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the apostle expresses the measure of his writing, that it was brief, and the end of it, that it was to testify the true grace of God. And this is indeed the end of our preaching, and we ought each to seek it by the word and by mutual exhortations; and sometimes a few words may avail much to this purpose, to our hearty establishment in the faith.

The entertainment and increase of Christian love, of due esteem one of another and affection one to another, is no matter of empty compliment, but is the very stamp and badge of Jesus Christ upon his followers : it is, therefore, most carefully to be preserved entire, and unhappy are they that do by any means willingly break it. O let us beware of doing so, and follow peace, even when it seems to fly from us.

This peace that is the portion of those in Christ, is indeed within them and with God. But through him, it is likewise one with another, and in that notion it is to be desired and wished jointly with the other.

They that are in Christ, are the only children and beirs of true peace. Others may dream of it, and have a false peace for a time, and wicked men may wish it to themselves and one another ; but it is a most vain hope, and will come to nought. But to wish it to them that are in Christ, hath good ground; for all solid peace is founded on him, and flows from him. Now the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Amen.

THE END OF NO. VII. Containing, with Nos. v.VI., Dr. Leighton's Commentary

on St. Peter.

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