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his notes before his eyes in pub- | principles of the doctrine of lic.

Christ. Being possessed of As he firmly believed, that picasing pulpit talents, giving God must pour down his spirit himself wholly to the work of upon the people, or no success the ministry, and being much would follow the preaching of engaged for the salvation of his word, he earnestly implored men and the glory of God, bis the divine aid and came into the hearers became so numerous pulpit as a live coal from the al- that his meeting-house was en, tar of his God.

larged twice, till it was 75 by 50 When writing to a young feet, and was well filled as long minister, whom he loved in as he was able to preach. He the Lord, he said, “I hope was favored with repeated revithis will find you in a good state vals of religion among his peoof health, enjoying your mas- ple. Though these revivals ter's presence.

I have were small in comparison with doubt you experience more and what many experience in the more of the importance of the ministry in the present day, work you are cngaged in, and yet his success was not measur, often think of these words; ed by the duration of his minis, Who is sufficient for these try; for many who professed rethings ? Christ will support and ligion about the time, and after supply bis ministers. Let him, his death, dated their awakentherefore, be the main subject ings, and some the beginning of your sermons, and invite sin- of their hope in the Saviour's ners to come to him for strength, merits under his preaching.. and to his merits for acceptance. And some within a few months, My heart rejoices to hear the who have joined the church, success which has attended your declare, that the commenced ministry already: let it humble ment of their concern began you and make you watchful, when he was their ininister. and while you are planting or A number of minister's own watering, remember, that all the him as an instrument in the increase must come from God. Lord's hands of their awakening, Apply yourself close to the study comfort and establishment in the of the scriptures, the best of faith of God's elecț.* books, and see that you advance nothing for doctrine, but what

* The Rev. William Royers, D.D. you can bring with a

was Mr. Thurston's nephew. He saith the Lord” for its confirma-graduated at Brown University, tion. And now, I commend September 9th, 1769, was baptizeil you unto God and the word of September, 1770; licensed to preach his grace, praying him to fur- 1 August

, 1771; removed to Philadel

in December, 1771 ; ordained

phia nish you with every ministerial

May gift and grace, and abundantly the revolutionary army under the own your labors."

immortal Washington, from Marcii, Mr. Thurston's whole soul 1775, till June, 1781 ; appointed Proappeared to be formed for socie- fessor of English and Oratory in the iy, and to be deeply engaged in pinia in March, 1789. 'He received

College and Academy of Philadeipreaching, powerfully, the plain l a doctorate in July, 1790; was elec:

“ thus

Many of his excellent letters sufficiency to make us happy. within my hands can only be It is all in vain to expect happiglanced at, in such a perform-ness from any quarter, but in ance as this ; and only a few the love and favor of God, and sentences which he uttered con- being re-united to hini through cerning his happy exit, from our Lord Jesus Christ. time into the unspeakable enjoy- 66 The loss of the sight of one ment of his Lord in eternity. eye is very greay, and it is a

niercy you have one left. These Newport, 24th March, 1792. bodily eyes must soon fail—be * DEAR MADAM,

closed, and we be in the land of “ I have heard that you have Jarkness, where we shall not not enjoyed so good health of need them. Job x. 21, 22. late as usual, on account of the

“ But, dear madam, there is loss of one of your eyes ; and



which he Lord will that you desire me to write you give to all who love him suon this subject.

premely ; which is vastly pre« Could any thing drop from ferable to us, even in this world; my pen that might be beneficial I mean the eye of faith. By and comfortable, it would yield this, Abraham saw Christ's day me the most peculiar pleasure and was glad : by this, Jou saw We are informed by scripture, his Redeemer, and Moses saw that affliction cometh not out of him who was invisible. By this, the ground, neither doth trouble we now behold the once suffer. spring out of the dust. It is ing, bleeding Lamb of God, who not by chance, but by the will died for our sins, and rose again and counsel of God, and is de- for our justification. Yes, by signed for our benefit. Heb. xii

