the way of life, municate some instruction in the 10 several adults, but these had English language, with a view always many objections to make. of blending with it divine truth. For instance ; having once re During the last fortnight, the lated to one of them, the history Chinese have been given up enof the fall of man, and of his re- tirely to visiting cach other, demption through the death of feasting, &c. in consequence of Jesus, he replied: “We have the new year, which with them much of what you have told me commenced on the 23th of Janin our doctrines ; but we do not uary, At one o'clock of the know as much as our Gellongs, morning, they began to make (priests) ; these, therefore, are the suburbs resound with the obliged to pray for us.” noise of crackers, the striking

of bells and drums, Scc. I rose at two and went to the temple of

Pak-ti Poosaat, where were Letter from the Rev. Robert Mor-crowds of worshippers, keeping rison. 10 Robert Ralston, Esq. the fame on the aliar incessantdated Canton, (China,) February ly blazing, with the gilt paper 10th, 1908.

which they were throwing upon

it ; burning candles and matolDEAR SIR,

es of sandal wood, &c. When SINCE I wrote to you by they knelt before the idol at their Mr. Latimer, I have, by the individual devotions, (for they Lord's good band upon ine, been have no social worship) they alpursuing the stucly of the Chi- most trod on each ciher, the nese language. I appiitú rather temple was so crowded. Not too closely, which affected my only in their templas, which are health, to preserve which Islack-numerous, but also in the corened in some degree my exer ner of the streets they were tions. The person who assisted bowing before their dumb idols. me regularly has, during the O, that they were turned from last month, on that account, them to the living God! Pray, ceased to call upon me.

my brother, that it inay soon be, No person has as yet suid any and that he who now addresses thing against my continuance, you, may in some small degree and I hope will not. When the be assisting therein. Vou. I. NO. 10.



I am, in the faith of our Lord, and never without thunder ; but and Saviour, yours affectionate in consequence of much rain ly,

last year, there is now tolerably ROBERT MORRISSON. good pasture. The inhabitants

[Phil. Mag in general are obliged to live en

tirely without bread, the country being unfit for the production of

corn. We have, however, a The following interesting particu- kitchen garden and corn-fields,

lars of a mission to the Nama- which, if successful, will afford quas are extracted from a letter, subsistence both for ourselves written by Mr. C. Albrecht, dated and for the congregation. Cape of Good Hope, May 18,

We have a favorable pros. 1806, addressed to ihe Director: pect of success; for, we irust, of the Missionary Society at Rot- all the chiefs will receive the terdam, who had the management word of God; and we hope, in of the African missions, while the process of time, to proceed farCafe was in the hands of the ther into the country. The Dutch, but which have now re- number of heathen who come verted into the hands of the Mis- to us increases continually; and, sionary Society in London. to our great joy, about half of (Translated from the Dutch.)

those who are with us under

stand the Dutch language. Beloved Brethren,

Brother Sydenfaden has risit WE have suffered much in ed a Namaquakrall; the chief of our journey through the barren which is called Choebap. Bro. desert : but God shews us that ther S. invited him, with his he is a hearer of the prayers of people, to hear the word, as he his servants, and a preserver had before heard something of from destruction. lle assisted | it. In answer, he expressed us through the wilderness to himself as follows :-" That the Orange River; where we word is too great to be neglectstaid three months among the ed ! all the chiefs in the Namaheathen. During that time a qua country ought to listen to it! way was opened for us to the Here, under this tree, they Great Namaqua country, whith ought to come (meaning the er we went, and at which we replace where he heard brother joiced greatly. We here found Sydenfaden preach the gospel) à fountain, in the viciniiy of then they will themselves find which we fixed our residence, that this word is great! All the and called this spot The Happy chiefs in this country ought to Deliverance !

have one mind, and accept this Here we have employed our word ; and afterwards, that word selves in cultivating a garden ought to be preached in the for our maintenance ; but as center of the Namaqua country, the country is very dry and the that every one may come and soil bad, we are afraid we shall hear it !" How much brother S. not be able to procure corn. The rejoiced at these expressions, climate also is very hot, and the you may easily conceive; but he gir oppressive. It seldom rains, I had the mortification to observe,

