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OUR- beloved friend, Job Scott, was born in Providence, the 18th of Tenth month, 1751, new style, in that part of it now North Providence. · His parents were John and LYDIA Scott, who gave him such opportunities as that through his turn for literary improvement, he acquired both a competent share of common school learning, and made some progress in some other branches of literature.

In his young years, it appears, that by disregarding the reproofs of instruction manifested in his own mind, he was drawn into vanity, dissipation, and folly. Repeated and great were his conflicts between his depraved propensities and the convictions of Truth; but the latter humbling and melting his heart into contrition, he was graciously favoured to see the evil of his ways, and the destruction which awaited him if he did not reject the tempter, forsake his wicked companions, and turn to the Lord, in obedience to his holy law written in his heart; until at length he'so learned obedience by the things which he suffered, that he gave up to the operations of the Spirit of Christ upon him, in the faith of its divinė, restraining, preserving, and sanctifying power; and therein experienced the consolation of his heavenly Father's love.

Being thus humbled under the various turninge of the Lord's hand upon him, and clearly convinced of the power and efficacy of the distin. guishing principle of our holy profession, viz. the Light of Christ within man, as God's gift for his salvation, he requested the care, and became a member, of the Monthly Meeting of Smithfield, then extending to Providence; and being of strong - and ready abilities, and his mind improved and enlarged by the sanctifying power of truth, he was enabled and zealously and very usefully disposed, for the promotion of the cause of righteousness in which he was engaged.

- Ilaving in the school of Christ measurably learned the mystery of the fall and restoration of man, and to understand the Scriptures and pertinently to apply them, he was brought under the preparing hand of the Lord for the work of the ministry : under which dispensation his soul was deeply baptized and brought under great sympathy with seeking souls, who were travailing in birth that Christ might be formed in them; to whom he was at times and seasons enabled powerfully to administer encouragement and consolation. Thus, frank several -. years, as well as by letters and epistles, for which he was eminently gifted with instructive and edifying talents, he laboured for the promotion of the cause of Trutlı, now become precious in his sight; and about the 28d year of his age he appeared in the ministry, at a public meeting in Providence, expressive of the desire of his soul, that Sion might arise and shake herself from the dust of the earth, and 6 put on her beautiful garments. The gravity in which he appeared, the sympathy which was felt, and the solemnity of that season, are refreshingly remembered by some to the present day.

At this time he taught a school in Providence, in which employ he continued for several years, and afterwards in Smithfield, much to the satisfaction of his employers, and of the children and youth under his care; whose confidence and affections he very generally gained and preserved; to some of whom his memory is yet precious. In his attendance of all our religious meetings, and in the various duties of private life, as well as in the relations of son, husband, parent, and neighbour, he was truly exemplary. His appearance in the ministry was not very frequent when at home; and he was frequently led into an example of silence when abroad;

sincumcurect not to minister without fresh anjinting, and careful in attending closely to the turnings of the key of David; 'well knowing when that shuts none can open;

and therefore, when he perceived his subject to close and the life withdraw, however clear his opening and free the spring of life had been at his begin. ning, he would suddenly sit down, however in the cross : for he had a testimony to bear against all superficial and lifeless ministry, and very exemplarily avoided it.

His first visit abroad was to the northerly parts of the Yearly Meeting of New York, which proved a season of close probation and conflict of mind; yet endeavouring to attend to the pointings of


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