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On business. - Rev. Henry Hopkins, of Missouri ; William H. Upson, of Ohio; Rev. Cyrus Hamlin, of Wisconsin; John G. Haskell, of Kansas ; Rev. Clarence S. Sargent and Rev. Arthur Little, of Massachusetts.

On finance. — Galen C. Moses, of Maine ; Charles W. Hackett, of Minnesota ; James Loring Barker, of California ; A. Lyman Williston, of Massachusetts; Edward J. Goodrich, of Ohio.

Daily order.

The following order for the daily sessions was adopted :

Business, 9–9.30 A. M.; devotion, 9.30–10; recess, 12.30–2.30 and 5.30–7.30; adjourn, 9.30.

After singing, “ In the cross of Christ I glory,” at 12.30, & recess was taken till 2.30.

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WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Oct. 12. Report of provisional committee.1 - Program, amendment of by

law, paying expenses of delegates. At 2.30, prayer was offered by Rev. Henry Hyde, of Massachusetts.

The provisional committee presented a report which was accepted. The program contained therein was approved, and placed in the hands of the business committee.

On the recommendation of the committee, by-law III. was amended by omitting the word in the third line and by inserting after the word “body” these words : " and missionaries in the service of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions present."

The statement in the report of the committee, in relation to paying the expenses of delegates to the Council, was referred to the following committee to report at this session :

Rev. Theodore C. Pease, of Massachusetts ; Rev. John G. Fraser, of Ohio; Rev. Griffith Griffiths, of California; Rev. Leavitt H. Hallock, of Maine ; Rev. Fred S. Hayden, of Illinois ; Rev. Charles M. Lamson, of Vermont; Frederick W. Lyman, of Florida.

Report of publishing committee. The publishing committee presented a report which was accepted.2 Report of secretary.' - Church fellowship. - Ministerial standing.

1 Page 67. 2 Page 69.

Statistics. The secretary presented a report with resolutions. The report was accepted, and the resolutions, after amendment were adopted as follows:

Resolved, (1) That we recommend that churches, especially new churches, desiring Congregational fellowship, seek connection with some body of Congregational churches; that, to guard against imposition, churches desiring ministerial supplies, or pastors, insist upon good credentials in all cases ; that ministers desiring to be recognized as Congregational ministers should unite with a Congregational church and seek connection with some body of Congregational ministers or churches; and that councils are advised not to recognize as pastors those who are not so connected; that ministers removing to the bounds of another conference, association, or state, should connect themselves by letter promptly with the local body to whose bounds they have removed; that ministers taking letters to other bodies should present them without needless delay; and that, in our judgment, it is not orderly for any minister to be a member of two co-ordinate bodies at the same time.

Resolved, (2) That we renew our urgent appeal to every church to see to it that the annual report is promptly and fully made to the local or state secretary, as called for.

Th:t part of the report relating to the question of one or more general bodies in a state referred to the committee on credentials.

Reports of auditor and treasurer.2
The report of the auditor was presented and accepted.
The report of the treasurer was presented and accepted.


Reports of trustees of National Council and of committee on

ministerial relief.3 The report of the directors of the trustees of the National Council was presented and accepted.

The committee on ministerial relief presented a report with resolutions. The report was accepted, and the resolutions were adopted as follows:

'Page 71. 2 Pages 286 and 288. Pages 76 and 184.


Resolved, (1) That we emphasize, as one of the most pressing and sacred duties now before our churches, the long delayed work of providing adequately for the relief of aged or disabled Congregational ministers, and of the destitute widows, and orphan children of ministers.

Resolved, (2) That we favor the establishment in every state of an efficient relief organization, or committee, to be maintained by a moderate annual collection from each church.

Resolved, (3) That we particularly and urgently request every pastor and church to arrange, at the earliest practicable date, for a full and forcible presentation of this subject, to the end that information may be diffused, that interest may be awakened, and that each congregation may have the opportunity of making one splendid contribution for the increase of the national ministerial relief fund.

Resolved, (4) That we encourage the committee, to be appointed for the ensuing three years, to use such active measures as may seem to them wise and necessary for the furtherance of these ends, pledging to them practical co-operation and substantial assistance.

