Culture, Racism, and Family: Letters to My Children

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 120 pages

You become a part of the excitement and desperation of the men in the "Silent Service" as the United States is dragged into World War II. Through the activities of a new submarine and its commander you experience the realities and frustrations of submarine warfare.

This story weaves its many colorful characters in with actual events and people of the times and the reader is hard put to know what is history and what is fiction. You are taken to South Africa, the Red Sea, the Philippines and Australia as the Angler and its crew fight Germans, Japanese and mechanical malfunctions; all equally deadly. The action is intense as the Angler evades and sinks German E-boats and Japanese destroyers while pressing home its attacks on merchant shipping.

When on shore, Commander Cullison, ever the lady's man, makes ample use of his time to pursue a red headed Australian rancher who knows what she wants. The activities of Dusty and Cullison in South Africa and Australia are filled with unexpected adventures on lonely beaches, jungles and an "oasis" in the "outback."

This is a "must read" for anyone interested in Naval warfare.

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