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Dupin's Trial of Jesus, noticed 255. quiry 462. Fifth inquiry 464.

Sixth inquiry 465. Postscript 468.
Eloquence, Ancient aad Modern,

N. Cleaveland, Esq. on 67. De. Genesis, Bush's Notes on, noticed 227.
mosthenes 67. 'Grecian eloquence Geology of Palestine, by Dr. Lee 325.
68. Roman eloquence, Cicero 73. Geology, Elements of, by Dr. Lee,
Modern eloquence_76. Chatham noticed 512.
77. Burke, Fox, Pitt 79. Grat- Germany, Recent Literary Intelli-
tan, Wilberforce, Canning 81. gence of, 512.
American eloquence 82. Hamil- Goshen, the land of, 306–316.
ton, Ames, Calhoun 83. Clay, Greenhill's Exposition of the Pro-
Webster 84.

phet Ezekiel, noticed 236.
Enoch, the Book of Christology of, Grifin, Rev. Edward D. D. D., Me-

by Prof Stuart 86. Quoted by moir of, noticed 255.
Jude 86. Noticed by the Fathers Gulielmi Gesenii Thesaurus Philo-
87. Lost 88. Discovered in Abys- logicus, etc. noticed 232.
sinia by Bruce 89. Translated by

Dr. Laurence 90. Its general Herschell, Ridley H. on the present
plan 91. Summary of its contents state elc. of the Jews, noticed 401.
93. Extracts and remarks 105. Historical Sketch of Deism, by Dr.
Remarks on its Christology 112. Pond 372.
Its early date 113. Its Christology
121. The name Jesus not used,

but The Elect One 121. Son of Inquiries respecling Free Agency 455.
God, Son of Woman, Messiah, Israelites, the land of Goshen, and the
Son of Man 122. The supreme Exodus of the, Letter to the Editor
and final judge 124,- is worship- by Prof. Robinson 306. Description
ped, etc. 125. The author of the of his route from Cairo to Suez
Book 129. No claim to authority 307. Description of the town 309.
130. Remarks on its quotation by The gulf of Suez and the surround-
Jude 134. Translated from the ing plain 311. The Red Sea 314.
Greek into Ethiopic 136. Its infe- The Land of Goshen 316. Route
riority to the gospels 137.

of the Israelites to the Red Sea 318.
Errata 256.

The first day's march 319. Pas-
Eschenburg, Prof J. J., his Manual sage of the Red Sea 320. Two

of Classical Literature, by Prof. main points 321.
Fiske, noticed 505.

Isaiah, Notes on, by Albert Barnes
Exodus of the Israelites, the 306. 503.
Ezekiel, the Prophet, Exposition of,

by W. Greenhill, noticed 236. Jahn's Biblical Archæology, noticed


Jenks, Rev. William D. D., his Com-

prehensive Commentary, noticed
Fatalism and Free Agency, Remarks 229.
on, by Dr. Woods 174.

Jesus, the Trial of, by Dupin, no-
Fiske, Prof N. W. his translation ticed 255.

Eschenburg's Manual of Classical Jewish Religion, the present state of
Literature, noticed 505.

the, by E. S. Calman. Introduc-
France, Literary Intelligence of 514. tory Note by the Editor 398. Rev.
Free Agency, Inquiries respecting E. Smith's account of Mr. Calman

455. Introductory Note by the 399. Remarks on Mr. Herschell's
Editor 455. Difficulties respecting views 401. The sufferings of the
free agency 456. An apology for Jews 405. Persecuted by the Ro-
addressing Dr Woods 457. First man Catholics 406. Their condi-
inquiry 458. Second inquiry 460. tion greatly meliorated 407. Many
Third inquiry 461. Fourth in- among them believe in Christ 409.