, this eye, we can look within the 5—18. You have heard and vail and see Christ, seated at read much of Job,—bis severe the right hand of God, and ever trials and afflictions, and his pa: living to make intercession for tience, and the gracious end all who come unto God by him. the Lord had in view. All By this eye, we can look through turned out at last to his great the pearly gates of the New advantage. He learned more Jerusalem, and view the spirits of God and his divine perfece of the just made perfect ; jointions, than ever he knew before ; ed with the blessed angels in so that he abhorred himself, celebrating the praises of their and repented in dust and ashes. God and King. I hope, my dear friend, that

“O transporting sight! Meyour present affliction will be thinks, madam, you are now reaso sanctified, that it may have cly to cry, Lord, evermore give the same blessed effects.

me this sight! He will give it “ Aflictions are God's school. to every one who comes uuto There we may learn the vanity him and asks for it. Yes, dear of this world, and its utter in- friend, I have something more ed Professor of Englisir and Belles- to say, that we shall see the dear Letters in the University of Penn- Lord with these bodily eyes ; sylvania, in April, 1792, which place though useless in the grave, he he still liolds.

will change these vile bodies, with

fiee away.

all their members, and fashion exercised, and Satan will not bo them like his own glorious body wanting on his part, to tako Then hope will cease in fruition, every advantage to hurt your and faith in vision. Then those usefulness, and there are some eyes which have been so long who will unite with him, and closed and useless, shall be watch for your halting. opened again, and made useful. “I believe that God, who With mine eyes shall I behold walks in the midst of the seren him, and not another for me. I golden candlesticks, will support Then shall we see the Saviour, and defend you. Be upon your and converse with him, as one guard to cut off occasion froin friend converseth with another. those who seek occasion to speak We shall see him and be entire-disrespectfully of you. Endeavor Jy conformed to his image, and always to exhibit a gospel tembe ever with the Lord. Think, per. If they curse, do you dear friend, what a glorious sightbless ; for the servant of the this will be, which can never | Lord must not strive, but in wax old, or dim. The inhab- meekness instruct those who itants of the New Jerusalem oppose themselves. You must shall no more say they are sick. not think your affictions strange. There will be no more pain; They are what your Master and sorrow and sighing shall entirely many of his servants met with

before. You are only filling up • The dear Lord grant you, your measure of that which was and every branch of your family behind, of the affliction of Christ shis portion.

in your filesh, for his body's sake, “ I remain your sincere friend, which is the church. O blessed “ GARDNER THURSTON." privilege, to partake with Christ

in his afflictions. Be not disTo a young Minister under some couraged, for the power of the trials.

enemy is limited like the great

deep ; hitherto it may come and I rejoice in the grace of no further. For the wrath of God bestowed on you, and the man shall praise him, and the resuccess granted you.


mainder shall he restrain. Con. God, to give you the wisdom of cerning polemic performances, the serpent, and the harmless. I will just observe, that I have Aess of ilze dove. A good cause, formerly read many, and after a good conscience, a steady and all I find the bible to be the best uniform conduct, will put to si- book to discover what truth is, fence the ignorance of foolish and to establish us in the truth. men. I cannot give you better in this book we find a glorious advice than Paul gave to Timo- display of God's justice in the thy. Read again and again his righteous condemnation of the second Epistle, second chapter. wicked, and a glorious display of 1 sympathize with you in your his divine grace in the salvation trials ; but be assured that God of his people, even from the will be with you in six and in foundation to the top stone, it is seven troubles. I know that all grace, grace, free grace." four mind must be differentiy Again he writes, “ My dearly: beloved son in the faith, you / which I have passed through. and I must not only preach a He has indeed been a present crucified Jesus, but live to his help in time of trouble. How glory. In the morning sos thy unsuitable would it be for us to seed, &c. and God will bless and have all our evils and trying grant success when and where changes in view at once !" he pleases. He will reward Therefore let us admire the his ministers not according to words of Jesus : “ Sufficient to their success, but according to the day is the evil thereof." their faithfulness.

