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Published by JAMES DUNCAN.


THE DOCTRINE of ATONEMENT and SACRIFICE, evinced from the Scriptures, and confirmed from the Sacraments: Errors Considered, and Difficulties of Theists and Infidels Removed. By JOHN WHITLEY, D.D. In One Vol. 8vo, 10s. 6d. bds.

ESSAYS, THOUGHTS, and REFLECTIONS, and SERMONS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS. By the Rev. HENRY WOODWARD, A.M., formerly of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Rector of Fethard, in the Diocess of Cashel. One Vol. 8vo. Third Edition. 12s. boards.

"There are some striking views on the Divine Omnipotence in a recent volume of Essays and Sermons, by the Rev. Henry Woodward of Ireland; a work replete with originality, and rich in the germs of high thought. From Dr. Chalmers' Works, now publishing. Vol. 2.Natural Theology, Vol 2, page 285.

PRACTICAL THEOLOGY; comprising Discourses on the Liturgy and Principles of the United Church of England and Ireland; critical and other Tracts; and a Speech delivered in the House of Peers in 1824. By JOHN JEBB, D.D., F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe. Two Vols. 8vo. Second Edition, 24s. boards.

"No work which has recently fallen into our hands more amply fulfils the promise of its title than that now before us."-Quarterly Theolog. Review.

By the same Author,

SACRED LITERATURE; comprising a Review of the Principles of Composition laid down by the late ROBERT LOWTH, D.D. Lord Bishop of London, in his Prelections, and Isaiah; and an application of the Principles so reviewed to the Illustration of the New Testament; in a Series of Critical Observations on the Style and Structure of that Sacred Volume. One Vol. 8vo. New Edition, 12s. boards.

SERMONS on Subjects chiefly Practical; with illustrative Notes, and an Appendix relating to the Character of the Church of England, as distinguished both from other Branches of the Reformation, and from the modern Church of Rome. Fourth Edition, corrected. One Vol. 8vo, 10s. 6d. boards.

PASTORAL INSTRUCTIONS on the CHARACTER and PRINCIPLES of the CHURCH of ENGLAND, selected from his former Writings. One Vol. 7s. boards.

Works edited by Bishop Jebb.

LIVES of SIR MATTHEW HALE and the EARL of ROCHESTER: With Characters of ARCHBISHOP LEIGHTON, The HON. ROBERT BOYLE, QUEEN MARY, and OTHER EMINENT PERSONS, and an ADDRESS to POSTERITY. By GILBERT BURNET, D.D., late Bishop of Sarum, with the Two Prefaces to the Dublin Editions. To which are now added, FIVE HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED LETTERS, by ANNE, Countess Dowager of Rochester, upon her Son's Last Illness and Conversion, Edited with an Introduction and Notes. Second Edition, in Foolscap 8vo, 7s. bds.

A few copies may still be had of the first edition in 8vo, price 10s. 6d. THE PROTESTANT KEMPIS ; or, PIETY without ASCETICISM: a Manual of Christian Faith and Practice, selected from the Writings of Scougal, Charles Howe, and Cudworth; with Corrections and occasional Notes. Second Edition, in Foolscap 8vo, 7s. boards.

***The same work in One Vol. 8vo, first Edition, price 12s. boards. PRACTICAL DISCOURSES: a Selection from the unpublished Manuscripts of the late Venerable THOMAS TOWNSON, D.D., Archdeacon of Richmond; one of the Rectors of Malpas, Cheshire; and some time Fellow of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford; with a Biographical Memoir, by Archdeacon CHURTON. Third Edition, in One Vol. 8vo, price 10s. 6d. bds. THE REMAINS of WILLIAM PHELAN, D.D.; with a Biographical Memoir. Second Edition. Two Vols. 8vo, 21s. boards.


Valuable Works

SIX SERMONS on the STUDY of the HOLY SCRIPTURES, their Nature, Interpretation, and some of their most important Doctrines, preached before the University of Cambridge. To which are annexed Two Dissertations; the first on the Reasonableness of the Orthodox Views of Christianity as opposed to the Rationalism of Germany; the second on the Interpretation of Prophecy generally, with an original Exposition of the Book of Revelation, shewing that the whole of that remarkable Prophecy has long ago been fulfilled. By the Rev. S. LEE, B.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. One Vol. 8vo, 14s. boards.