The present state of Judaism 410. Mc Vickar, J. M., D.D., his edition
Seasons of their festivals 411. The of Coleridge's Aids tó Reflection,
manner of their celebration 412. noticed 506.
The feast of unleavened bread 412. Marsh, Rev. J., D. D. his edition of
Of Pentecost 413. Of trumpets Coleridge's Aids to Reflection,
415. A supposed day of judgment noticed 506.
416. Days of repentance 418. Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Lanman
Various ceremonies 419. Chant- Smith, Review of 194.
ers 422. The boisterous clamor Modern Eloquence, Ancient and 67.
of women 424. To be continued Modern Literature, Ancient and, the

Comparative Moral Purity of 281.
Job and his times, by Wemyss, noticed Morrison, John, D. D. Parents'

Friend, noticed 246.
Land of Goshen and the Exodus of
the Israeliles 306.

Latin Synonymes, Rams orn's Dic- Nation, a the Religious Character o

tionary of, noticed 252.

the element of its prosperity 384.
Last Days of the Saviour, by Olshau- Nordheimer's Hebrew Grammar, with
sen, noticed 233.

Synta:t, noticed 256.
Lectures on the Epistle to the Romans, Notes, Critical and Practical on the

by Dr. Chalmers, noticed 234. Book of Genesis, by Prof. G. Bush,
Lee, Prof. Charles A., M D. on the noticed 227.

Geology of Palestine 324. On the
Geology of the United States, no-

iiced 512.

Palestine, the Geology of, by Dr. Lee,
Linsley, Rev. Philip, D. D. on Reli- 325.
gious Prejudices 257.

Peter, the Second Epistle of, Expo-
Literary Intelligence, rerent, 512. sition of, noticed 235.
Literature, American, Prope Char- Pond, Rev. Enoch, D. D. historical
acter and Functions of 1.

sketch of Deism 372.
Literature. Ancient and Modern, the Prejudices. Religious, Rev. Dr Lins-

Comparalive Moral Purity of, by ley on 257. Most of every man's
Prof Sanborn 281. Literature re- sentiments are prejudices 258.
flects the national character 281. Prejudices generally erroneous
The ancient Classics not to be de- 258. Enlightened men responsi-
nounced en masse 283. Religion ble for their prejudice 259. "Why
of the ancients 284. Their poetry then are not all Christians of one
284 Homer 285. Lucretius 288. mind ? 261. Not because the Bi-
Character of ancient Comedy 289. ble is imperfect 262 Differences
Tragedy. 290. Dramatic exhibi- chargeable to prejudice 263. The
tions in England 291. Morality rapid progress of error 264. Influ-
of the stage 292 Reign of Charles ence of disputations 265. System-
II. 293. Present character of the building 266. Iliberality and bit.
Theatre 294. Lyric Poetry 295. terness of party leaders 268 Their
Anacreon 296. Roman lyric poet- unreasonableness 269. Condemn-
ry 298. Intemperance of modern ed by the Scriptures 270. Bad
literature 299. An Anglo-Saxon

effects 271. In what does perse-
festival 300. Minstrels branded cution consist 271. Persecutors
as Anti-christ 301. Age of Queen have a claim upon our'charity 272.
Anne 302 General remarks 303. Example of Luther 273. Scott and

Priestley 274. Chillingworth 275.

The popular voice on this subject
Massachusetts School Library, no- 276. The tendency of theological
ticed 247.

systems 279.
Mayer, Rev. Lewis D. D. on the Son- Present Age, some Characteristics of
ship of Christ 138.

the 426.

of, 24.

Prosperity of a Nation, Religious ation as a missionary 200. Ac-
Character the element of the, 384. count of the mission 203. Her

tasteful sensibilities 204. Her

practical missionary feelings 205.
Religion, the Jewish, the present state Interesting incidents 206. Testi-
of 398.

mony of her husband 207. Des-
Religious Character of a nation the cription of her residence 208.
element of its prosperity, by Mr. · Missionary trials 209. A sister in
Duffield 384. What is meant by a foreign land 211. Her perils at
the religious character of a people sea 211. Her last sickness and the
385. Ils appropriate influence 386. trials attending it 212. Her reli-
Nothing else can supply its place gious experience in the prospect
389. What is the character of our of death 214 The last days of her
own nation 391. Iniemperance life 215. Her happy death 217.
and profanity 393. Cupidity 394. Remarks on the cause of missions
Disregard of the sacredness of an 218. The example of Mrs. Smith
oath and of the Sabbath 395. commended 221.
Other symptoms of corruption 396. Sodom and_Gomorrah, Destruction
Yet morality and religion are ad-

Dr. Robinson on, 24,
vancing 397.