He warns us against being filI think every means in our led with anxiety about tomorrow. power ought to be made use of, O, may I ever lean on my for the spread of the gospel. helper God. I am indeed pasHow affecting it is, that such a sing through the very furnace large part of the inhabitants of of affliction and drinking the this globe are now in gross dark- bitter cup of the same: but it is ness! It appears to me, by the the cup which my heavenly F:present events of Providence, ther gives me, and it is mixed that some great good is about with mercy. It is all right; for to be disclosed to tire world. O, I am sure that infinite wisdom that God would be pleased to cannot err, and that infinite open the fountain of his good goodness orders all things for ness and cause the divine influ- the best to them who love him. ence of his Spirit to spread far O, why should such an unprofitand wide, till the whole earth be able servant as I ani be spared ? filled with his glory and all na- What are the designs of Protions see his salvation."

vidence? Surely the Lord has Mr. Thurston was well ac- something further for me to do quainted with afflictions, for he in his house, else I should have lived to see all his near relations been cut down. I am firm in cxccpt his daughter, buried. On the opinion that God will not thesc occasions he gave vent to take away his ministers before his pious soul by writing to his their work is done. If there friends the genuine exercises of be more sinner to be his heart.

converted by his ministry, one To one of his correspondents more saint to be comforted, hic observes, * “I embrace the they will be continued. I hope present opporiunity to inform I shall be willing to wait all the you, that I cnjoy a better state of days of my appointed time, till health than I have for some years my change come; then through, fjast. I have abundant reason rich grace, be like a shock of to bless God who has been the corn fully ripe coming in, in its guide of my youth and through season.

should a life, for that support afforded me minister or a Christian wish to in the late trying dispensation stay one moment longer out of

heaven than he can be useful ?" * A little after he had buried his drink to be useful in Zion, and he

It was Mr. Thurston's meat and affectionate, pious and much esteemed wife, wino departeil this lite Dec. was so till his departure ; al17, 174,

though he was not able to preach

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And why

for about three years before his son to regret, that I have made death ; yet he was able to at. so little progress in the Christend meeting for the most part tian life. By the grace of God of that time, and to visit his I am what I am. The enjoyflock, and to speak comfortably ment of the divine presence is unto God's people. He appear better than life. ed to be all the time on the wing The Psalmist prayed that God for hearen ; in fine we can say would not leave him, when he with propriety, that his conver- was old and grey-headed ; and sation was in heaven. I had the God says, I will never leave thee pleasure of accompanying anum- nor forsake thee. O, how excelber of ministers and Christian lent also is that all comprehensive friends to his house, in the course promise, I will ise their God, and of about eighteen months be- they shall be my people. Safore he left us, and they all said, tan will try his utmost to shake when we returned from an in- the foundation of the Christian's terview with him, that they hope, to despair of his relation never saw any one, so uncondi- to God as a Father in Christ; tionally given up to live upon nay, to raise if possible the founthe promises of God as he was, dation of all religion : And need and who would talk so familiar- we wonder, that he should thus ly and constantly about death, tempt us, when we learn that being with Jesus, knowing the he tempted our dear Redeemer! saints in heaven, and the unut- But we can tell him that he is terable felicity which would conquered and vanquished, and overwhelm the whole ransomed that Christ's victory is ours. Isa. family of God in the resurrec-xl. 1, 2. John xvi. 33. tion morning

Christ's death, resurrection and With all this glow of love to intercession all combine to renGod and men, he appeared even der the believer's hope both sure in his deportment, and regular and stedfast. But O, this wretchin conversation. He observed, ed heart of unbelief, this de

that the more we advance in stroys the Christian's comfort. the divine life, the more regu- Lord, increase our faith ; Lord, lar our frames will be.” “My help our unbelief. He adds, dear Lord,” said he, “ has not “ My dear friend, when you get forsaken me in my advanced near to God, let ne request the age. I feel determineil as much reniembrance of one, who is the as ever to go on in the strength of least of all saints." the Lord, and to make mention of Mr. Thurston was remarkahis righteousness, and of his only. bly fond of meditating, and conFor it pleased him to convince versing upon the triumphs of me, in my very early days, of the Christian over death, and the the depravity of my nature, and grave; and the perfection of the wretchedness of my heart ; our nature, and the extensiveand to call me by his free and ness of our knowledge, when sovereign grace, into the way we come to dwell with Christ in of life and salvation, alone thro' heaven. “ O," said he, “ when the merits and righteousness of I come into the glorious preshis dear Son. But I have rea-ence of my Lord, I shall see and Vol. I. NO.11.


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