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The Servant of the Lord Derrities and Vindicated,

a a tornar The Music and Polours of Sam a sermone Moses Unwrited in the face of thorst, arterinen The Naked Bour" of God high or filentiam, pegal. Houdant

Song Heir in the Servants oke
Bond leghild brought to the hut

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If thou art borrow'd by a friend,

Right welcome shall he be. To read, to study, not to lend,

But o return to ine.

Not that impared knowledge doth

Diminish learnin:- store,
But books. I find, if often lent,

Re uri to me no more.

Keep cleanly, re urn duly, with tbe corners of the leaves not

tunnel down.

totuttelutuotetuntui dedos

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