Note by the Editor 24. The catas-
Religious Prejudices, by Rev. Dr. trophe supposed to have been pro-
Linsley 257.

duced by the ignition of bitumen
Review of the Memoir of Mrs. Sarah under the soil 25. Letter of Prof.
Lanman Smith 194.

Robinson to M. von Buch 26.
Robinson, Rev. Edward D. D., on M von Buch to Prof. R. 31. Des-

the Dead Sea, and the Destruction cription of the Canary Isles, by
of Sodom and Gomorrah 24. On M. von Buch 34. The pitch lake
the Land of Goshen and the Exo- in the Island of Trinidad 36.
dus of the Israelites 306.

Sodom and Gomorrah, on the destruc-

tion of, and the Geology of Pales-

tine, by Dr. Lee. Reply to Prof.
Sanborn, Prof. Edwin D. on the Robinson 324. Geology of Pales-

Comparative Moral Purity of An- tine 325. Limestone rock most

cient and Modern Literature 281. abundant 326. Granitic rocks
Saviour, the Last Days of, noticed 327. The Dead Sea 332. Analy-

sis of its water 333. Comparative
Schmucker, Rev. S. S., D. D., his salıness 334. Ancient accounts of

Fraternal Appeal to the American the Dead Sea 335. Sulphur, salt
Churches, noticed 254.

and asphaltum 337. The current
School Library, sanctioned by the of the Jordan turned 339. At

Massachuselts Board of Education, what time 339. Remarks on Prof.
noticed 247.

Robinson's suggestions 339. Con-
School District Library, by Harper siderations opposed to his views
and Brothers, noticed 249.

341. The burning of asphaltum
Sea, the Dead 24.

could not have destroyed the cities
Snuith, John Pye, D. D., on the Rela- of the plain 343. Lot's wife 344.

tion between the Holy Scriptures The catastrophe which overthrew
and Geological Science, roticed the cities not wholly singular 347.

It was probably a volcano 347.
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Lanman, Memoir Sonship of Christ, on the, by Rev. L.

of, Reviewed by Rev. N. Adams Mayer, D. D. Rom. i. 3, 4. Stric-
194. Interesting character of her tures on Hodge's Commentary on
conversion 194. The subject of this passage 138. Several passa-
much prayer 196. Her religious ges of Scripture examined 140.
character as a sister 198. Her in- Christ declared to be the Son of
terest in the Mohegan Indians 199. God by his resurrection 142. The
Her marriage 199. Her embark- union of the man Christ Jesus with

the Logos 145. His oneness with

U. the Father 147. Texts represent- United States, Recent Literary Ining the Son as inferior to ihe Fa- telligence of 514. ther 150. When Christ calls him. self Son of God, does he claim equality with God ? 153. Other

W. titles of Christ 154. The term Winer's Grammar of the Greek lanSon of God explained 156. Used guage, by Profs. Agnew and Ebin a sense in which there is no beke, noticed 238. other Son of God 161. Other pas- Woods, Rev. Leonard, D. D., on sages explained 162. Note by the Cause and Effect, Fatalism and Editor 166. Interpretation of Free Agency 174.

Rom. 1: 3, 4. 168.
Stuart, Prof. M. Christology of the
Book of Enoch 86.


Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates,

with Notes by Prof. Packard, DoTurnbull, Rev. Robert, on the ticed 234.

Theatre, noticed 256.



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