MAHOMETANISM UNVEILED; an Inquiry in which that Arch-Heresy, its Diffusion and Continuance, are examined on a new principle, tending to confirm the Evidences, and aid the Propagation, of the Christian Faith. By the Rev. CHARLES FORSTER, B.D., Perpetual Curate of Ash-next-Sandwich, and one of the Six Preachers in the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbury, formerly Domestic Chaplain to Bishop Jebb. Two Vols. 8vo, 24s. boards.

THE WHOLE WORKS of the Most Reverend Father in God, ROBERT LEIGHTON, D.D., Archbishop of Glasgow. To which is prefixed an entire new Life of the Author, by the Rev. J. N. PEARSON, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Most Noble the Marquess Wellesley. Four Vols. 8vo, with a Portrait, 368. boards.

"We have placed a new edition of Archbishop Leighton's Works at the head of this article; and, as Mr. Coleridge has neglected to furnish the biographical notice he had promised, we shall endeavour to supply its place by a few particulars of his life and writings, principally extracted from a spirited and eloquent Memoir prefixed to the new edition, by the Rev. Norman Pearson. It is a reproach to the present age, that his valuable writings, breathing as they do the sublimest and purest spirit of piety, rich in beautiful images and classical learning, throughout abounding in practical reflections, and all expressed with the sweetest and simplest eloquence, should have been neglected among us."-British Critic. *The above may be had, printed in a small but neat type, and compressed into Two Volumes, price 21s. boards.

By the same Author,

A PRACTICAL COMMENTARY upon the FIRST EPISTLE of ST. PETER, and other Expository Works. To which is prefixed an entire new Life of the Author, by the Rev. J. N. PEARSON, M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, &c. Two Volumes 8vo, with Portrait, 18s. boards. Compressed into One Volume, 10s. 6d.

The WHOLE WORKS of the Right Rev. JEREMY TAYLOR, D.D., Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore, with a Life of the Author, and a Critical Examination of his Writings. By the Right Rev. REGINALD HEBER, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Calcutta. In 15 Volumes 8vo, new edition, price 97. boards.

Also may be had separate, by the same Author,

HOLY LIVING and DYING; together with Prayers, containing the Whole Duty of a Christian, and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions, and furnished for all Necessities. One Vol. small 8vo, 7s. boards.

This Edition has been carefully compared with the best octavo editions, all others of the same size printed of late years being deficient in the Notes and the numerous quotations of the Author.

A COURSE of SERMONS for all the SUNDAYS of the YEAR. Two Vols. 8vo, price 24s. boards.

The LIFE of the Right Rev. JEREMY TAYLOR. In One Vol. 8vo, with a Portrait, price 10s. 6d. boards

Published by JAMES DUNCAN.


The WORKS of the Right Rev. WILLIAM BEVERIDGE, D.D., Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, now first collected: with a Memoir of the Author, and a Critical Examination of his Writings, by the Rev. THOMAS HARTWELL HORNE, B.D., of St. John's College, Cambridge; Author of the "Introduction to the Holy Scriptures." In Nine Vols. 8vo, with a Portrait, uniform with the Works of Bishop Taylor, 5l. 8s. boards.

THE LAST DAYS of cur LORD'S MINISTRY; a Course of Lectures delivered during Lent in Trinity Church, Coventry. By the Rev. WALTER FARQUHAR HOOK, M.A., Prebendary of Lincoln, Vicar of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Coventry, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. One Vol. 8vo, 10s. 6d. boards.

A SECOND COURSE of SERMONS for the YEAR; containing Two for each Sunday, and one for each Holyday; abridged from the most eminent Divines of the Established Church, and adapted to the Service of the Day: intended for the Use of Families and Schools. Dedicated, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of London. By the Rev. J. R. PITMAN, A. M., alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave and Berkeley Chapels. In Two Vols. 8vo, 21s. boards.

