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ANTEDILUVIAN HISTORY. - The Rev. each. The members of the committee E. D. Rendell's “Antediluvian History" have subscribed for about fifty copies of having proved acceptable to the church, this book, and it is hoped that some the committee of the Missionary and liberal friends will, individually, place Tract Society of the New Church have £5. in the committee's hands, and secure purchased from the publisher the re- the circulation of forty copies. If, in the mainder of the second edition, consisting New Church, twenty-five friends can be of 1750 copies, at about the cost price of found to give, on an average, £5. eachthe work; and are now enabled to offer and some, it is hoped, will be even more it for sale at 2s. 6d. per copy, instead of generous—no less than a thousand copies at the published price of 5s. The com- of this important New Church work can mittee feel that the more rapid and be immediately put into circulation. extensive circulation of this work—con- Subscriptions will be received by the taining a good exposition of the internal treasurer, Mr. E. C. Sandy, Louisa sense of the Scriptures, upon a subject Villa, Alleyn, Norwood, London, S.; by possessing at the present day peculiar Mr. C. P. Alvey, 36, Bloomsbury-street, interest-would be useful to the cause of W.C.; or by the secretary, Mr. F. Pittruth, and they believe that the friends man, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C. of the church will cheerfully respond to the present appeal for aid on behalf of

Obituary. the step taken.

Departed this life, at Sale, Aug. 20th, The committee have long been im- 1864, aged 66 years, Mary, relict of the pressed with the fact that the circulation late Mr. John Bate, formerly of Marple, of books is one of the least expensive Cheshire. An esteemed member of the modes, while it is a very effective one, New Church, she was warmly attached of disseminating the doctrines of the to its teachings, and evidenced their influchurch. Of “ The Future Life” many ence upon her in a life of kindness and thousand copies have been sold, at lec- affection to all around her. She often tures or otherwise, since the society pur- said, “ There is no happiness but in chased the work, and reduced the price; goodness ;” and her chief delight was in but while a New Church work retains the aiding others to realise the same great ordinary market price, there is hardly a truth. Patient and resigned during her possibility of creating a large sale. _The illness, she slept in Jesus, to awake in committee of the Missionary and Tract that land “where the weary are at rest." Society have ventured to purchase this work; and they believe that, as they are Departed this life, November 10th, at enabled to offer it, handsomely bound in Benyon - road, De Beauvoir - town, Loncloth, at 2s. 6d. per copy, it will have an don, Mrs. Sarah Ann Eschmann, of extensive sale, such as could not, under

She had suffered greatly from any circumstances, be expected at 58., her severe malady during the last three while the fact that the society issues the years, but did not allow this to prevent work will of itself be a strong recom- her from frequently attending the sermendation. The committee, therefore, vices of the church while she was able. invite all who desire to see employed the Mrs. Eckmann was a member of the most efficient means of spreading the Islington society, which, small as it is, knowledge of the heavenly doctrines, has already furnished a little society for cordially to assist, by subscriptions, on the spiritual world. May the Lord grant the present occasion.

that the removal of our fellow-members Subscribers can receive the whole or may usefully remind all their survivors of any portion of the amount of their sub- the uncertainty of this life, and of the need scriptions in copies of the work, at 2s. 6d. of preparing for that which is to come!



TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. All communications to be sent to the Editor, the Rev. W. BRUCE, 43, Kensington Gardens Square, London, W. To ensure insertion in the forthcoming Number, communications must be received not later than the 15th of the month, except recent intelligence, which will be received till the 18th.

In the first column of page 533, line 8, in the last Number, for “Seventhread

Christian;" and line 19, for “were to close” read “were noticed.

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The Restoration of the Intellectual Prin-

ciple of the Church. (Jer. xxxi. 6.)

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The Worship of the Church : its Object

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“ Touch Me Not.” (John xx. 17.) Rev.

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Remains. (Isa. i. 9.) Mr. Samuel M.

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“Give us this day our daily bread.”

(Matt. vi. 11.) Rev. 0. P. Hiller, 489.
The Prodigal Son. Rev. S. Noble, 274.

