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Printed in Exeter for local distribution, and now reprinted, with the belief that it has been, and the hope that it will be, made useful in promoting the reception of the faith once delivered to the saints,'

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N. B. It is the intention of the Author, to prepare, as soon as other pressing engagements will permit, a similar View of the Scriptural Evidence for and against the Anti-Unitarian Principle, that the Death of Christ made a change in the Divine Dealings or Disposition towards Mankind, -disposing or enabling God, even the Father, to be merciful to the repentant Sinner, and procuring for men Pardon from God. This Part, however, of the COMPARATIVE View, is complete in itself, on the subject of the Unity, Supremacy, and Exclusive Worship of Jehovali, The Second Part will be on his Essential Unpurchased Mercy.

The Unitarian believes in The Trinitarian believes the absolute Unity and Unri- that God is not One Person, valled Supremacy of Jehovah, One Intelligent Agent; but the God and Father of our that the One God consists of Lord Jesus Christ; and that Three Persons, Father, Son, He is the Only Proper Object and Holy Ghost, “ of one of Religious Worship. He substance, power, and eterbelieves that there is One nity:" That the Son is “ the God, the Father ;' that the very and eternal God,” “very Father is the Only True God and very Man :" That God;' that Jehovah, our “ the Father is God, the Son God, Jehovah is One;' and is God, and the Holy Ghost that we are required by the is God; and yet they are not Law and by the Gospel, to Three Gods, but One God :" make Him the Supreme Ob- And that the Father, and the ject of Love, and to pay Son, and the Holy Ghost, are, Religious Worship to Him SEPARATELY, and conjointly, alone.

the Proper Objects of Religious Worship.

The Scriptural Evidence The Scriptural Evidence for Unitarianism, consists of for Trinitarianism, consists of numerous plain and express certain passages which appear declarations of Scripture, in- to oppose the Unitarian Doccapable of any other meaning, trine, by implying a plurality and incontrovertibly true; and of Persons, each equally and also of innumerable expres- truly God, and by ascribing sions, clearly and directly to Jesus Christ, the Son of implying, the great principles God, Titles, Attributes, and of the Absolute Unity, Un- Prerogatives, which are suprivalled Supremacy, and Ex- posed to prove bim truly God, clusive Worship of God, even in the same sense in which the Father.

the Father is God.

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