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THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES OF THE UNITED STATES convened for its eighth session in Plymouth church, Minneapolis, Minn., at 10 A. M., Wednesday, Oct. 12, 1892, and was called to order by Cyrus Northrop, of Minnesota, moderator of 1889.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Julian M. Sturtevant, of Illinois.


Rev. George H. Wells, pastor of the church, gave an address of welcome.


The moderator appointed the following tellers :

Rev. Samuel H. Barnum, of Vermont; Rev. Allen S. Bush, of Kansas; Rev. Henry A. Bushnell, of Illinois ; Rev. Edward B. Furbish, of New Jersey; Edward J. Goodrich, of Ohio; Rev. E. Lyman Hood, of New Mexico.

Committee on nominations. At the nomination of the moderator, the following were appointed a committee on nominations :

Rev. James G. Merrill, of Maine; Rev. Franklin S. Fitch, of New York; Rev. George E. Hall, of New Hampshire; Rev. George C. Rowe, of South Carolina ; Rev. Henry C. Simmons, of North Dakota ; Rev. William D. Williams, of California ; Charles A. Woods, of Minnesota.

Organization. Credentials were gathered from which the names of members were read by the secretary. The roll, as subsequently reported by the committee on credentials, and completed, was as follows:





Congregational Association. - Rev. Fountain G. Ragland, Rev. Henry S. DeForest.

Houston Conference. - Rev. Stephen E. Bassett.
Troy Conference. - Rev. J. J. Stallings.

ARIZONA. (See New Mexico.)




General Association. Rev. Charles (). Brown.
Bay Conference. — Rev. William D. Williams, John L. Barker.
Humboldt Association. Rev. Griffith Griffiths.
Mokelumne Association.
Mt. Shasta Association.
Sacramento Valley Association.
San Joaquin Valley Association. -
Santa Clara Association.
Upper Bay Conference.
Los Angeles Association.-
San Bernardino Association.


Congregational Association. - Rev. George E. Paddock.
Arkansas Valley Association.
Denver Association. – Rev. Henry E. Thayer.
Southwestern Association. - Rev. Samuel F. Dickinson.

General Conference. – Rev. Newman Smyth, Rev. Thomas K.
Noble, Rev. Jonathan L. R. Wyckoff.

Central Conference. --
Fairfield East Consociation. Rev. Charles R. Palmer.
Fairfield West Consociation. Edward W. Marsh.
Farmington Valley Conference. -

Hartford Conference. —
Hartford East Conference. —
Litchfield Northeast Conference. — Rev. John P. Hawley.
Litchfield Northwest Conference.

Litchfield South Consociation. - Rev. Charles Symington, Rev. Frank A. Johnson.

Middlesex Conference. — Rev. Henry G. Marshall, Rev. Bernard Paine, Lucius R. Hazen.

Naugatuck Valley Conference. - Rev. John G. Davenport.
New Haven East Consociation. Thomas E. Merwin.
New Haven West Conference.

New London Conference. -Rev. Samuel H. Howe, Hezekiah L. Reade.

Tolland Conference. —
Windham Conference. —

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Washington Conference. Rev. Charles H. Small.

General Association.
Western District Conference. -
East Coast Conference.
St. John's River Conference. -

Congregational Conference.
Atlanta Conference.-
Flint River Conference. --
Congregational Association. — Rev. George C. Rowe.

IDAHO.-(with UTAH.)


General Association. Rev. Frederic S. Hayden, Rev. David Beaton, William A. Talcott.

Aurora Association. — Ralph C. Curtiss.
Bureau Association. Rev. Nicholas T. Edwards.
Central Association.

Central East Association.

Central West Association. - Rev. William R. Butcher, Rev. Henry A. Bushnell, Rev. Julian M. Sturtevant.

Chicago Association. Rev. Frederick A. Noble, William E. Hale, Rev. Prof. Samuel I. Curtiss, Samuel S. Rogers, Rev. Marcus W. Montgomery, Edward D. Redington, Rev. Quincy L. Dowd.

Elgin Association. Rev. Charles A. Blanchard.

Fox River Association. Rev. Warren F. Day, Rev. Charles C. Warner.

Quincy Association. — Rev. Samuel H. Dana, Rev. William Burgess.

Rockford Association. Rev. Walter M. Barrows, Rev. Albert W. Safford.

Rock River Association.

Southern Association. Rev. Dana Sherrill, Rev. Frank B. Hines.

Springfield Association. Rev. John B. Fairbank, Lemuel Parsons.

General Association. Rev. Nathaniel A. Hyde.

Central Association. - Rev. John H. Crum, Rev. Edward D. Curtis.

Northeastern Association.
Northwestern Association. Rev. Dwight P. Breed.
Southern Association.

General Association. - Rev. George F. Magoun, Rev. James B.
Chase, Rev. Alden B. Robbins.

Central Association. Rev. Francis J. Douglass, Rev. Palmer Litts.

Council Blu.ffs Association. Rev. Edwin S. Hill, Rev. John M. Turner, Charles F. Crose, Alfred D. French.

Davenport Association. – Rev. Andrew W. Archibald, Rev. Frank T. Lee.

Denmark Association. – Rev. Osgood W. Rogers.
Des Moines River Association. -Rev. John W. Geiger.

Dubuque Association. - Rev. Gurney M. Orvis, Rev. Ariel A. Baker, Thomas E. Booth.

German Association. Rev. Moritz E. Eversz.

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