It was voted, That the committee be thanked for their efficient service, and that they be continued with such changes as may be needful.

Young Men's Christian Association of Minneapolis. The Young Men's Christian Association of the city presented an invitation to the members of the Council to visit their rooms.

After singing " Jesus shall reign,” at 5.30, a recess taken till 7.30.



Public worship. Sermon. 1 At 7.30, the Council engaged in public worship, in which Rev. William A. Robinson, of New York, conducted the opening services, and Rev. Charles M. Lamson, of Vermont, preached from Matthew xxiii. 8, “For one is your master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren,” and offered prayer, when,

after singing

Blest be the tie that binds,” and the benediction by the preacher, at 9.30, the Council adjourned till 9 A. M. Thursday.

1 Page 47.

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THURSDAY MORNING, Oct. 13. Minutes. Mission schools. Carleton College. Secret societies.

At 9 A. M. the moderator called the body to order, and after the doxology Rev. William D. B. Gray, of South Dakota, offered prayer.

The minutes of Wednesday were revised and approved.

A resolution on mission schools was received, and referred to the committee on business.

An invitation was received to visit Carleton College at Northfield, Minn., on Saturday afternoon.

A resolution on secret societies was received and referred to the committee on business.

New Haven West Conference, Conn.1 -Resolutions. Resolutions from New Haven West Conference, of Connecticut, were received and disposed of as follows :

1. Resolutions on the relations of our national benevolent societies to each other were referred to the committee of 1892 on that subject.

2. A resolution on the relations of said societies to the churches was referred to the committee of 1892 on that subject.

3. A resolution on the qualifications of candidates for missionary service was referred to the following committee? :

Rev. Charles R. Palmer, of Connecticut; Walter K. Bigelow, of Massachusetts ; Rev. Amory H. Bradford, of New Jersey ; Franklin Fairbanks, of Vermont; Rev. James G. Johnson, of Illinois ; Rev. Arthur Little, of Massachusetts ; Rev. Newman Smyth, of Connecticut.

Devotion. Mission schools. The body spent half an hour in devotion, led by Rev. Wolcott Calkins of Massachusetts.

The business committee reported the following, which was adopted :

Whereas, there have been found to be in twenty-five states and territories nine bundred and fifty Sunday schools known as Congregational, with 45,000 members, in the care of persons employed by Congregationalists in missionary work, but which are not yet directly connected with Congregational churches, and therefore are not reported in our Year Book; and whereas, the fact that these schools are not included in our denominational statistics causes embarrassment to our Sunday school workers, misleads the public as to the extent and strength of our work, and sometimes hinders the development of these Sunday schools into Congregational churches, therefore

'Page 294. ? Page 27.

Resolved, That the secretary of the Council be directed to publish in the Year Book the statistics of at least the name and membership of each of these Sunday schools in each state, so far as they are reported by the state secretaries.

Secretary, registrar, and treasurer. Rev. Henry A. Hazen, of Massachusetts, was elected secretary ; Rev. William H. Moore, of Connecticut, was elected registrar, and Rev. Samuel B. Forbes, of Connecticut, was elected treasurer, each for three years.

New Mexico and Arizona. Resolutions from New Mexico and Arizona on the relations of our national benevolent societies to the churches, were received and referred to the committee of 1892 on that subject.

Publishing committee. Revs. Alonzo H. Quint and Albert E. Dunning, of Massachusetts, and the secretary, the registrar, and the treasurer were made the publishing committee for the next three years.

Committees on statements of the societies and seminaries. Committees were appointed as follows : On statement of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign

Missions. Rev. Richard Cordley, of Kansas; Rev. Andrew W. Archibald, of Iowa ; Rev. Warren F. Day, of Illinois ; Rev. Albert E. Dunning, of Massachusetts ; William J. Mulford, of Michigan; Rev. John W. Simpson, of Ohio; Rev. William H. Ward, of New York.

On statement of American College and Education Society. Rev. Charles R. Palmer, of Connecticut; Herbert M. Dixon, of New York; Rev. Samuel L. Loomis, of New Jersey ; Rev. Marcus W. Montgomery, of Illinois ; Rev. A. Hastings Ross, of Michigan.

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