that Satan was also at work. A and thereby war be occasioned Hoitentot, called Absalom, who among us” came from the Suow Mountains, We have now upwards of 300 deceives the ignorant heathen of the Oorlam and River Hotby many juggling tricks, so that tentots with us, who have daily he procures many followers. an opportunity of being instrucThis man, perceiving that he ted in the truths of the gospel. would lose all his credit and in- Sometimes we also see some Auence, if the gospel should be Bosjeemen. It appears to us, received, advised them not to that the heathen here have a delisten to brother S.; and, even sire to be acquainted with the in his presence declared, that all word of salvation. Though we the people who came from Eu- suffer poverty, andare in want of rope, or from Cape Town, were all earthly comforts, which we great rascals. Thus he caused could have enjoyed in our native almost the whole kraal 10 hate country, yet we are satisfied if the word of God; and brother we perceive that our feeble enS. was in great danger of being deavours are blessed from on murdered by them: but he was high. We shall always rejoice, silent and did not contradict Ab- if we can be instrumental in the salom. The next day, however, extension of the gospel of when they were a little compos- | Christ. ed, brother S. spoke earnestly to My brethren will now, acthem; and told them what acording to their promises, be ocgreat sin Absalom had commit. cupied in building a house ; for ed : in consequence of which we have been obliged to hold dihe trembled, and denied every vine service in the open air ; word he had said. Now he was which is rather dangerous, on afraid, in his turn, of being kil- account of the number of serled ; but as brother S. spoke in pents, scorpions, venomous spihis behalf, he promised never to ders, and other dangerous creaspeak any more against the word tures. On Sunday evening, of God,

when I was preaching to a nume When brother S. left this ber of people, a young serpent kraal, he asked the chief, wheth-happened to creep round my er he was still inclined to hear leg ; I endeavoured to kill it, the word of God; which he but could not : however it pleasanswered in the affirmative ; ed the Lord 10 make it flee from and added, I will come myself me, so that I proceeded unmoio the Happy Deliverance, and lested. see whether the Oorlam Hottentots (i. c. those who served the Christians; and were therefore looked upon as more civilized) EDINBURGH MISSIONARY SOCIEbave accepted the word of God: if that be the case, I shall endeavour to persuade all the A LETTER has lately been chiefs in the Namaqua country received from Mr. Brunton, at to accept of it; for if I alone Karass. He repeats, in strong accept of it, they will kill me, terms, what was mentioned in


firmer letter, that several Eff in the provinces of Connaugla fendis of the first rank in that and Munster. Since that peri: country make no secret of their od, however, information of a suspicions respecting the truth more agreeable nature has been of their own religion, and dis- communicated by some respeccover a strong desire to under table friends, whereby it appears stand the New Testament.--that a much greater number They do what they can to read of evangelical ministers are acit in Arabic ; but most of them, tually employed in those parls it is feared, with little success. of Ireland. The committee They earnestly wish for a trans- rejoice to find inat their first inlation of it in Turkish ; and it formation was incomplete ; and is much to be regretted, that they most ardently wish for the there is no translation of it to be co-operation of all denominahad in a language so extensively tions in their endeavors to im. spoken. In order to convert prove the religious state of Irepeople, they must be instructed ; land. " and here,” says Mr. Brunton,

Signed “ there are few ways of instruc (by order of the committee) ting the Mohammedans, but by S. Mills, Treasurer; quietly circulating among them J. CAMPBELL., Secretary. small iracts, and copies of the Scriptures. Were this done in a wise anzi prudent manner, 1 Exiracı of a Letter from a Cler. am persuaded, froin what has gyman in Ireland, already taken place, that the I HAVE been going about happiest effects would soon fol. from town to town, and from low.” Mr. B. concludes with village to village, disposing of saying, “ Consider the nature of Bibles and Testaments: and I tie Mohammedan religion, the am happy to tell you that the state of the countries in which call for them is very great. it is professed, and the prophe. Many of the Catholics have cies respecting it in the holy got them, both by donation scriptures, and you must be con- and purchase; and although vinced that it will meet withi an the priests have obliged maawful and sudden downfall: but ny to give them up, yet they for this the minds of Mohamme-are no sooner returned than clans must be gradually prepar-olhers get them; and many

poor people are very desirous to

read iven, and hear them read. II.ELAND.

Indeed, the opposition of the

priesis makes many individuals bernian Society.

more anxious to obtain them. If IN the Evangelical Magazine the Lord spare me, I mean to for December last, a l'eport liom continue this work, until I have the committee of the Tibernian spread the word of life through Society was inserted; in which most parts of this benigbied it was stated, That a definite and country. I cannot so weil disvery small number of Ministers pose of Tracts. There has are known to preach the spell been a Tract written by a pries,


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