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obligations to love Thee and to devote myself sincerely to thy service.



Direct me,

By thy favour and goodness I am brought to the close of another day, and entreat Thee, O God! to accept the tribute of my humble and devout thanks. good Lord! in the right way-confirm my faith-enlarge my hopes--and establish me in the uniform and diligent discharge of every part of my duty. Let thy overruling providence watch over me for my preservation, whilst the shadows of the night encompass me around. Pardon what Thou hast observed to be faulty and offensive in thy sight during the day; and upon the gracious terms of sincere repentance and resolutions of better obedience, let me lie down in thy favour, prepared to awake, if so Thou shouldst ordain, in another world, in a fit state to appear before the tribunal of my judge.



The continued experience of thy protecting and saving mercy increases my

debt of gratitude, and is calculated to atr tach me by the strongest ties to Thee and to thy service. Still let me, O God! be an object of thy favourable regards. Stretch forth thy arm as a protecting shield to guard me from every danger, and more especially from the greatest of all evils-the becoming unmindful of thy love, and indisposed to make the best returns in my power. Prosper the righteous undertakings of this day, and let me do that and that alone which shall bring me peace at the last.



Thy bounteous hand still continues to supply all my reasonable wanis and desires. Thou dealest with thy servant as a most gracious and benevolent God, and addest more and more to my obligations to love, serve, and obey Thee.

I humbly solicit thy watchful care of me during the hours of darkness; and, with humble submission implore thy aid, that I may survive to see the returning day, and have still farther time and opportuny io work out my eternal salvation,



Very great and adorable is the goodness which Thou hast manifested to me in the repose and refreshment which Thou hast mercifully granted me, O thou God of my lite, and the author of all good! I desire to apply with renewed diligence to the faithful discharge of the duties which this day calls upon me to fulfil. May I be contented and diligent in the situation 7 hou hast assigned me; and habitually endeavour to be useful and to do good to as many as I am able.

Thus may I approve myself in the sight of Thee, my God! and secure thy favour and blessing both now and for evermore.



Most mighty and merciful God!' I would very devoutly thank Thee for the protection from evil which I have this day enjoyed--for being enabled to go out and come in without danger or molestatiouand to perform the usual duties of my

station in health, peace, and safety. Extend thy preserving care to me through the hours of darkness and repose ; and, of thy infinite goodness, if it be consistent with the laws of thy universal government, bring me in peace and safety to the light of the ensuing day, that I may continue to witness the course of thy gracious provi. dence, and to make preparation more and more for that awful time of judgment, when I and all must receive according to what we have done in the body.



INCLINE thine ear, most blessed God! to the voice of grateful acknowledgment which I desire to express before Thee at this time. Thy renewed favours demand continued renewals of hearty and sincere thanks. Thou hast kept me from evilgranted me comfortable and refreshing sleep-and brought me in health and peace to the light and beginning of a new day. So order my steps, gracious Father! that I may walk in thy faith and tear throughout the day; that I may live as becomes thy servant, and prepare myself for thy mercy unto life and glory everlasting.



Most worthy art Thou, O Lord! the prese, ier of men! of the best tribute of praise and thanksgiving which I can offer unto Thee, for thy kind and fatherly good. pess in conducting me as Thou hast done through the past day, and bringing me to the close of it in security and peace.

Let not the shadows of the night conceal any thing that might interrupt my comforts, and obscure the prospects which hope in thy mercy presents to my view. Bless me with refreshing sleep, and let me awake in thy mercy. Let a deep sense of thy con, tinued protection engage my soul to an entire devotion of all its powers to thy service, that I may be thine in every stage of the present life, and thine in the fruition of heavenly joy hereafter.



O Thou great and glorious Creator of the world, and of all things in it! Thou art the God of my life, and through every

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