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name of the author : first will serve the bookseller's purpose, as Yorick's name is pofsibly of the two the more

and the second will ease the minds of those who see a jest, and the danger which lurks under it, where no jest was meant.


I suppofe it is needless to inform the publick, that the reason of printing these sermons, arises altogether from


the favourable reception, which the sermon given as a sample of them in TRISTRAM SHANDY, met with from the : world;

That sermon was printed by itself fome years ago, but could find neither purchasers or readers, so that I apprehended little hazard from a promise I made upon

its publication, " That if the « fermon

was liked, these " should be also at the world's « service;" which, to be as



good as my word, they here are, and I pray to God, they may do the service I wish it. I have little to say in their behalf, except this, that not one of them was composed with any thoughts of being printed, they have been haftily

the marks of it along with them. This may be no recommendation;

- I mean it however as such; for as the fernions turn chiefly upon philanthropy, and those

wrote, and

and carry

kindred virtues to it, upon which hang all the law and the prophets, I trust they will be no less felt, or worse received, for the evidence they bear, of proceeding more from the heart than the head. I have nothing to add, but that the reader, upon old and beaten subjects, must not look for many new thoughts,

'tis well if he has new language ; in three or four pafsages, where he has neither

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the one or the other, I have quoted the author I made free with there are some other paffages, where I suspect I may have taken the same liberty,

but 'tis only suspicion, for I do not remember it is so, otherwise I should have restored them to their proper owners, fo that I put it in here more as a general saving, than from a consciousness of having much to answer for upon that score :

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