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morning, the members' at this place, nine friends of the place have done what they in number, and the members of the neigh- could, but a debt has necessarily been inbouring churches assembled, when the min- curred, for the liquidation of which an apisters present gave us very suitable exhorta- peal will be made to the Christian public. tions to abound in every good work. At Market Street is in every sense a Home 10, brother El. Evans, Cefn Mawr, read and Missionary station, since many villages are prayed. H. Jones, Cefn bychan, and John dependant upon it for religious instruction. Roberts, Llansilin, preached from Rev. vi. 14-17, and Rom. v. 6-10. J. Roberts commenced by reading and prayer ; and O. Michael and El. Evans, preached, Act. xvi. 14, and Matt. v. 13-17. At 6, brother D. Jones opened the meeting by reading a Salem Chapel was opened for the nse of the

On Tuesday, September 25th, 1832, portion of the Bible and addressing the


, denomiyation in Wandsworth. In throne of grace; then R. Williams and El, the morning, Mr. Woollacott, of Westminster, Evans preached from 1 John ii. 1, and preached from Proverbs ix. 1—6. In the Matt. iv. 13. Thus ended a meeting, leaving the impres- from Zech. iv. 6, ; and in the evening,

afternoon, Mr. Williams, of Grafton Street, sion on the minds of those that were present Mr. Bowes, of Woolwich, from Isa. lxv. 8. that it was good for them to be there.

It was formerly a barn, but, at a small expense, has been converted into a neat commodious place of worship. The attendance

was very good, and each heart seemed in On Wednesday, Sept. 12th, a few chapel unison with David, when he said, “Peace was opened at Wingrave, near Aylesbury, be within thy walls, and prosperity within Bucks, for the use of the united church and thy palaces." congregation of Baptists and Independents, when three excellent sermons were preached by Rev. Dr. Cox, E. Muscott, and Caleb Morris. The congregations were large, the

BISHOPS,WOOD, HEREFORDSHIRE. collections liberal, and the services of the day

The new Baptist Meeting-House at Lays peculiarly interesting. It will be long re

Hill, near Bishopswood, Herefordshire, was membered by many as one of the most me- opened for public worship on Wednesday, morable days ever known in that populous October 3rd. Mr. Cross, of Thornbury, village, in which the inhabitants and neigh- preached in the morning ; Mr. Evan Probert, bourhood have long experienced the want of Eastcombs, in the afternoon; and Mr. D. of a larger place of worship. The church Wright, of Blockley, in the evening.

The and congregation have liberally contributed hymns were read by Messrs. Wright, Pentowards the object, being unwilling the new hall (Indep.), of Whitchurch ; Nicholson, of place of worship should be burdened with a Lydney; Williams, of Ryeford ; and Taylor heavy debt; yet, notwithstanding all their (indep. ), of Cinderford; and prayers were efforts, they are under the necessity of ap- offered by Messrs. Fry, of Coleford; Cross pealing to the benevolent public for their of Thorubury; Claypole, of Ross ; Horlick assistance in liquidating a small debt which (Indep.), of Ruardean ; Wright, sen. and T. still remains.

Wright, minister of the place.



FILKINS, OXFORDSHIRE. The old meeting-house at the above place being too small for the congregation, which

Thursday, Oct. 4, 1832, a neat place of has much increased under the ministry of worship was opened, at Filkins, Oxfordshire, the Rev. Mr. Heath, its present pastor, it connected with the Baptist church at Lechwas deemed advisable to enlarge it, which lade, and under the pastoral care of Mr. K, has been done with due attention to neats Breeze, when discourses were delivered by ness, convenience, and economy. It was re

the following brethren-E. Lewis, of Highopened for divine worship.on Thursday, Sep. gate, Psalm lxxxix. 19; W. Catton, of Chip, 20, 1832, when the Rev. H. Burgess, of ping Norton, John vi. 50; and T. Coles, Luton, preached in the morning, the Rev. A. M., of Boarton, John vi. 37. The de. Mr. Brock, of Stepney, in the afternoon, and votional parts of the services were conducted the Rev. J. Young, of London, in the even- by brethren J. Hinton, C. Darken, S. Hall, ing. The collections amounted to £30. The and R. Pryer.

