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and steady reliance on thy unceasing and infinite goodness. Enable them to view with unmoved composure the approach of that awful season when, their flesh and their strength failing, they must go to the house appointed for all living.

For myself I would repeat my humble supplication that thy blessing may attend me in the way of my duty, that after a life of holiness, truth, and righteousness here on earth, I may happily attain to thy kingdom of joy and glory in the pure and happy regions of peace and love, where sin and sorrow, pain and sickness, decay and death shall be known no more,

Sanctify, blessed God! this most glorious prospect to me. Let it transform my heart and mind to all that is good and virtuous. Guide me through life, support me in death, and when my eyes shall be closed upon every earthly scene, grant me a participation of those delightful realities, the anticipation of which is most gratifying to my soul. Hear me in heaven where Thou reignest in the midst of the most exalted and devoted of thy creatures; and the highest ascriptions of Honour, praise, and power, be to Thee for evermore.-Amen.


O LORD most holy, O God most mighty, Thou merciful preserver of thy creatures ! it becomes us and all the children of men to bow down before thy footstool to adore the greatness of thy majesty, and to implore thy favour and protection.

I acknowledge myself to be under the highest obligations to worship and obey Thee as the God of nature and the overruling director of all things in heaven and on earth; but above all as the God and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Rich have been the manifestations of thy goodness in and through him; and as he hath taught me, I would now implore thy mercy and favour towards myself and all mankind.

Othou Almighty God! whilst Thou hast wisdom and goodness to chuse, and unbounded power to perform whatever Thou seest necessary to my happiness, Thou hast á tender regard for every part of thy universal family; 1 and all mankind are thy offspring, and Thou hast the

highest parental claim to iny filial love, reverence, and obedience.

Dispose me ever to sanctify Thee in my heart--to honour Thee with my lips-to revere all thy perfections and to give unto Thee the glory and the praise of all thy wonderful works. Thou art a God glorious in boliness, a Being of spotless purity and perfect moral rectitude.

Bestow upon me, I beseech Thee O my Father! whatever is necessary for the support and improvement of my mind, and for the maintenance and growth of all goodness and virtue within me. May it please Thee to supply all the wants of myself and of all mankind, both of body and mind--to bless me in my worldly substance; but above all I beseech Thee to bless me in all my spiritual concerns, and to enable me to walk at all times in a manuer worthy of my christian vocation.

I entreat Thee to forgive me those sins whether in heart or life by which I have at any time offended Thee-dishonoured thy holy name-wronged any of my neighbours --or done injury to my own soul. And as a means of obtaining thy favour, may I cultivate a spirit of meekness, patience, condescension, and forbearance to all around me; forgiving all who have done or wished me evil, and being ready to do acts of substantial kindness to all without exception.

O grant me grace to take a lively delight in doing good to all as I have opportunity, imitating my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who went about doing good, and finally, became obedient unto death that he might give the most powerful attestation both to the sincerity of his professions and to the truth of his holy gospel, and promote as much as in him lay the eternal salvation of mankind.

Hear me, gracious God! whilst I humbly implore thy merciful guidance through the remainder of life. Let me never deviate from a steady adherence to the religion of the gospel, and an unremitting and faithful obedience to all its precepts. May I never more be drawn aside either by my own appetites and passions, or by the injudicious or corrupt counsel of any of my fellow-creatures. May I never be entangled by the snares of vice, or be in any instance overcome by the temptations that surround me.

To Thee I desire to look up at all times as my deliverer from danger--my support under distress and the alleviator of my troubles. Thou alone art possessed of power adequate to my assistance at all "times. Thou alone canst relieve me from extremity of suffering; and when all earthly things are vanishing from my sight, Thou alone canst supply a balm of consolation to render the pain of dissolution light and tolerable. The government of this world and all its affairs is entirely in thy hands--thy dominion is supreme-thy authority is uncontroulable and universal --and the glory of thy perfections is from everlasting to everlasting.

Most devoutly would I ascribe to Thee the supreme eternal Jebovah! the sovereign Ruler of all worlds, and the merciful guide and guardian of all who put their trust in Thee, glory, honour, praise, and power, thanksgiving and blessing, throughout all ages, for evermore. --Amen.

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