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AN Indenture, bearing date July 21, 1768, sets forth, "That the right reverend WILLIAM Lord

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Bishop of Gloucester has transferred the sum of "500 l. Bank four per cent. annuities consolidated, "to the right honourable WILLIAM LORD MANSCL FIELD, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's "Court of King's Bench, the right honourable "SIR JOHN EARDLY WILMOT, Lord Chief Jus"tice of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, " and the honourable CHARLES YORKE, of Lin"coln's-Inn, in the county of Middlesex, UPON 66 TRUST, for the purpose of founding a Lecture, "in the form of a Sermon, To prove the truth of "revealed Religion, in general, and of the Christian "in particular, from the completion of the prophecies

* This noble and eminent person was the second son of the Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. He had been, for many years, in the first reputation at the Bar; and, having passed through the offices of Solicitor and Attorney General, was, himself, made Lord Chancellor in January, 1770, but died soon after his appointment to that high dignity-Luctuosum hoc suis; acerbum patriæ; grave bonis omnibus. CIC.

"in the Old and New Testament, which relate to "the Christian church, especially to the apostasy of


Papal Rome: That, in case of any vacancy in "this trust by the decease of any one or more of "the above-mentioned Trustees, the place or places "shall be filled up, from time to time and as occasion may require, by the surviving Trustees, or Trustee,

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or by the Executors of the survivor of them :— "That the Trustees shall appoint the Preacher of "Lincoln's-Inn for the time being, or some other able "Divine of the Church of England, to preach this "Lecture: That the Lecture shall be preached "every year in the Chapel of Lincoln's-Inn (if the society give leave*) and on the following days, viz. "the first Sunday after Michaelmas Term, the Sunday next before, and the Sunday next after Hilary Term: That the Lecturer shall not preach "the said Lecture longer than for the term of FOUR

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YEARS, and shall not again be nominated to preach "the same: And, when the term of four years is "expired, that the said Lecturer shall print and

publish, or cause to be printed and published, all the "Sermons or Lectures, that shall have been so "preached by him."

*The Society have given leave that this Lecture be preached in their Chapel, and on the days specified.

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