MORTON PINKNEY, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. gospel church, and Mr. W. Dovey, of

Jamaica Row, Bermondsey, administered A small neat place of worship belonging to the ordinance of the Lord's Supper to the Baptist denomination was opened at the members of other Baptist churches Morton Pinkney, near Weston-by-Weedon, then present. In the evening, Mr. Northamptonshire, on Wednesday, Oct. 10, John Stenson, of Carmel Chapel, Chel1832.' Mr. Gray of Northampton preached sea, delivered a discourse to the church in the morning from Ezekiel xlviii. 35. from Luke xvii. 3, “ Take heed to your Mr. Simmons, of Olney, in the afternoon, selves.” The chapel was filled on this ocfrom 1 John iii. l; and Mr. Miller, of casion, and the whole services were characBraunston, in the evening, from Acts terized by a 'solemnity and interest which xxiii. 9.

will not soon be forgotten by those who had The devotional parts of the service were the privilege to witness them. conducted by Mr. Jackson, of Huncoat; Mr. Stonehouse, student of Newport Pagnel Academy; and Mr. Howlett, Stratford-onAvon. Collections were made after each service. The place has been opened under pleasing circumstances, and with the pros

Recent Weaths. pect of uesfulness.


of his age.


The Rev. Thos. Harpur of Walworth, the respected Secretary of the Board of Congre

gational Ministers, was summoned to his rest The Baptist chapel at Burton Latimer,

on Sunday, November 11th, in the seventieth Northamptonshire, after a considerable en.


His remains were deposited largement, was re-opened on Wednesday, the in Bunhill Fields, on the 19th, when the 17th of October, 1832. In the morning, Rev. T. Russel delivered the address, and after reading and prayer by the Rev. Wm. the Rev. G. Clayton offered up the prayer. Robinson, of Kettering, the. Rev. J. P. Mursell, of Leicester, preached from Isa. Ixvi. 1, 2; the Rev. Mr. Wheeler concluded. half past 2, the Rev. Mr. Parkinson read Died early on Lord's day morning the and prayed; the Rev. Mr. Hillyard, of Bed-18th November, the Rev. Wm. Howels, the ford (Indep.), preached from Psalm 1xxiii. highly esteemed minister of the Episcopal 17; the Rev. Mr. Sevier (Indep.) con- Chapel in Long Acre. He was seized on cluded. In the evening the Rev. Wm. the preceding Thursday with symptoms of an Liddell read and prayed ; the Rev. J. inflammatory nature, which baffled all medical, Edwards, of Nottingham, preached from skill, and speedily terminated his valuable life. Num. x. 29 ; and the Rev. D. Rees (minis. The sensation occasioned by his death, espeter of the place) closed the interesting ser- cially among his own people, was unusually vices of the day with prayer.

great, increased, doubtless, by the suddenhess Liberal collections were made towards of his removal. The chapel-wardens had defraying the expense incurred by the en- put up an announcement of his death in the largement. The attendance was overflowing porch of the chapel, and many of the congreand respectable ; and the whole of the ser- gation on assembling for worship, learnt, for vices of the day were edifying and in the first time, by this means that he was gone. pressive.

Some, however, it appears bad entered the chapel without observing this notice, and when in the course of his sermon the offi.

ciating minister alluded to their « departed SALEM CHAPEL STOCKWELL.

minister" two or three voices were heard exOn Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1832, the forma. claiming, “Is he dead?---is he dead? - is he tion of á Baptist church, consisting of dead?” and immediately through the whole twelve members, took place in'. Salem assembly there was an audible expression of Chapel, Stockwell, in the county of Surry, the most heartfelt lamentation. Mr. H. on which interesting occasion two services “ was a good man, and one that feared God were held: in the afternoon, after read-above many.". ing and prayer by Mr. W. Alderson, His last sermon to his people was preached minister of the chapel, Mr. C. Robinson, on Lord's day evening November 18th, from of Brentford, preached from Ephes. i. 22, a passage in Psalın lxxxvii. " All my springa - The church," and stated the nature of a are in thee."



Bedfordshire, 308
Buckinghamshire, 450
Essex, 263
Hants, 494
Kent and Sussex, 309
Midland, 310
Monmouthshire, 308
North and East Riding Yorkshire, 407
Northamptonshire, 309
South Devon Cornwall, 308
Southern, 366
Suffolk, 366

Distribution of Profits, 32, 370
Essays, &c. : -
Abiding in Christ the only true Source of

Christian Usefulness, 473
Address to professing Christians for the
New Year, 6

to those concerned to unite with
a Christian Church, 469
Baptism, are Babes its proper subjects ?

of Christ, Discourse by Thauma-
turgus, 518
Baptist Magazine, a Suggestion for its
Circulation, 340

Ministers' Widows, 55, 10), 238
Biblical and Theological Terms, defined,

Cholera Morbus, 53
Eliot the Apostle to the Indians, 477
Exposition of Psalm lxxxiv. 5, 13

xix. 4, no contra-
ant" diction to Romans x. 18,10

Hebrews , vii. 3, explained,

1 Cor. xii. 25, Thoughts

Essays, &c.--continued.