Address to the Manchester Printing

Society of the New Jerusalem Church,

Address to the New Church Society at

Bristol, 463.
Address from the General Conference

to the Members of the New Church

in Great Britain and Ireland, 393.
Address to the Swedenborg Society, 314.
Colenso, Bishop, 125.
Conference, General, 381.
Difference in different Editions of the

Eleventh Volume of the Arcana, 457.
Elijah the Tishbite, 500, 553.
“Essays and Reviews," Judgment of

the Privy Council in the case of the.-
Trial and Deposition of Bishop

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Evil—The Origin of Evil an Origin of

Idealism, 297, 360, 397.
Interpretation of Romans iii., 230.
Kant's Opinion about Swedenborg, 345.
Kant and Swedenborg, 441, 537.
Lord's Prayer in the Early Christian

Church, 323.
Lyell's, Sir Charles, Speech at Bath, 497.
Marriage, 549.
New Church, Position of the, 105.
Oneness of the Divine Being in the

Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, 220.
Oxford Declaration, 239.
Pantheism, Tendency to, of Educated

Native India compared to that of
Modern Christendom, by the Indian
Bishops, 369.
Phenomena of Plant - Life. No. I.-
Winter, 70.

No. II.-Early Spring, 129.
No. III.-April, 166.
No. IV.-Leaves, 234.
No. V.-Structure of Flowers, 308.
No. VI.--Flowerless Plants, 363.

No. VII.-Fruits and Autumnal
Days, 508.
Purpose of Life, 17, 110, 153, 404.
Reasons for Exchanging the Faith of the

State, not of Substance, 419, 466, 512,

Gems of Thought, 323.
Heaven and Earth, the Connection of,

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Old Church for that of the New, 75.
Religion, Philosophy, and Literature,

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Spiritual aud Temporal Riches, 176.
Spiritual World, 115, 158.
Satisfaction, 448.
Smithson, Memoir of the late Rev. J. H.,

- Reminiscences of, 256.
Swedenborg's Leading Doctrines, 179.
Tafel—(see also under“ Miscellaneous”)

Incidents in the Journey to Tübingen
of Messrs. Bayley and Watson, 39.

The Tafel Fund, 182.

Dr. Tafel's Latin Editions, 183.
Theological Essays—The Word and its

Inspiration, 265, 353, 458, 542.

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“ Praise we the Lord !” 451.
The Land o' the Leal, 191.
The True Object of Praise, 142.

A Chapter on Slavery: presenting a

Sketch of its Origin and History, with
Reasons for its Permission, and pro-
bable manner of its Removal. By the

Rev. 0. Prescott Hiller. 188.
Anti-Colenso, by Johannes Laicus, 82.
British and Garden Botany, by Leo. H.

Grindon, 521.
Emanuel Swedenborg, aud other Poems,

by M. A. C., Authoress of “Martin

," "Norman Abbey,” &c., 325.
Instances of the Power of God as mani.

fested in His Animal Creation : a
Lecture, by Professor Richard Owen,

D.C.L., F.R.S., 184.
Juvenile Magaziue, 323.
Life, by Leo. H. Grindon, 135.
Memorials of the late F. 0. Finch, with

Selections from his Writings, 569.
Our Eternal Homes. By a Bible Student,

Plain Lessons from the Holy Word, in

the form of Questions and Answers
between Parent and Child, by the late
Alexander Kinmore, A.M., America,

Poems by a New Churchwoman, 138.
Posthumous Remarks of Professor Tafel

on the Work of M. Matter, 139.
Russian Translation of the Treatise on

the Divine Love aud the Divine Wis-

dom, 137.
Sermons on Various Subjects, delivered

at the New Church, Henry-street,

Bath, by the Rev. James Keene, 186.
Seven Stories for Children, by Mary C.

Hume, 134.
Spiritual Meditations for Every Day in

the Year, 81.
The Antediluvian History, aud the Nar-

rative of the Flood, as set forth in the
early portions of the Book of Genesis,
critically Examined and Explained,
by the Rev. E. D. Rendell, of Preston,

Thoughts, Past and Present, on Love

and Life, by D. R. M‘Nab, 138.

