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bereavements; religion enables him to find a sweet repose in God his best friend, and conducts his hopes to a speedy and delightful re-union, in the regions of the blessed, with those pure and virtuous souls who were here most dear to his heart. In like manner, if poverty overwhelm him, or his faireft poffellions have been blasted by the firoke of divine providence, are they not infinitely more than compensated in that heavenly inheritance to which, by divine grace, he is born? --And, when death comes to diffolve the temporary and decaying tabernacle in which he had fojourned in this barren wilderness, can he be dismayed, or yield to impious fears, when he fees beyond its flood the land of promised reft, in which there is prepared for him a building of God, an house not made wiih hands, eternal in the heavens !

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Blefjed are the dead who die in the Lord-yea, fuith the Spirit, that they may rift from their labours, and their works do follow them !


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Page 119, line 1, for the, read all
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Page 122, line 6, for assential read efsential
Page 126, note, for peckerese, read pecherese
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Page 309, line 3, for drew read draw
Page 318, note, line 1, for illuminatti, read illuminati
Page 321, line 3, after but, insert they
Page 331, line 4, for friendly, read finally
Page 338, line 9, for breasts, read breast
Page 353, line 12, for currupt, read corrupt
Page 370, line 8, for they, read you

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do. line 14, strike out before on Page 387, line 10, for dejtrallion, read distraction Page 405, line 7, for uncovered, read undiscovered Page 411, line 18, strike out men Page 430, line 21, for even read ever



The Forgiveness of Injuries.



The Forgiveness of Injuries---fecond Dif

courje-ike Excellence and Reajor-
ableness of this Duty.



Òn the Pleafures of Religion.


DISCOURSE XII. On Secret Faults.

303 DISCOURSE XIII. On Public Vices.

333 DISCOURSE XIV. On Death-the Uncertainty of Inter

efling Event, and the Proper In-
provement of it.

360 DISCOURSE XV. On the Laf Judgment.

DISCOURSE XVI. On the Happinefs of Good Men in a Future State.



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