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bis House.

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their dark, as well as their bright Sides. That Love of Truth which is essential to bim, and appears in all his

Actions, would not let_bim spare the Man after his own Heart, but he would perpetuate in everlasting Records, the Memory of bis blackest Crimes, which bave since been read in almost all Languages, and for which the Sword never departed from

Sect. 5. Wherefore though I cannot promise, (because it is not in my Power) to write the most exemplary Life of this Holy and Learned Man, with that Justness of Style, in which all Lives, but such as bis more especially, ought to be penn'd; yet I promise to write it with all that Exactness of Truth, and Impartiality, that God, and good Men will exped from me : As knowing, that should I write it otherwise, I should be afraid to appear with him at the Day of Judgment, who dy'd a Confessor for Truth, and was

hile he lived, so strict an Observer of it, that he would never give himself the

A 4 Liberty

Liberty to speak or write an officious, or so much as a jocular Lye. Nay, be could never satisfy bimself to call "absconding Persons in Times of greatest Danger by their borrowed Names, as I shall have Occasion to tell in this Account of his exemplary Life, which I would much rather have had written by another and better Pen. But because I knew him longer, and better, than any of his Spervivors, and was many Tears in the most intimate Measures of Friendship with him, therefore some of his best Friends did engage me to write

it, which I confess I promised, not then foreseeing that another Undertaking, I had entred upon a little before Mr. Kettlewell Dyed, would have made it so difficult für me to find Time enough to perform my Promise, and also so ruch unfitted me for Writing any Thing in English, much more a Life which should be penn’dina Style, as exact as it self, and deserves to be adorn’d with all the Purity, Force, and Propriety of the English Tongue. But Men must


keep their Promises, as well as their Oaths, though it be to their Hinderance ; and therefore, beseeching God, with whom be is in Bliss, to enable me to bring it to a bappy Conclusion, I bere begin it with a Resolution, by Divine Afiftance, not only to write it with Truth, but Meekness, and in such soft and gentle Expressions, concerning some incident Passages, and Persons, as would have dropt from bis Pen, bad be, who was so great an Example of Patience and Meekness, written it himself.


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IS Descent was from an ancient His Fami-

Family of good Note, in the ly and Pa-
lower Rank of Gentry, in the rentage.

North-Riding of Yorkshire. His
Great Grand-father was a Merchant Adven-


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