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printed book, and of having to carry a guide-book in one hand and a Bible in the other. The Editor, has, therefore, endeavoured to incorporate into this Handbook not merely the references to the passages of Scripture descriptive of places of interest, but the words of the sacred text also.

Others regret their inability to carry with them a stock of books; but apart from the inconvenience of their heavy freight, there is the impossibility to find time for much reading. And yet, who would not like to refresh his memory with some glowing passages from Stanley or Robinson, or to know exactly the manner in which Captain Warren or Captain Wilson has expressed in scientific language the true description of certain remarkable sites ?

The Editor has endeavoured to supply this want by adding to his own personal observations and the contributions specially prepared for this work, by travellers who are his personal friends, extracts from the copious literature of the Holy Land in the words of eminent writers who have contributed valuable and reliable information, and have made the study of sacred geography so deservedly popular.

The Editor will be grateful for any information derived from the personal observations of Tourists which may serve to correct errors or supply deficiencies in this Handbook; such communications to be addressed, “Editor of the Tourists' Handbooks, Messrs. Cook and Son, Ludgate Circus, E.C.”

London, October ist, 1876.

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