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Christian religion, you should enter that island, and do what shall tend to the honour of God, and the welfare of that land. And let the people of that land receive you in an honourable manner, and respect you as their lord : provided always that ecclesiastical rights be uninjured and inviolate, and the annual payment of one penny for every house be secured to St. Peter, and the Holy Roman Church.

“If then you shall think fit to carry out to its execution the plan which you have conceived in your mind, endeavour diligently to improve that nation by inculcating good morals: and exert yourself, both personally and by means of such agents as you employ, whom you shall have found suitable to the work, for their faith, conversation, and life, that the church may be adorned there, the religion of the Christian faith be planted and grow, and the things pertaining to the honour of God and the salvation of souls be ordered by you in such a way, that you may deserve to obtain from God a higher degree of reward in eternity, and succeed in gaining on earth a name glorious throughout all generations.”

No. II.

Bull of Pope Alexander III., addressed to the same King,

Henry II., confirming the preceding Bull of Pope Adrian IV., A.D. 1172.

“Alexander, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to our wellbeloved son in Christ, the illustrious King of the English, health and apostolical benediction.

“Forasmuch as those grants of our predecessors, which are known to have been made on reasonable grounds, are worthy to be confirmed by a permanent sanction : We, therefore, following in the footsteps of the late venerable Pope Adrian, and considering the fruits of our desire, do ratify and confirm the permission of the said pope given you, relative to the lordship of the kingdom of Ireland (reserving to blessed Peter and the Holy Roman Church, as in England, so also in Ireland, the annual payment of one penny for every house), to the end that the filthy practices of the land may be abolished, and the barbarons nation which is called by the Christian name, may, through your clemency, attain to some decency of manners; and that when the church of that country which has hitherto been in a disorderly state, shall have been reduced to order, that people may, through your means, possess for the future the reality as well as the name of the Christian profes. sion."



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Gelasius Mac Roderick Benignus

465 Cornelius Mac Concalede Jarlath

468 Gilbert O'Caran Cormach O'Erdnaidhe

482 Melisa O'Carrol Dubtach I.

497 Amlane O'Murid Ailild I.

513 Thomas O'Connor Ailild II.

526 Eugene Mac Gillivider Dubtach II.

536 Luke Neterville David Mac-Guaire Hun-Faranan 548 Donat O'Fidaha Feidlimid

551 Albert of Cologne Carlain, called Hy-Niellan 578 Reiner Eochaid (Mac Dermod)

588 Abraham O'Connellan Senach

598 Patrick O'Scanlan Mac Laisir

610 Nicholas Mac Molissa Thomain (Mac Ronan)

623 John Taaf Legene

661 | Walter de Jorse Flan-Febla

688 Roland Jorse Suibhney

715 Stephen Segrave Congusa

730 David O'Hiraghty Cele Peter

750 Richard Fitz Ralph Ferdachry

758 Mils Sweetman Foendelach

768 John Colton Dubalethy L.

778 Nicholas Fletning Affiat

793 John Swayn Cudniecus

794 John Prene? Coumach

798 John Mey Torbach Mac Gorman

807 John Bole Nuad Mac Legene

808 John Foxalle Flangus Mac Loingle

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812 Edmund Conesburgh Artrigius

822 Octavian de Palation Eugene Monaster

833 John Kite Faranan

834 George Cromex Dermod O'Tigernach

848 George Dowdall Factna

852 Hugh Goodacre Ainmire

874 Adam Loftus Catasach Mac Rabartach

875 Thomas Lancaster Mælcoh Mac Crumvail

883 John Long. Mæl-Brigid Mac Dornan

885 John Garvey Joseph

927 Henry Ussher Mal-Patrick Mac Maoltule 936 Christopher Hampton Catasach II. Mac Dulgen

937 James Ussher Muredach Mac Fergus

957 John Bramhall Dubdalethy II. Mac Kellach 966 James Margetson Murechan

998 Michael Boyle Mælmury or Marian

1001 Narcissus Marsh Amnigaid

1021 Thomas Lindsay Dubdalethy ill. :

1050 Hugh Boulter Cumasach O'Herudan

1065 John Hoadly Mælisa Mac Amalgaid.

1065 George Stone Donald Mac Amalguid.

. 1092 Richard Robinson Celeus Mac Aid Mac Mælisa . 1116 William Newcome Maurice Mac Donald

1129 William Stuart Malachy O'Morgair

1134 ! John George Beresfori

1480 1533

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• 1678

. 1713

1747 1763


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On Thursday, August 24, 1848, the Ocean Monarch slipped her moorings in the Mersey, and was towed down the river on her way to America ; her crew clearing the decks, and making the last preparations for the voyage : and her living cargo of more than three hundred souls, passengers and emigrants, busily employed in arranging their goods.

And how various were the feelings of those individuals respecting that country, which, in a little time, they expected to reach ! Some returning to their “fatherland,” to receive the joyous welcome of beloved friends and relatives long unseen, but not forgotten yet-others making a tour, to see the manners and customs, as well as the natural beauties and wonders of the Western world, their minds filled, perhaps, with thoughts of the red Indian in his wigwam, and longing to explore regions scarcely known but to "the children of the Prairie,” or to the foresters on the banks of the Missisippi and Missouri. Others again-emigrants, compelled by poverty to leave their native country,"home, sweet home,” with all its endearments and fond recollections, and with their "little all,” they traverse the ocean to seek their -bread in a distant clime-others, perhaps, driven by persecution, because they dared to read the Bible the

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