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the regular list of reading has been completed. Such review will be found useful for coördinating and reëstablishing what otherwise might be random impressions or half-shaped memories. Such a review will be found particularly valuable in preparation for college examinations which now stress power of generalization and variety of information rather than minute knowledge of minute facts.

The book may be used as a source for exercises since all the exercises either are directly based upon the books commonly read in schools or may be readily adapted to them. Used in this way, the book may help to solve the problem of outside reading, since many of the exercises may be used for reporting on books read by the student in his own time. Incidentally, the large number of quotations both in text and in exercises may be found useful for memorizing.

Finally, this book may be used to replace the regular text in the history of English literature, since it gives in compact form the essentials of such work. Time thus saved may be used for work directly with the types of literature.


We desire to express our sincere thanks to the teachers of the Springfield Central High School for many helpful suggestions. We are indebted to Miss Nancy Pope, Mt. Holyoke College, 1927; Mr. F. T. Pope of the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation; Miss Belle Boas, Director of Art in the Horace Mann School; Miss Jean E. Spaulding, Curator of the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum of Columbia University; and Professor Brander Matthews for generous aid with the illustrations.

To Louise Schutz Boas are due our warmest thanks for her invaluable aid in the preparation of the manuscript.



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