Address of Sympathy, 339.
Adelaide, 343.
Africa. 102.
Antediluvian History, 580.
Argyle-square, London, 193, 533.
Argyle - square Junior Members' So-

ciety, London, 338, 577.
Baptismal Regeneration, 527.
Bath, 50, 95, 437, 532.
Bath-Ordination Service, 51.
Birmingham, Hockley Society, 192, 576
Birmingham-Hockley-street: Visit of

the Rev. J. Hyde, 53.
Birmingham, Summer-lane, 97, 293.
Blackburn, 528.
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Bolton, 49, 144, 384.
Bolton Society, Encouraging Prospects

of the, and the Results of the Brind-

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Dr. Colenso, Trial of, 125, 149.
Cross-street, 484.
Dalton, 95.
Dalton-Ordination of Mr. T. L. Mars-

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Finch, the late Mr. Oliver Francis, 148.
Glasgow, 245.
Greenock, 50.
Haslingden, Dearden Gate, 98.
Heywood, 49
Hull, 388.
Hull-An appeal from the Society, 46.
Hull—New Year's Eve, 96.
Hymn Book, New Church Sunday-

School, 55.


An Infant of a Day, 141.
A Voice from Heaven, 264.
A Wish, 525.
Burial of the Pastor's Widow, 307.
“Let me go Home!” 313.
Lines on reading an extract from the

Works of Holyoake, 284.
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[blocks in formation]


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Examination, 579. New Religious Movement, 242. Northampton, 50, 52, 486. Norway, 55. Norwich, 98, 528. Notices, 483. Nottingham-Hedderley-street Society,

53, 293, 578. Nottingham, Hedderley-street-Presen

tation to Mr. John Bayley, 146. Nottingham, Shakespear-street, 95. Nottingham Sunday School, 340. Nova Scotia, Colchester County, 101. One Church should have One Name, 193.

Oswaldtwistle, 576.
Preston-Presentation to the Rev. E.

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Prize Essays, 52.
Ramsbottom, 145, 244, 292, 577.
Rothery-Gratifying Testimonial to the

Rev. William Rothery, late of Workington, 389. St. Ives, Hunts., 291, 574. Saviour's Right to Divine Worship Vin

dicated, 337. Sheffield, 292, 528, 577. Snodland, Kent, 291, 386, 575. Spain, 341. Students' and Ministers' Aid Fund, 327,

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Editions of, 98. Smithson's, Rev. J. H., Last Lectures,

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sionary and Colportage Association,

529. Yorkshire, 143.


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Mr. George Ashton, jun., to Miss Betsy

Lee, 196. Mr. Samuel Barton, jun., to Miss Ellen

Fosbrooke, 150. Mr. John Wm. Bagley to Miss M. Spink,

103. Mr. Joseph Booth to Miss Hannah

Smith, 196. William Clarke, Esq., to Miss Harriet

Maria East, 487. Mr. James Cunliffe to Miss Margaret

Selby, 439. Mr. Lancelot Davidson to Miss Fanny

Elizabeth Ray, 534. Thomas Harvey, Esq. to Miss Sophia

Griggs, 103. Mr. Thomas Hepburn to Miss Rebecca

Elizabeth Grillien, 534.

Rev. 0. Prescott Hiller to Miss Emma

Ann Stokes, 103.

Mr. George Holme, jun., to Miss Clara

Clemson, 439.

Mr. Alfred Martin to Miss Elizabeth

Riches, 103.

Mr. John F. Potts, B.A., to Miss Mary

Watson, 534.
Rev. William Rothery to Miss Mary

Catherine Hume, 391.
Mr. Frederick W. Sellence to Miss Eli-

zabeth Root, 534.
Mr. James W. Simpson to Miss Amelia

Knight, 487.
Mr. William Booth Swann to Miss Mary

Jane Boocock, 439.

Mr. Isaac Whittaker to Miss Sarah Ellen

Livsey, 56.


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