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The antiquity of the Institution known in modern times by the name of FREEMASONRY, is too well established to need any further defense. No one that gives the subject reasonable consideration and study, can fail to perceive that, in a degree, it is the successor of the ancient Grecian and Egyptian Mysteries, and entirely so of the Collegia Fabrorum of the ancient Romans

The very existence of Freemasonry, and its widely extended influence, ever since the dawn of civilization, demonstrates with sufficient clearness, that it must have grown out of the moral and intellectual needs of human nature.

Our object in the following pages, is to show the reason of its existence, and designate the service it has rendered humanity, in furthering the social advancement of the nations, and the moral progress of man, as an individual. We cannot but think that the investigation and study on which we are about entering, will be found highly profitable and interesting to the reader, and will increase his regard for our Order, whose Ideal is the prophetic annunciation of an epoch, when Justice and Love shall be objects of supreme and universal reverence; and when society itself, regenerated, shall shower its blessings with divine impartiality on ALL.


Che Bationale of Freemasonry.



The Edeal of the Masonic Society.

It has been well observed that every event or movement in the history of Humanity, is a new apocalypse of man, or Nature, or God! This thought is eminently true. There is not a movement in the material world, nor an event in the life of man or society, but is a revelation of eternal Truth-a new step of Humanity in its upward progress. All revelations in society-the great questions which agitate nations—the mighty Ideals which burn in the bosom of Christendom, laboring to realize themselves in the various philanthropic enterprises and benevolent associations of the age, have a deep and solemn significance—are attached to the divinest sentiments of the Soul-are expressive of the Soul's aspirations—responses to the great needs of Humanity. They mark the victories of man over ignorance and selfishness, and are pledges

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