Jamaica Persecutions—To Mr. Dyer, 435
Letter to a Young Minister, 383

the Son of a departed Friend, 431

a Friend on the Importance of
the Salvation of the Soul, 56

to a Young Friend on the Death
of a godly Mother, 561

to a Friend on Recovery from
deep Affliction, 563

on the Way of Salvation, 288

from the Rev. 1. Mann to the
People of his Charge, 97

to the Same, 98
from Dr. Ryland to W. Adams,
Calcutta, 426

J. Berridge against World-
liness Spirit, 475

R. Skilliter, 523

R. Robinson, 336
Lord's Prayer, Queries on, 12

, on the, 190
-, W. N.'s Reply, 145
Millennium, Observations respecting, 182
Munificence of God, 334
Plan for extending the Denomination, 100
Personal Obligation to assist the Cause of

Christ, 465
Query, 523
Reflections on the Death of a Sister, 338

occasioned by a painful oocur-
rence, 235

for the closing Year, 1832,
Revival of Religion, its necessity argued

from the Character of the times, 141
Sabbath School Teachers, 386
Sermon, Sketch from 1 Cor. xii. 10, 1
Slavery, Address to British Christians,

Temperance Societies, 237
The Duties of Churches to their Deacons,

The Dead and the Dying, 284
The Redeemer of the Jews and the land

in reserve for them, 280
The value of the glorious Gospel pressed

upon the attention of an aged friend, 7
Thoughts at the close of the Public Meet-
ings in 1832, 337

occasioned by the fracture of a
limb, 285

+ on Prayer connected with preach-
ing, by a converted heathen, 478
Union of our Churches, 192

upon, 285

xiii. 10, Sketch of Ser-

[blocks in formation]


America, 112, 350
Continental Society, 155, 202, 247
Extract from a Letter to Rev. J. Dyer,

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Slavery, 489

Persecution, 491
Nova Scotia, 71
Serampore Mission, 532, 533
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for Scot-
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School Society, 258
Congregational Board Meeting, 492
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Brooks's, against a Character de-
scribed, 74
Committee of Deputies to protect the Civil

Rights of the Three Denominations, 160
Cholera Morbus, 28, 446
Christian Instruction Society, 29, 74, 252,


INTELLIGENCE continued.--

Church Missionary Society, 502
Depository for the Trust Deeds of Baptist

Meeting Houses, 581
Ecclesiastical Reform, 445, 533, 534, 535

Impositions, 364

- Knowledge Society, 255
Education of the Sons of Baptist Ministers,

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Society for promoting the Gospel in

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IRISH CHRONICLE-continued. I MISSIONARY HERALD-continued. I tienes

Letter from Allen, Rev. J. 36, 79, 165, Colombo, 125, 458
Test 453, 499, 544 T got tot Vronicoqa Cutwa, 81, 415 08. Bu
Berry, T, 34, 542 2043 20

Dinapore, 270 ou SEO
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Java, 83, 271 et stoet ergens 4
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Thomas, W. 214, 367, 411, 499, Montego Bay, 462, 562 | BYOBY98
544 780

Nogai Tartars, 172 estehsia
- Wall, W. 499

Old Harbour, 84 was 1993
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Sewry, 81
Testimonies in favour of the Society, 166 South Africa, 374

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MEMOIRS: 600 grit 37

Ne ne son

Home Proceedings, 43, 86, 175, 224, 269,
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Davies's Family embarked for South Afri-
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Extracts from the T

Times and Morning
** Shoveller, Rev. J. 421

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an of Smolna odspot

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's Sentiments respecting So-
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das 0

Temptations of Satan, 576 to maba

10. Gulliver, Mr. G. 173
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4 Usher's (Archbishop) Example worthy of

Hands, Mrs. 3971 AiSto'l bus nerti
Imitation, 576

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ad mot

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Foreign Intelligence,

Bet rent poslove Nicholson, Rev. J. 496 T bedre
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Sanigear, Mr. 496

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