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acknowledge with the liveliest gratitude thy fatherly compassion and care.

I desire, () Lord! to love Thee with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all niy strength. I see it to be perfectly fit and right that Thou shouldest be the object of the highest exertions of gratitude which I am capable of making, and that I ought joyfully to submit to all thy dispensations. Accept then, I humbly beseech Thee, the serious and devout dedication of myself to Thee my God, and strengthen and confirm the fixed purpose of my soul to live to Thee, and act agreeably to thy holy and blesser will.

Whether the path in which I may be called to walk shall be smooth or ruggeil, easy or difficult, light or overclouded, I pray that I may walk with tirmness and alacrity, persuaded, that while I love, revere, and obey 'Thee, I shall be approaching to that happiness for which Thou hast desigued me. 0 let this persuasiou comfort and rejoice' iny soul durmg my pilgrimage on earth. Let me ever be looking to Theeas the rock on which I may securely depend as the anchor of my hopes as the sure foundation which will never fail, nor ever disappoint the expectations which 1 may reasonably indulge.

May the conviction that Thou watchest over me for my good, be at all times present to my mind, and become so intimately united with all my thonghts and sentiments, that I may be growing daily more virtuous, more tranquil an:1 happy. Grant that nothing in future life way ever estrange my heart from Thee, nor ever efface from niy mind the indissoluble connectivu which Thou hast ordained between Virtue and happiness on the one hand, and between disobedience and misery on the other. And may the firm belief of this ever prove to ine, and to all thy children in every part of the earth, an abundant source of consolation and joy.

Most devoutly would I pour out the prayer of intercession to Thee, the supreme Ruler of the universe! for the welfare and comfort of every nation, every family, and every individual that lives. May it please Thee to bestow upon all, those mercies, both teniporal and spiritual, which their several cases ind circumstances may require; and may thy bounty and goodness in granting them produce their proper fruits of gratitude and obedience.

Grant that all men everywhere may be speedily blessed with the light of the gospel, and be brought to know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent. May thy ancient people (the Jews) be converted to the faith of the gospel, and the fulness of the Gentiles be brought in. May all who profess the faith of the gospel live in dutiful obedience to thy holy will, and let their light so shine before them, that men may see their good works, and glorify Thee their Father in heaven.

In behalf of all who suffer under affiction and trouble of any kind, I implore thy merciful regards. Remove or mitigate their sorrow and distress-supply their wants-lay no more upon them than Thou wilt enable them to bear with unrepining patience, and grant them a happy and joyful deliverance. May all their sufferings be sanctified to them, and produce the peaceable fruits of righteousness in the hearts and lives of themselves and all that are connected with them, so that thy


gracious and benevolentint noinne in amicting them may be happily accomplisbe l.

Bless all my relations, trieuds, and benefactors with whatever is necessary for life and godliness; and, by a wise and becoming improvement of thy mercies here, may tiey be gradually forming to a blessed fitness for the glories of thy pre- . sence and kingdom when time shall be no

Direct all who inourn for the sins and follies of mankind to adopt the most prudent and judicious expedients to correct and annend them. May, a spirit of reformation shew itself amongst all rauks and classes of society, and may the efforts of those who would check and stitie it be feeble and unavailing.

Give wisdom to parents to watch over the education of their offspring with unceasing diligence and care. Enable them to discern, in their earliest stage, those propensities which being overlooked may bring after then the most afflictive and unhappy

appy consequences. Implant in the bosoms of the young a iemper of really and cheerful compliance with the reasonable wines and commands of their superiors in age and kuowledge, and dispuse them to

act at all times upon the true principles of filial piety, gratitude, and love.

O Lord my God! vouchsafe to hear my prayers—to accept my praises—and to bless, prosper, and sanctify to me the duty I have now endeavoured to discharge. Pass by the imperfections and deficiencies which cannot but be visible to thy penetrating eye; and as my years shall by thy mercy be protracted upon the earth, may I be enabled to approach nearer and nearer to that standard of excellence which Thou hast appointed in the gaspel of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world.

And now with all possible reverence, homage, and humility, I would devoutly and gratefully ascribe unto Thee all power, glory, blessing, and praise, henceforth and for evermore.Amen.

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