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tećted of that faét, which only justifies such criminations.

But however free we can approve ourselves of actions prejudicial to the civil government; it is most certain we have not suffered a little, as criminals, and therefore have been far from being free from sufferings; indeed, in some respect, horrid plunders: widows have lost their cows, orphans their beds, and labourers their tools. A tragedy so sad, that methinks it should oblige them to do in England as they did at Athens: when they had sacrificed their divine Socrates to the sottish fury of their lewd and comical multitude, they so regretted their hasty murder, that not only the memorial of Socrates was most venerable with them, but his enemies they esteemed so much theirs, that none would trade or hold the least commerce with them; for which some turned their own executioners, and without any other warrant than their own guilt, hanged themselves. How near a-kin the wretched mercenary informers of our age are to those, the great resemblance that is betwixt their actions manifestly shews.

And we are bold to say, the grand fomentors of persecution are no better friends to the Fnglish state, than were Anytus and Aristophanes of old to that of Athens; the case being so nearly the same, as they did not more bitterly envy the reputation of Socrates amongst the Athenians for his grave and religious lectures (thereby giving the youth a diversion from frequenting their plays) than some now emulate the true diffenter, for his pious life, and great industry.

And as that famous. common-wealth was noted to decline, and the most observing persons of it dated its decay from that illegal and ingrateful carriage towards Socrates (witness their dreadful plagues, with other multiplied disasters) so it is not less worthy observation, that heaven hath not been wholly wanting to scourge this land, for, as well their cruelty to the çonscientious, as their other multiplied provocations.

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