"There is no question which the Clergy are more frequently asked, and to which they find it more difficult to give a satisfactory reply, than this-What Sermons would they recommend for the use of a private family? There are so many circumstances which render the greater part of modern discourses totally unfit for the purposes of domestic instruction, and the old standards, unmodernised, are so little intelligible to common ears, that it is no easy matter to point out any set of discourses embracing a sufficient variety to excite attention, at the same time forcibly inculcating the pure doctrines and practical precepts of Christianity. We really think that Mr. Pitman's work bids fair to supply the deficiency which has been so much regretted."-Quarterly Theolog. Review.

A Third Edition, revised throughout, of the FIRST COURSE, is just published, same size and price as above.

A SHORT HISTORY of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH, from its Erection at Jerusalem down to the Present Time. Designed for the Use of Schools, Families, &c. By the Rev. JOHN FRY, B.A., Rector of Desford, in Leicestershire. One Vol. 8vo, 12s. boards.

"His matter is unquestionably selected with judgment, and luminously arranged; his language is clear and concise, and not deficient in elegance; and we rise from the perusal of his work with very favourable impressions of his character, with which otherwise we are unacquainted."--Theological Review.

"To such readers as wish for an Ecclesiastical History, written on the model of Milner's, and animated by the same spirit, Mr. F.'s work will be highly acceptable, particularly as it is complete, and comprised within a single volume."-Eclectic Review.

By the same Author,

OBSERVATIONS on the UNFULFILLED PROPHECIES of SCRIPTURE, which are yet to have their Accomplishment before the coming of the Lord in Glory, or at the Establishment of his Everlasting Kingdom. One Vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

A NEW TRANSLATION and EXPOSITION of the very Ancient BOOK OF JOB; with Notes, explanatory and philological. One Vol. 8vo, 12s. boards.

LECTURES, Explanatory and Practical, on the EPISTLE of ST. PAUL to the ROMANS. Second Edition, One Vol. 8vo, 12s. boards.

CANTICLES, or, SONG OF SOLOMON: a new Translation, with Notes, and an Attempt to interpret the Sacred Allegories contained in that Book; to which is added, an Essay on the Name and Character of the Redeemer. One Vol. 8vo. Second Edition, 6s. boards.

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BIBLIA HEBRAICA, secundum ultimam editionem Jos. ATHIE, a JOHANNE LEUSDEN denuo recognitam, recensita, atque ad Masoram, et correctiores, Bombergi, Stephani, Plantini, aliorumque editiones, exquisite adornata, variisque notis illustrata. Ab EVERARDO VAN DER HOOGHT, V.D.M. Editio nova, recognita, et emendata, a JUDAH D'ALLEMAND. New Edition, in One Volume, on fine paper (1200 pages), price 21s. boards; and on inferior paper, but very superior to any Foreign Edition, 15s. boards.

"The most correct Edition of the Hebrew Scriptures is the last reprint of Van der Hooght's Hebrew Bible, which has been revised by Professor Hurwitz."Journal of Education.

A GRAMMAR of the HEBREW LANGUAGE; comprised in a Series of Lectures, compiled from the best Authorities, and augmented with much Original Matter, drawn principally from Oriental Sources; designed for the Use of Students in the Universities. By the Rev. S. LEE, B.D.; D.D. of the University of Halle; Honorary Member of the Asiatic Society of Paris; Honorary Associate and F.R.S.L. and M.R.A.S. &c. &c.; and Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. Second Edition. One Vol. 8vo, 14s. boards.

** Professor LEE is preparing (and nearly ready) for publication a HEBREW and ENGLISH DICTIONARY, in One large Vol. 8vo.

AN ANALYSIS of the TEXT of the HISTORY of JOSEPH, upon the Principle of Professor LEE'S HEBREW GRAMMAR, and adapted to the Second Edition of it. By the Rev. ALFRED OLLIVANT, D.D. F.C.P.S., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, VicePrincipal of St. David's College, and one of the Examining Chaplains to the Lord Bishop of St. David's. Third Edition, in One Vol. 8vo, 6s,


ELEMENTS of HEBREW GRAMMAR (without Points). To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Two Modes of Reading, with or without Points. By CHARLES WILSON, D.D., late Professor of Church History in the University of St. Andrew's. Fifth Edition, in One Vol. 8vo, price 10s. 6d.

A HEBREW PRIMER; intended as an Introduction to the Spelling and Reading of Hebrew with the Points, compiled for the Use of Children and Beginners. By the Rev. A. M'CAUL, A.M., of Trinity College, Dublin. Fourth Edition. In octavo, 1s. 6d.

