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preserved from error and sin, and that the painful feeling of remorse may be a stranger to my soul. Enable me to cultivate that purity of heart and life which shall establish within me the firmest confidence in Thee, and set my mind free from all anxiety and worldly care.

Permit me, gracious God! to include in my prayer the interests of every individual that lives upon the earth.

All are equally the work of thy hands, all the objects of thy care, and for ihem -as for myself I would devoutly entreat and implore every blessing. May they be brought to know, love, and esteem each other as brethren, and become truly united under Christ, whom Thou hast appointed to be head over all things to thy Church.

Grant that all who are suffering under poverty, sickness, sorrow, or distress of any kind, may receive from Thee all the consolation which their several troubles require. May their trials be sanctified to theinselves and to all who are connected with them, that thy kind intentions in sending them may be accomplished, and the most blessed effects flow from what wears the darkest aspect in their passage through this world,

Light up in the breasts of all mankind a pure flame of brotherly love and goodwill, that men may be everywhere helpers of each other's joy, and cheerfully contribute, as much as in them lies, to the increase of general happiness here, and to the qualifications of their brethren for the attainment of thy promised mercies in the world to come. Incline the hearts of the rich and powerful to acts of humanity and, compassion towards those who enjoy a less sliare of the visible bounties of thy hand. Teach them to be mindful that in the possession of the most eminent greatness, and the most unlimited authority, they are but inen. Kaise

O God! a succession of holy and good persons, whose first anubition it may be to stem the torrent of prevailing depravity, and to put in practice the best expedients for improving and ameliorating the condition of mankind. Give wisdom to those who undertake to become the public instructors of their brethren, that they may be duly qualified for their momentous office, and have both ability and inclination to discharge it aright. As the labour to be performed is


great, grant that the labourers may be both numerous and able. Endue thein with à spirit of the most ardent zeal to promote the honour of thy name-the interests of true religion-and the most suhstantial and lasting happiness of mankind.

In the unbou ded fulsess of thy mercy he Thou pleased, holy Father ! to hear and accept my humble petitions; and may praise undissembled and everlasting be ascribed to Thee, by all whom Thou hast made capable of understanding the relation in which Thou hast placed thyself to them--as their Father and their God.-Amen.


O Lord, almighty and everlasting God! under a deep sense of thy transcendant goodness, I would now address myself in humble and devout supplication to the throne of thy grace. As Thou hast endowed me with the powers of reason and understanding, I desire with all possible thankfulness to acknowledge my obligations to make the best use of them

; and I most earnestly entreat Thee to aid and second

my weak and imperfect endeavours to this end. Expand iny soul, gracious Father! to the fullest extent of which it is capable, that I may form the most worthy apprehensions of thy greatness and glory, and love, honour, and obey Thee in a manner most acceptable to Thee.

Bestow upon me, merciful Lord! whatever is necessary for my improvement and comfort in the present state.

Raise me up Wise and judicious friends who may faithfully apprise me of my danger and preserve me from errors of judgment and sinfulness of conduct. May I be careful to improve the talents which Thou hast committed to my care, and be able to give a good account of the manner in which I have employed them. Make me duly sensible of the danger of presumption and self-confidence that I may be upon my guard ; and may not, when I flatter myself I am firm and unmoved, unhappily fall from my stedfastness.

Great reason have I to lament before Thee the languor which has too often attended me, when I have bowed before Thee to speak thy praise and offer my adorations unto Thee. Too often have I suffered unworthy thoughts to continue in my mind and to divert my attention from the solemn duties in which I was engaged. Too often have I omitted to prepare my soul to wait upon Thee in prayer, and have forgotten that Thou wast in heaven and myself upon the earth.

Do Thou of thy mercy, O Lord ! forgive me all the deficiencies and excesses of my

Pardon my not having been more deeply sensible of that veneration, love, and gratitude which I owe to Thee. Deal not with me as I have deserved. Avert from me the judgments to which I have exposed myself. Let thy forbearance

past life.

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