CHRISTIAN RECORDS; or, a Short and Plain History of the CHURCH of CHRIST: containing the Lives of the Apostles; an Account of the Sufferings of Martyrs; the Rise of the Reformation, and the present State of the Christian Church. By the Rev. THOMAS SIMS, M.A. Sixth Edition. One Volume, 18mo, with a beautiful Frontispiece, 3s. 6d. boards.

"Every Protestant child and young person should be generally acquainted with the outline of the history of the Church of Christ, and for this purpose we cannot recommend a better manual than that before us."-Christian Observer.

This little Volume has been in part translated into the modern Greek and Chinese languages, by the Rev. Mr. JowWETT and Dr. MILNE; and the Author has received a Letter from the Right Rev. Dr. CORRIE, Bishop of Madras, dated Ship Exmouth, 21 June, 1835, with the following intimation:

"I have by me, and intend to have printed, please God I arrive at Madras, the whole of Christian Records translated into Hindoostanee. This language is used by Mahomedans all over

India, and understood by most Hindoos."

Published by JAMES DUNCAN.


LIBER PSALMORUM: ad Editionem Hooghtianem accu

ratissime adornatus. 3s. boards.

THE AJAX of SOPHOCLES, illustrated by English Notes. By the Rev. J. R. PITMAN, A.M., alternate Morning Preacher of Belgrave and Berkeley Chapels. One Vol. 8vo, 9s. bds.

The Editor has endeavoured to comprise in the notes the most useful remarks of all the commentators on this play, and has made numerous references to the works of modern critics, by whom the force, either of single words or of idiomatical expressions, has been illustrated.

DIVINE PROVIDENCE; or, the Three Cycles of Revelation; shewing the perfect parallelism, civil and religious, of the Patriarchal, Jewish, and Christian Eras; the whole forming a new Evidence of the Divine Origin of Christianity. By the Rev. GEORGE CROLY, LL.D., Rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, London. One Vol. 8vo, 15s. bds.

A THEOLOGICAL DICTIONARY; containing Definitions of all Religious Terms; a comprehensive View of every Article in the System of Divinity; an impartial Account of all the principal Denominations which have subsisted in the Religious World from the Birth of Christ to the present Day: together with an accurate Statement of the most remarkable Transactions and Events recorded in Ecclesiastical History. By the late Rev. CHARLES BUCK. Seventh Edition, corrected and greatly extended, by the Rev. E. HENDERSON, D.D., Professor of Divinity in Highbury College. One very large Vol. 8vo, 18s.

The number of additional articles in the present Edition amounts to nearly Five Hundred.-Vide Preface.

An INQUIRY into the MODERN PREVAILING NOTIONS respecting that FREEDOM of WILL which is supposed to be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame. By JONATHAN EDWARDS, A.M. With an Introductory Essay by the Author of "Natural History of Enthusiasm." One Vol. 8vo, 12s.; or in One Vol. 12mo, 8s. 6d. boards.

"The author of Natural History of Enthusiasm has already taken his station among the most influential, as well as the most truly philosophical, writers of the day; and his present performance, whatever attention it may meet with, we cannot but regard as the most valuable service which he has yet rendered to the cause of truth and Scriptural piety." -Eclectic Review.

"And now, having brought to a close our review of this very beautiful Essay, we cordially and confidently recommend it to our philosophical readers as an uncommonly able and eloquent performance."-Presbyterian Review.

A MEMOIR of the LIFE and PUBLIC SERVICES of SIR THOMAS STAMFORD RAFFLES, F.R.S. &c., particularly in the Government of Java, 1811-1816, and of Bencoolen and its Dependencies, 1817-1824; with Details of the Commerce and Resources of the Eastern Archipelago, and Selections from his Correspondence. With a Portrait and other Illustrations. By his Widow. New Edition, in Two Vols. 8vo, 24s. boards.

AN ESSAY upon NATIONAL CHARACTER; being an Inquiry into some of the principal Causes which contribute to form and modify the Character of Nations in the state of Civilization. By RICHARD CHENEVIX, Esq. F.R.S.L. and E.M.R.I.A. &c. Two Vols. 8vo, 28s.


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